Gerardo’s Trade of the Decade

Ten-Bagger Opportunities for Phase 2 of the Commodity Supercycle


A seismic upheaval is currently in motion in the stock market…

What we're witnessing is the rare phenomenon of a supercycle – an event so elusive, it only occurs once every two decades.

Today, its force has returned with unparalleled magnitude.

The last time this supercycle appeared was during the late 1990s and the early 2000s…

When the price of oil soared 1,243%...

Rhodium shot up 2,122%...

Nickel skyrocketed 1,237%...

And Gold rose 375%.

My business partner and friend, Gerardo Del Real, used that period to invest his way from living paycheck to paycheck… to not worrying about getting traditional paychecks at all.

And Gerardo says this new supercycle will be even more profitable… he’s calling it the Trade of the Decade.

It’s a unique opportunity to take a few small speculative positions… and target 1,000% gains or higher with every single one of them…

Every $2,000 invested with a gain like this would grow to $22,000.

But history — and Gerardo’s past performance — indicates the gains this time could be even bigger…

And that 1,000% could be lowballing it.

In fact, Gerardo has already put me in a stock early in this supercycle that has gone up nearly 11,000%. And that was after putting me in a ten-bagger resource stock that went from 10-cents to $1.30, which I sold for six figures.

In just a moment, you’ll hear from Gerardo directly, when he’ll share the full details of this opportunity…

Including why a small group of individual stocks could soar 10-times or higher.

What we’re discussing here is time sensitive, we may not see anything like it again for another two decades…

But for investors like you who act decisively, there could be significant rewards.

Gerardo is one of the best speculators I know personally out of all the deep-pocketed investors and Wall Street hedge fund managers in my network.

No one knows how to spot a resource boom like he does, then harness it to grow lots of wealth in a short time.

During the most recent supercycle, Gerardo personally earned:

7,042% gains on Quest Rare Minerals…

And 3,900% gains on Rare Element Resources.

Most investors will never earn quadruple-digit gains from a single speculation, yet Gerardo did it twice in one supercycle.

Today, he’s stepping forward to share the absolute best way for you to profit from the newest supercycle that just started…

So you can discover how to position yourself for 1,000% potential or higher from just one investment.

He’s joining us today from his Texas estate to give us the full details on what he’s calling the Trade Of The Decade.

Gerardo, thank you for joining us today, and agreeing to speak about the commodity supercycle on camera.

Most investors who earned 7,000% from one speculation would not speak publicly on how they did it.


It’s great to be here, Nick.

This supercycle is such a vigorous economic force, it doesn’t matter how many people I tell about this trade, there is room for many to take part in it.

Because we’re not talking about a single micro-cap stock today…

This supercycle will push multiple commodities to soar 5-fold or higher…

There will be dozens of stocks delivering 1,000% gains, or more.


Let’s dive right into it. Why are you calling this commodity supercycle the Trade of the Decade?


This is the Trade of The Decade because we may not see another setup in the market this lucrative for another 10 years, maybe longer.

The last time the supercycle occurred, it helped grow my net worth exponentially.

And today, I’m excited to share how viewers could be able to do the same this time around.


Some investors may never have heard of a supercycle before. What exactly is it? Is this something new?


Hardly. Supercycles are as old as the Bible.

Every market in the world is cyclical, alternating between feast and famine, summer and winter, overshooting and reverting to the mean.

At the end of the day, it's simple, really...

Demand for a good increases, but supply doesn't keep up.

Then price increases to force supply — including investment — to increase.

Then oversupply begins and the price goes down to correct that.

It's human nature. But these cycles take so long to play out that most people don’t recognize them.

It's as old as the Bible and occurs in multiple societies, cultures, and religions.

In the 1st and 2nd centuries AD, the Roman Empire saw a boom in construction and real estate, particularly in Rome and other major cities.

Wealthy Romans invested heavily in property, driving up prices.

However, this boom was followed by a bust during the Crisis of the Third Century, where political instability, economic turmoil, and population decline led to a significant drop in property values.

At its core, the pattern is a simple sine wave with booms and busts.

But when applied to markets, where human emotions and large amounts of capital are involved, you get booms and busts that make and destroy fortunes.

This cycle still plays out in America today, but it’s hard to see the forest for the trees.

Those who can recognize and act inside it have a very profitable market timing hack.


Tell me more about that. How can you invest in a supercycle to earn big profits?


Making a few timely speculations during a supercycle can generate enough wealth for you not to worry about money again.

During the late 1930s and 1940s, to win World War II and then build suburbs for returning GIs, a commodity supercycle emerged.

