At Daily Profit Cycle, we pledge to deliver foresight in a world of groupthink, along with outsized profits during the ups and downs of all market seasons. We believe there's a natural rhythm — or cycle — to the market and the sectors within it. Understanding these cycles — and where we are in them — is key to higher investment profits in both the short- and long-term. To that end, we offer some of our insights in the free Daily Profit Cycle newsletter.

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For all investors... Long-term market trends and positioning with contrarian perspective. Nick’s monthly letter seeks to identify and profit from longer-term trends with a contrarian perspective, and has often outpaced the return of the stock market. Encompassing fundamentals, technicals, timing, and market psychology, Nick’s monthly — and most widely read  — newsletter harnesses long-term upside through large-cap companies and funds.

For professional investors and speculators... Long-term coverage of early-stage opportunities across all sectors and select short-term macro trades. Get Nick’s weekly letter, where he’s been calling it like he sees it for over a decade. This is the letter on which Nick built his reputation and found some of his most well-known successes. Includes a model speculative portfolio that reflects what Nick’s doing with his own money, plus his weekly musings. The goal with each speculation is to generate 200% to 500% returns in two to five years.

Junior Resource Monthly is a portfolio-based monthly newsletter written by Gerardo Del Real. It offers buy and sell recommendations for long-term junior resource speculations with ongoing coverage of each position. You also get Gerardo’s macro musings, which feed into his process for evaluating the precious, base, and energy metals sectors. Gerardo’s process has been developed and honed over a decade of professionally investing, speculating, and trading in junior mining stocks. It’s how he’s made his millions. It’s what he does with his own capital. And over the years he’s built up quite the track record, following, and network. All that comes together in the issues of Junior Resource Monthly to deliver you impactful insights, recommendations, and results.

For professional and active investors... Junior mining buy-sell-trade alerts in real-time! Gerardo Del Real has been successfully trading junior resource stocks for over a decade and has been issuing buy and sell alerts to a paying group of followers for half that time. The trade alerts he issues in Junior Resource Trader mirror the personal trades Gerardo is making using the process he’s developed during his years as a professional trader.

For high-net-worth and professional investors | Private Placement Intel caters to high net worth and professional investors by offering access to Nick and Gerardo’s pipeline of deal flow and executive connections. You’ll be seeing the same private deals Nick and Gerardo vet for themselves. These are private placements in early stage ventures, including private, pre-IPO, IPO, and already-public companies. Strict limit of 250 members.

Thanks to the widespread success of Daily Profit Cycle, we’ve created a PRO version for investors who are ready to take their profits to the next level. Every week we’ll reveal the best insights from our editors across the company... plus our fresh take on what’s happening in the markets. Profit Cycle Pro includes weekly updates from our Monday Power Lunch and Friday Wrap Up, so you can end each week with gains in your pocket. Editors John Carl and Ryan Stancil tag-team their way through the latest market news, cutting through the hype to what matters most for you as an investor. This includes Profit Cycle Pro’s exclusive Macro Markers, which show you which markets to buy and which ones to avoid. Members also receive access to the Investing U series (which covers everything from the basics and beyond) and Quarterly Wealth Summit events. This is your chance to invest like a pro.

For all investors and speculators. Follow along as we put $50,000 of our own money to work in the cryptocurrency sector. Managed with full transparency and accountability by a true crypto expert who’s already made more than 75X his money with cryptos and altcoins. This letter comes with everything you need whether you’re brand new to crypto, have been trading it for years… or even if you’re just curious and want to learn more about the space. Every member gets access to our real money portfolio, alerts for every trade we make, and bi-monthly issues that provide ongoing rationale for the allocations as well as additional crypto insights and commentary. Every member also gets our Crypto-U Series: an all-encompassing crash course in cryptocurrencies that covers their creation, evolution, and which exchanges and wallets to use. Plus: Ongoing education on the blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized finance (DeFi), initial coin offerings (ICOs), and more.