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Why We Love Resource Stocks

Start Here: Why We Love Resource Stocks

In this episode of the Investing U series, I explain why we love resource stocks... and some compelling reasons why you should too.

You’ll also hear why there are several resources that we’re focused on right now, which we call…

The Big 5

#1 Copper — Copper is the must-have ingredient for electric cars, upgrading the US power grid, and thousands of industrial uses. 

#2 Lithium — Lithium is essential for EV batteries, plus the billions of laptops and cellphones that are built every year. Just a few years ago it was a tiny industry and demand was minimal, so there were only a handful of productive lithium mines around the world. But today we use 4 times the amount. 

#3 Gold — Gold has been in demand for centuries, and yet, we haven’t seen anything like what we’re seeing now in all of modern history. Central Banks are stockpiling in record amounts. The World Gold Council has been tracking these numbers for 72 years, and in all that time there’s never been demand like this.

#4 Uranium — the US and Europe are trying to shake free of Russia’s stranglehold on the yellow metal. Right now, the US imports that majority of its uranium. But new legislation, and financial incentives, are trying to change all that. All this is setting off a boom for any US miner that can that can fill in. And nuclear power continues grow worldwide as an industry, making uranium more essential than ever.

#5 Rare earths — Also known as rare earth elements (or REEs), are a group of 17 chemically-similar elements that are all clumped together on the periodic table, with colorful latin names like dysprosium, europium, and yttrium. They’re called “rare” because of their low-grade distribution in the earth’s crust and how thinly they’re spread through rock layers in the places where they’re found.

We love resource stocks because they bring us straight to the source: to the companies that are the first stop in the global supply chain — and the first to make profits.

For More on Resources…

Want to learn about how to profit on resource stocks? Our resource expert Gerardo Del Real knows the secrets to unearthing outstanding returns in this space (he’s made over 4,200%+ on a battery metals company).

Right now, he’s especially excited about the possibility he sees in uranium. I’d encourage you to watch his presentation on what’s ahead from the uranium market — and the stock that’ll benefit from all the demand.

Why We Love Resource Stocks

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