Within a handful of years, the price of steel and iron soared 73%.

Rubber shot up 84%.

And the cost for lumber climbed 111%.

Here is the Economist Index of Commodity Prices going back to 1861, with highlights on this historic supercycle.

By the 1950s, all the money that went into steel and iron to win the war, to fund the arsenal of democracy, and then to fund the GI bill… ultimately oversaturated the market.

America didn’t need any more bombers or suburbs.

And as a result, prices went down and the supercycle was over.

But in 1971, right on schedule two decades later, it returned in a major way.

That same commodity index rose 159% over the next 3 years. By 1974, commodity prices had risen faster in a three-year period than they had since the 1940s supercycle.

The Bloomberg Commodity Index showed an even steeper rise, up some 7X in the 1970s.

The price of coal grew 205%.

Oil increased 300%.

And gold gained 400%.


So there were two huge opportunities to grow wealth, one during and right after World War II, and another in the 1970s.

What happened next?


We flooded the market with American oil in the 80s.

It’s no coincidence the TV show Dallas premiered in 1978.

The soaring stock market of the 1980s was fueled by cheap commodities and cocaine. It was great for the economy, but not so much for resource investors.

But the supercycle returned in the late-1990s, when we burned through all that cheap oil with boom boxes and Iroc-Zs.

No surprise, Dallas was canceled in 1991 as oil bottomed.

Right on cue, prices started heading back up, giving investors another chance at creating huge wealth in the most recent commodity supercycle of the 1990s and 2000s, when gold, copper, uranium, and many other commodities climbed to new records.

I know, because I was one of them.

During this period I sold real estate, primarily single and multi-unit rentals, but I started modeling different indices to analyze their growth potential.

I had less than $100,000, so I didn’t want to invest in something conservative and bank 5% annually for the next 10 years.

I was trying to move into another tax bracket, which required investing in something with much bigger upside…

An investment with more risk, but much higher reward.

My research introduced me to the junior resource sector - the small but growing companies at the foundation of the commodity markets.

I discovered how these stocks would soar 10-times, 20-times, sometimes 30-times or more during a boom.

This is what motivated me to invest in the last supercycle.

And because I took action, I earned over 7,000% gains from one investment in Quest Rare Minerals.


7,000% from one trade turns every $10,000 into $700,000.

Why was the supercycle in the late 90s and early 2000s such a massive wealth creator?


Fortunes are made in every supercycle, but this one had the added benefit of the 90s dotcom boom, then after 2008, zero interest rates from the Fed.

Both created strong tailwinds…

Gold jumped 380%.

Oil soared over 500%.

The cost of uranium, the key element behind nuclear energy, shot up 1,817%.

The entire CRB Commodities Index, which tracks a basket of 19 commodities, went up 4X, far outpacing the S&P over the same time.

And related junior resource stocks were going up by multiples of that.


When you have commodity markets rising that fast, you just need to be positioned in the right ones, and you’ll see a big payday.


The current supercycle has even more tailwinds because the green energy boom is happening at a time when mining has been made into a dirty word. So there has been severe underinvestment.

But like summer always comes after winter, this supercycle is here once again, and the ball has been held so far underwater that it is going to shoot significantly higher than other past cycles.


Before you dive into any more details, can you take us from 2008 until now?


Absolutely, the supercycle raged for over 15 years, then peaked in 2008 and 2009.

The boom helped grow my investment account bigger than anything else I had ever tried.

Unfortunately, for roughly a decade after 2009, there was no supercycle to profit from.

The fracking boom sent oil prices back down and China began securing and processing the world's supply of commodities.

The opportunities for 7,000% gains decreased substantially.

But if there’s one thing these past supercycles teach us, it’s that there’s always another one on the way.

The important thing is to be patient for it, then act decisively when it appears.

And Nick, I am 100% confident the next supercycle is here, and getting in on it right now will go down as the Trade of the Decade.

In fact, we’re already in Phase One, and things are moving quickly.


What makes you so confident we’re in Phase One of a new supercycle? And what does ‘Phase One’ mean?


After 2008, the commodities index crashed all the way back down to where it started in the mid 1990s.

That’s what makes this cycle so profitable… it creates big moves up but then sharp moves down…

But now, it’s restarting all over again.

Like the seasons. Just like spring always comes after winter.

This chart is perfectly symmetrical...

From the spring of 2020 until 2022, the Goldman Sachs Commodity Index soared 249%.

Even if you don’t invest in commodities right now, every American is being impacted by the rise in prices.

The price of orange juice is up 270% since 2020.


