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Why the World Needs More Lithium

I sat down with our Publisher Nick Hodge to talk about lithium, which over the past decade has gone from an obscure material to an essential resource.

I ask Nick:

• Why is there such a push for lithium?

• What about alternatives to lithium? I know I see that a lot in the news.

• Can you walk us through some examples of successful lithium companies you’ve recommended?

Nick also explains what he looks for in successful lithium stocks.


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Why It Has to Be Lithium and Why it Has to Be NOW

Lithium doesn’t mean a new EV technology… or a new alternative battery technology… it means lithium.

And lots of it — EVs will soon need 10x more than the world’s current supply. There is no new battery savior. It’s taken billions of dollars, millions of man-hours, and thousands of mining permits to build the supply chain we have.

For an industry that’s now manufacturing six million cars a year (and is hoping to scale to 500% more by 2025) there’s simply no changing course now. Silicon Valley can’t engineer its way out of this problem. They’re going to have to mine their way out of it.

Nick Hodge believes we’re at the beginning of the next lithium boom — and he's found a $2 lithium miner that's set to outperform.

Why the World Needs More Lithium

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