What Is Digest Publishing?

We're leaving traditional financial advisors and investment newsletters behind to create our own better way. Digest Publishing was founded with a mission to publish the ways our founders generate and manage their wealth so others can do the same. We do that by showing our readers how to profit and protect themselves from ever-changing political, economic, and generational landscapes. We are fiercely independent while recognizing the importance of a strong and nurturing community. Our vision is for everyone to thrive independently. Our team makes that possible.

Charitable Giving

Digest Publishing is committed to helping worthwhile causes that improve the communities where we live, work, and play. Every month a different employee selects a charity to receive 1% of our net revenue. Click here to learn more about who we have supported each month.

Employment Opportunities

Team Members

Nick Hodge

When he's not writing or investing, Nick can usually be found somewhere on his small ranch in the Inland Northwest with his beautiful wife and three children, pursuing the outdoor activities he grew up with and continues to love.

Gerardo Del Real

Based in Austin by way of Chicago and Alaska... Gerardo's due diligence and track record has allowed him to create a unique and powerful network of contacts in the resource sector.‍

John Lutz

Cashflow, payroll, spending chaperone, taxes, merchants, order processing... John handles it if it's on the financial side of the business.

Megan Hughes

An eCommerce ninja, Megan handles our sites, email, user experience, data, and CMS/CRM technology. She built the site you are reading this on.

Tim Sansone

As Director of Sales, Tim works closely with our team to ensure products are optimally aligned for our customers, marketing and advertising efforts are appealing and engaging, and our partners are kept up to speed on any campaign breakdowns.

Mike Fagan

His fascination for minerals and wealth-building started when he was just a teenager. Mike spends his leisure time hiking and biking the challenging mountainous terrain.

Ryan Stancil

Active in the financial publishing industry for more than half a decade with a "tell it as it is" writing style. He offers a fresh new perspective on what's happening in the market and leaves nothing unsaid.

Chris Curl

Able to navigate early crypto cycles to make 60-75x his money on more than one coin, Chris is now helping his readers make their own crypto profits.

John Carl

John first entered the financial world in 2009, when he made wildly profitable calls on Netflix, Chipotle, and Green Mountain Coffee.

Tim Hicks

A master of audio and video, Tim is always helping us look and sound our best whether shooting, editing, or manning the aux cable.

Alvin Williams

Graphic Designer
Our authority on everything involving art and design. He's who you call if you need something to look good and you need it done fast. Basically what you get when you mix the Flash, Vision, and an eye for design.

Michael Biddle

Michael is a seasoned Marketer with an extensive background spanning over 4 years in the industry. With a passion for delivering top-notch content, his goal is to provide the best and most relevant information within the investing landscape.

Jodi Chesley

Jodi is a skilled production specalist with years of experience in the eCommerce and financial publishing industry, she handles web and email production.

Jimmy Mengel

Customer Experience
As a veteran of the financial newsletter industry, Jimmy serves as a crucial bridge between our products and members, ensuring they have the best possible experience.