Orange juice? Like what you drink for breakfast?


Yes, they’re up more than 50% in the past year alone…

And if you look close enough, you can see previous supercycles showing up in this orange juice chart too.

Live cattle and olive oil prices are hitting all-time highs too…

We’re feeling it at the pump, too… The cost for one gallon of gas was under $2 in 2020, but today it's nearly 65% higher, over $3.30, sometimes higher.

The evidence is all around us, everywhere we shop.

Phase One of the next major commodity supercycle has begun.

This is a period where your money can double or triple in just months, it’s unlike any other market I’ve ever traded in.

My advice is simple…

Don’t let high commodity prices burn the cash in your wallet.

Instead, use the commodity boom to grow wealthier.


What are your results from speculating in Phase One so far?


When I noticed this new supercycle forming, I got my readers in early with Patriot Battery Metals.

I first recommended buying shares at 16-cents, right when prices began booming, and shares have reached as high as $17.74 since.

That’s 110X your money or 10,987%.

It’s clear evidence the supercycle is back…


I made a good amount of money on Patriot Battery Metals, and like your readers, I’m grateful you recommended it.

But for viewers watching who didn’t get in on this 10,000% win, is there still a chance to see big winners?


The supercycle is just getting started, there are plenty more opportunities to capture gains.

Let’s bring back the chart we showed from the 90s.

Notice how there are several pullbacks in 1999 and 2002, just before the entire commodity index soars over the following decade.

Pullbacks in Phase One of a supercycle are normal, and it’s typical for them to occur right before this entire sector takes off.

We’re seeing a pullback right now as the supercycle gears up for Phase Two.

This presents the perfect opportunity to buy in at a discount.

Once this pullback ends, I see prices shooting upwards, and the chance for another opportunity to buy this low will likely be gone for two decades.


The evidence paints a clear picture…

We’re firmly in Phase One of a new commodity supercycle, and this pullback is giving us a chance to get in at a bargain ahead of Phase 2.

But how do you see this supercycle compared to past ones in terms of profit potential?


This new supercycle will be the biggest, most profitable one yet.

The reason why is because we’ve never had this much cash circulating through our economy.

The Federal Reserve has printed so much new cash, we have nearly 3-times more than we did in 2008.

This excess cash is flowing into hard assets and commodities because Americans are waking up to the fact their money isn’t safe…


So the Fed created all this new currency, and now it's seeking a safe haven in this volatile market, pumping up the value of gold, oil, and almost every other commodity.


Exactly, Nick. But money printing is just the start… This supercycle will be the largest America ever sees for another important reason…

And that’s China.

China helped end the last supercycle by becoming the globe's commodity grocery store, selling goods on the cheap as they produced them without regard for the environment.

But as the world turns... The reliance on China is now the very thing helping to kickstart the next supercycle.

The global supply chain is changing rapidly, in a way almost no economist expected just 2 years ago.

American firms who once imported clothes and computer chips from China are moving production closer to home.

Just recently, China’s government limited exports of graphite, which they are the largest exporter of.

The People’s Republic is also limiting rare earth exports, due to national security reasons and as retaliation for President Biden restricting investment in Chinese semiconductors.


And with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, many companies are rethinking where they source products.


Our government is stepping in with incentives to attract domestic manufacturing of computer chips and electric vehicle components in a major way.

In a recent analysis of earning calls, S&P 500 companies mentioning “reshoring” - the term for moving production back home - increased 128%.

Almost twice as many U.S. companies cut their investment in China in 2022 compared to 2021.

This trend is not slowing down anytime soon.


So there’s massive reshoring from China, there’s billions of new dollars seeking real value, is there anything else making this supercycle bigger than booms of the past?


Yes, there is another economic force pushing this supercycle to new heights.

The global transition to cleaner energy is unlocking new demand for commodities.

Lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles require lithium, cobalt, nickel, graphite, and many other metals.

Rare earth elements are crucial for the magnets in wind turbines and electric vehicle motors.

Aluminum and steel are used in wind turbine structures and solar mounting systems.

The government has greenlighted the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which invests $1.2 trillion into various projects like these.

This bill is expanding our nation’s EV charging network, bolstering the country's renewable energy infrastructure, growing broadband, and repairing our roads and bridges.

America’s move to cleaner energy, with the government’s trillion-dollar backing, will push the commodity supercycle even higher.


You just laid out three huge catalysts that could make this the biggest supercycle yet.

I can’t remember a time when we had three macroeconomic influences like this pushing commodities higher at the same time.

What specific commodities do you see soaring the highest during this new boom?

In other words… What should investors buy into right now if they want their own opportunity at 1,000% gains, or perhaps even 10,000%, like you’ve already shown is possible?


There are three parts to the Trade of the Decade.

Each investment could deliver 1,000% gains or higher based on my analysis.

Which means if you follow what I’m about to say, you’ll have three separate chances at 1,000% gains or more.

This really is the ultimate “spread your bet” speculation.

Someone can take a small investment then get in early on three potential 1,000% winners.

It’s just not possible to accomplish this with most investments, in or outside of the stock market.

And I’m going to share all three parts of the Trade of the Decade, right here, right now.

Are you ready?


Let’s do it. What’s Part One?


We know commodities enter a supercycle roughly once every two decades.

But if you buy a commodity index fund, you’ll only see moderate gains from this boom.

Instead, I “zero in” on specific sectors of the commodity market to capture even bigger gains from this supercycle.

The first part of the Trade of the Decade is gold.

Gold sank below $1,700 an ounce as recently as 2022…

But there’s good news… gold is a major part of the new commodity boom, and now it’s showing up in its price.

It crossed $2,000 an ounce last year for the first time since 2020, and that was during a pandemic when many were “fear buying” gold.

It closed out 2023 near all-time record-high prices with continued strength in 2024.


What’s moving gold higher right now?


There are several major factors, but one of the largest is central banks.

Central banks have bought gold for years, but many decreased the amount they were accumulating when COVID-19 hit.

In 2020, central banks bought 60% less gold than they did the year before.

They were forced into doing this to free up money for stimulus programs.

But now that the pandemic is finished, central banks are returning to the gold market and they’re making big purchases.

The world’s Central Banks bought a record 1,082 tonnes of gold in 2022. And followed that up in 2023 with a near-record 1,037 tonnes.

The People’s Bank of China has been the largest buyer, adding 225 tonnes in 2023.

These institutions are buying gold to diversify away from the dollar. America’s adversaries, especially China, are doing everything they can to get out of the dollar.

And this trend isn’t stopping…

For the past 13 years, central banks have been net buyers of gold on an annual basis.

Today, nearly one-fifth of all gold ever mined is held by them.

But their stockpiling of gold, year after year, is catching up to gold’s price, and pushing it higher.


You mention America’s adversaries. How do you see the War in Ukraine impacting gold prices?


Russia is hoarding gold to skirt western sanctions, they have over $135 billion worth right now.

You know better than anyone, Nick, that geopolitical uncertainty drives governments to buy gold.

And today, there is volatility everywhere…

With the Russian conflict, the Israel/Hamas War, an unofficial cold war with China and the United States, and more…

Uncertainty motivates both governments and citizens to buy gold in large quantities, and it's fueling its rise in this supercycle.


Gold is on the edge of an all-time high today.

Central banks are buying the most gold in 73 years, since our country was fresh out of World War II. It’s no coincidence that that was at the start of a previous commodity supercycle.


My analysis indicates gold will reach $2,700 within 2 years from now, and within 5 years, it will break $3,700.

Nearly double from where it currently trades.

If someone thinks this is overly optimistic, consider that Jim Simons, a self-made billionaire known as “The Quant King,” invested over $100 million in gold recently.

Howard Marks, another self-made billionaire, invested over $77 million in gold.

And Lord Jacob Rothschild, of the famous Rothschild banking dynasty, has made gold a major part of his portfolio.

Some of the most successful investors alive are putting their money in gold right now, and I am doing the same.


You can count me in too, I own a bunch of physical and paper gold as long-term wealth insurance.

But let’s discuss how gold factors into the Trade of the Decade.

You said this is a shot at 1,000% gains. How can people achieve that level of gains from buying gold bullion?


Owning gold bullion is a wise move for preserving your savings, but it’s not part of the Trade of the Decade.

You have to look deep in the gold mining industry to find the big profit potential if that’s what you’re after.

The first part of the Trade of the Decade is a gold exploration company with a market capitalization of around $3.5 million right now.

To put that into perspective, that’s how much a single McDonald’s franchise makes in a year.

It’s tiny. But this stock is the first junior miner to consolidate the Central Mexican Silver Belt, which is full of high-grade results and past-producing mines.

I was so impressed when I met the CEO in person, I cut a check to invest right then and there.

His management team has more than 30 years’ experience in the discovery and financing of precious metals projects in Mexico, Canada, the U.S and Latin America.

The company also owns a royalty stream with a Canadian-based silver and gold producer.

As gold’s price rises, this small stock will earn more and more from the boom.

I expect a flurry of news and attention over the next several months.

One thing I can guarantee…

At a three-and-a-half-million-dollar market cap, this junior gold miner could easily multiply its value…

It could definitely see 1,000% gains, maybe even higher.


There are analysts in finance who make big predictions and can’t back it up.

But when you say something has 1,000% potential, I listen up…

Not only have you achieved over 10,000% gains for yourself, while helping me do the same, but you've also guided your readers to a staggering 7,000% gain with just one trade.

And that’s not all, here are additional trades your readers had the chance to get in on recently:

730% upside with Q2 Metals…

718% with Bravo Mining…

And the list goes on.

Some of these trades are still new, and have room to grow even further.

When you say there’s a small gold mining stock with a 1,000% gain potential, I’m interested.


And this is only Part One of the Trade of The Decade. There are two more pieces.

Each one gives you a shot at 1,000% gains, because that’s what successful speculations achieve during a supercycle.

Buying the right investment at the right time has made me and my readers millions. I know it could add considerable growth to our viewers’ brokerage accounts, too.

For Part One of the Trade of the Decade, I’m recommending a junior gold miner.

For Part Two of this trade, we’re positioning for big potential profits from the supercycle with copper.


It’s interesting you say copper…

Most investors don’t think of copper as a potential 1,000% winner.

What makes you optimistic?


It’s because electric vehicles, or EVs, are taking over America.

A decade ago, there were less than 100,000 EVs on our roads.

But today, there are over 2 million.

This entire market is set to grow 18% annually through 2030.

And it isn’t just a domestic boom…

China is already the world’s biggest EV market, accounting for 60% of global sales. But in 2023, China announced a $72 billion tax break for buyers of EVs. It's the largest incentive to date.

That move will accelerate what’s already one of the fastest growing markets in the world. And many investors are buying in as a result.

But companies like Tesla currently trade at 74-times earnings and Li Auto, a Chinese EV maker, trades at a whopping 152-times earnings.

These stock prices can’t keep up with their balance sheets, even if they continue growing sales.

If you buy EV stocks now, you could be buying in at the top.


What do you suggest instead?


My suggestion is don’t invest in EV stocks, instead, buy the companies making the EV boom possible in the first place.

Those are copper miners.

EVs require as much as four times the copper as internal combustion engines, and wind turbines and solar panels rely heavily on it too.

There were 1.5 million new homes built last year in America and the total investment for manufacturing facility construction grew 143% from 2021.

It may not seem like it at times, with high interest rates and an uncertain economy, but America is building more than ever…


We need copper to make it all happen.

Every new home, office, and manufacturing facility needs it.

Our smartphones wouldn't work without copper, which creates another force pushing this commodity higher during the supercycle.

The global rollout of 5G networks demands more copper too.

Without 5G, cutting-edge innovations like remote precision medicine, self-driving cars, and augmented reality wouldn't be possible.

It’s enabling entire new technologies, just like the internet did.

And the infrastructure required for 5G is more copper-intensive than 4G because it requires denser networks with more base stations.

So copper is directly tied to the 5G boom.

There’s little doubt copper demand is increasing, but is it enough to generate 1,000% gains?


Yes, because the world's largest copper deposits are old and reaching the end of their life.

There are major concerns about the declining ore grades in existing copper mines and the challenge of bringing new mines online to meet surging demand.

It’s a supply-demand imbalance, which is the very thing that drives supercycles.

As economies around the world grow, there's an increased need for copper to support industrial growth and rising living standards.

And a copper shortage is now emerging...

Bloomberg says: “The warnings keep getting louder: the world is hurtling toward a desperate shortage.”


Resource legend Robert Friedland recently described the copper shortage as “heading for a train wreck.”

His exact quote is… “My fear is that when push finally comes to shove copper can go up 10 times.”


And Nick, I don’t need copper to go up 10-times to profit from it in a big way.

If the copper price just doubles from here, individual stocks could soar 10-times or higher.

I’ve crunched the numbers…

The current copper price is around $3.50 a pound today.

Within 5 years, I see it hitting $9.00 per pound.

Nearly tripling the price of this metal.

The copper positions I personally own, I intend to hold for years to come.

This is not a short-term play.

It’s something you wait and watch the gains rack up as the clean energy boom unfolds and the massive reshoring trend continues.


What about Part Two of your Trade of The Decade — the copper play?

Can you tell us more about what it is, and why it can soar 1,000%?


Part Two of this trade is a stock that controls one of the world’s hottest new copper discoveries.

This is significant because, as we discussed, the world’s copper mines are growing old and it’s more difficult than ever to bring a new one online.

This company controls a metal-rich area with copper, gold, and silver, which is connected to a huge underground rock formation also rich in copper and gold.

Impressive drilling results show a continuous area with valuable minerals that stretches nearly 4 miles in one direction and goes almost one mile deep underground.

There’s $15 billion worth of copper at this location, which is incredibly valuable during this massive shortage.


And that’s $15 billion at current prices. If copper goes up as you expect it to in this supercycle, the value could soar much higher.


Absolutely, and there’s another way this copper mine’s value could take off.

The company is looking to expand both the quantity and quality of its reserves.

It’s doing this by greenlighting exploration projects to the north and south of its property, meaning more copper can still be discovered, boosting the stock’s value further.

And any day now, we could hear about a new discovery.

This stock shot up 160% in a single month at one point….

And yet, right now, it’s trading with a market cap that’s only giving it value for one tenth of the copper it’s found. Meaning it could rise 10X just based on the copper it has now.

That’s without factoring in the millions of ounces of gold and silver it has also discovered. And without including future price increases for any of the metals.

It’s further proof why right now is a unique moment…

We're in the first pullback phase of the supercycle, and it’s opening up an opportunity to buy into a potential 1,000% winner at a discount.

My advice is don’t sit on it.

Buy this copper miner before global supply dwindles further.


We’ve covered the first two parts of your Trade of the Decade, which include two high-growth mining stocks, each with at least 1,000% potential.

But before we go any further, we need to let the audience know that there are hundreds of junior miners, some are legitimate and some are selling a pipe dream.

How do you distinguish the real gainers from the fakes?


Great question.

There are three rules to follow for making big gains during any commodity supercycle.

However, I guarantee even after I lay them out right here, many will still not follow them.

Because it’s so easy to do it the lazy way… and buy these stocks like they’re a scratch-off lottery ticket and hope for the best.

Don’t fall into this trap.

To achieve a 1,000% return on a single speculation, you must strategically invest in this supercycle.


What’s your first rule?


Rule number one, don’t buy and hold commodity stocks like they’re the S&P 500.

This may seem counterintuitive to investors who hold ETFs and mutual funds…

But the supercycle is not like holding the S&P 500 for decades on end… in fact, it’s probably not like any other investing you’ve ever tried.

You need to speculate ahead of supercycle triggers, or catalysts…buy early, then sell after they occur, to capture the big returns.

From September 2020 to June 2022, during Phase One of this supercycle, the CRB Commodity Index nearly tripled.

But from that point until now, the index has fallen some 20%.

Supercycles create huge gains, but they’re also extremely volatile, and that’s why buying and holding isn’t the best move.


And yet, this 20% pullback creates an opportunity for savvy investors to get in on this supercycle at a discount…

Before it kicks into Phase Two when gains can grow even higher.

What is your second rule for finding 1,000% gains in this supercycle?


The second rule is, never enter a speculation without the macro, the micro, and a trigger.

We’ve already discussed a few macro factors today, like the Fed, reshoring from China, and dwindling metal supplies.

The macro situation is clear… we could be in the largest commodity supercycle ever, and in my view, the gains will be much bigger than what we saw the last time around.

When I made over 7,000% on a single speculation.

Commodity prices have no choice but to shoot up higher, because the market must incentivize new supplies to come online.

Combine this with billions of dollars set to flow from tech stocks into hard assets…

Plus the clean energy and electric vehicle boom creating record commodity demand…

This could be the largest supercycle ever.

But it’s not just about the big macro picture, you need the microeconomics in your favor, too.

When I research micro factors, I dial into a specific sector, like gold explorers or copper developers.

My system eliminates hundreds of junior resource stocks immediately, so I’m only choosing from a small group poised for rapid gains.

This is where my network of industry insiders comes in handy.

I sift through individual companies that’ll benefit the most from big changes in the macro environment, then I find out all the details I can to uncover the truth of a stock’s real value.


Can you share one characteristic your system looks for when excluding junior miners?


I use proprietary indicators to help me distinguish which miners are working on high-growth projects and which don’t stand a chance.

I can’t share everything behind my system here…

But one micro factor I look for is stocks trading under $1 per share.

It’s much easier for small companies to double, triple, or even more, compared to a mega-cap resource stock.

So the market caps on these stocks are tiny. Often below $100 million.

Which means if too many people catch wind of a juicy trade idea it could be spoiled.

Very few analysts spend the time and effort researching tiny, off-the-radar companies, which leads to much higher profit potential because the market is inefficient.

Over 25 Wall Street analysts currently follow Diamondback Energy, a $25 billion oil and natural gas company.

But no analysts follow the junior gold miner I’m recommending for Part One of the Trade of the Decade


Nobody hears about junior mining stocks until big news breaks, and by then, it’s too late.

But you’re buying before these companies become headlines, then selling when they do.

It’s a formula that’s made countless millionaires in the resource sector.

Let’s keep going. You covered the macro and micro. What does the trigger mean?


The reality is, many junior mining stocks will not become as big of a success as they hope.

After investing in the resource market for over a decade, I’ve fine-tuned my system to help detect when a company is a fraud or simply not capable of growing.

If there isn’t a trigger, in other words, a catalyst event… then the junior miner is not rising in value anytime soon, it’s that simple.


And these triggers can occur rapidly.

You recommended Lithium Americas in May 2021…

Do you remember the trigger that made you interested in this speculation?


This small stock owned the largest-known lithium resource in the US, called Thacker Pass. It also owned a project in Argentina that I had visited years prior.

The trigger occurred when it entered the late stages of development for its project in South America. And I sent a small group of followers a note that ended like this:


And if someone bought Lithium Americas when you shared this, they would’ve made 75% gains over the next 4 months.

A big return over a short period.

You also recommended Almaden Minerals in September 2020.

What trigger did you see then?


At that exact point in time, Almaden was working towards attaining an important government permit.

The company was also sitting on a high-quality deposit, reinforcing its value.

Almaden hasn’t panned out in the years since, but that didn’t stop me from getting readers in and out of it with great success at the time.


After you shared this permitting trigger, Almaden soared 58% in less than 2 months.

A very solid speculation.

You did it again with Probe Metals…


The trigger for this investment was drilling results.

Drill results can send a junior miner higher than anything else if the data is right.

Probe Metals was also fully cashed up, eliminating much of the financing risk in buying a junior miner.

And since the gold price was headed higher at the time, the macro trend was on our side.


So you saw the trigger…verified the macro and the micro… then recommended Probe Metals…

And it rose 62% over the next 6 months as the drill bit delivered.

These are big gains unfolding over just weeks and months.

That’s the power of speculating in a supercycle.

So, to recap:

Rule number one, don’t buy and hold in a supercycle.

Rule number two, never enter a trade without the macro, the micro, and a trigger.

What’s the 3rd and final rule required for 1,000% supercycle gains?


The final rule is possibly the most impactful…

When multiple triggers combine with rising commodity prices, that’s when the biggest gains occur.

Here’s an example…

In January 2022, I recommended buying into a little-known company that would later be named Bravo Mining.

This deal was full of triggers…

Not only was it sitting on a world-class project containing gold, platinum, nickel and more…

It was gearing up for a large drill campaign… And it had a “who’s who” list of strategic shareholders, including BlackRock and Rick Rule.

The company could’ve been trading at many times the price we were able to get in.

The founder of the project was just coming off starting, then selling, a mineral company for hundreds of millions.

And on top of all of this, the company was on the cusp of generating a new resource estimate.

When you add up all of these triggers with rising commodity prices…

The result was 718% upside in 18 months.


718% turns every $10,000 into $81,000.

There aren’t many successful speculators willing to share their system on camera, so thank you for doing that for us today.

These 3 rules are the foundation for finding 1,000% gains in a supercycle.

But I want to get back to your Trade of the Decade. You shared the first two parts of your trade, which consist of two unique opportunities for 1,000% gains each.

Can you tell us about the final part of your Trade of the Decade?


Quickly, because I want to start making these people some money.

The 3rd opportunity for 1,000% gains is a commodity with the best supply and demand fundamentals I’ve ever seen.

Because it's not just wanted by the world, it’s desperately needed.

During the last supercycle, prices surged from $10 per pound to over $148.

And as a result, stocks in this space soared from pennies to dollars.

I’m talking about uranium.

I see a repeat of uranium’s sharp rise happening during the current supercycle, and I want to be positioned for it.

Cameco Corporation, the world's largest publicly traded uranium company, traded for around $1.50 in the 1990s, during the early part of the last commodity supercycle.

Near the cycle’s peak in 2007, Cameco traded to nearly $60 per share.

That’s a 3,900% gain.

All because of the strong currents of a commodity supercycle.


There are many reasons uranium is on the cusp of breaking higher…

The world is diversifying its energy mix away from fossil fuels to reduce carbon emissions.

Nuclear power creates electricity in a reliable way, and with a low carbon footprint.

A majority of Americans support it, and its electricity output has grown nearly every decade…

And now that more countries are setting ambitious carbon reduction targets, it’s causing a resurgence.

Because unlike coal or natural gas, nuclear power emits zero greenhouse gasses once the plant is operational.


And don’t forget all the geopolitical forces pushing uranium higher.

Uranium, like oil, is influenced by world affairs.

Countries who rely on nuclear power are trying to secure uranium during this period of heightened international tension, leading to price increases.

It’s no longer safe to trade with Russia and its allies, so Uncle Sam is willing to spend a lot of money to move uranium operations back to the US.

Any disruption in the supply of uranium, such as geopolitical tensions in key producing regions, environmental issues, or underinvestment in mining infrastructure, can lead to a supply shortage and drive prices upwards.

For all of these reasons and more, we consume close to 200 million pounds of uranium annually — yet we produce only around 135 million pounds.

That’s a 65-million-pound structural deficit, which could grow to a 400-million-pound deficit as demand increases.

There is an escalating need for new domestic uranium sources, and this is what the 3rd part of the Trade of the Decade is accomplishing.

It's a junior uranium exploration company looking to make the next big discovery in North America.

Its mission is to generate exploration projects prime for making significant high-grade uranium discoveries in the Athabasca Basin region of Saskatchewan, Canada, the kind that substantially increase market caps.

The company is in a great jurisdiction and has a flagship project along with seven other projects it will look to joint venture in order to mitigate future dilution.

Its market cap is around $15 million right now, because we’re in the early stages…

For comparison, this is the same amount of money as a townhome in the Upper East Side of New York.

At this extremely low valuation, I expect it could double and more very quickly.

And it has several triggers lined up with multiple drill programs planned in 2024.

If the drill bit cooperates, it could send shares significantly higher.

Especially because the price of uranium is now the highest it’s been since 2007, a sure sign that a new commodity supercycle is here.

And I see it heading even higher from here.

So you won’t want to wait on taking a position.


I know I want to own some shares of this name. So let’s not keep them waiting any longer. Because I know you’ve already had some early success with a few other uranium names in this supercycle as well.

Let’s recap your commodity supercycle Trade of the Decade quickly…

  • Part One is a gold exploration stock with a tiny market cap of just $3.5 million, but is the first junior miner to consolidate the Central Mexican Silver Belt, which we already know is full of high-grade results and old mines.
  • Part Two is a stock that controls one of the world’s hottest new copper discoveries worth $15 billion, right when copper is falling into a global supply shortage. Shares rose 160% in one month, but you say this is just the start.
  • And Part Three is what we just discussed, a uranium company worth just $15 million today, but could change the way nuclear power plants obtain uranium in America.


These are three of the best opportunities for earning 1,000% gains each during the supercycle that I have found so far.

Gold, copper, and uranium are all seeing supply and demand imbalances, and we’re targeting small stocks to maximize our gains from the boom.

Even a small investment into each of these 3 stocks could create more wealth for you than any other investing you’ve ever done.

This is what makes a supercycle so powerful…

It gives the little guy a chance at earning gains usually reserved for Wall Street hedge funds.

I’m familiar with what it’s like to be the little guy…

My parents were my biggest influence.

They worked to achieve U.S. citizenship, made the bold move to this country, all so I could grow up with the advantages our great country affords us.

Our humble beginnings shaped our work ethic, growing up with limited means, and sometimes in challenging neighborhoods.

My parents took a risk on America for a better future for their family, and it worked.


And you made the most of the opportunity they gave you, as a multimillionaire resource speculator.


Thanks, Nick. I give all the credit to my parents for taking that risk.

The good news about this supercycle is we don’t need to take a huge risk like moving to another country.

All it requires is a small investment in a few stocks for a potentially wealthier and abundant life.

My advice is: don’t freeze when opportunity presents itself.

If you find a way to grow your wealth and live a happier life, seize it.

The supercycle is that opportunity for us today.


How can viewers receive your Trade of The Decade — including all 3 stock names — so they can set themselves up for large wins like we’ve talked about today?


The truth is, these are only three of several speculations I have lined up right now… each with similar upside potential.

That’s why I’m using this event to debut Junior Resource Speculator for the first time ever. It’s brand new for 2024. This is the first time I’m promoting it.

I built Junior Resource Speculator for the explosive commodity supercycle that is playing out right now.

I also run a buy-and-hold service called Junior Resource Monthly, where we take long-term positions in precious, base, and energy metals companies.

This is much different — and potentially more lucrative.

You can expect access to recommendations earlier in their lifecycle. You can also expect shorter-duration commodity-themed sector plays meant to harness cycles and trends.

So this is perfect if you’re already with me on the buy-and-hold side.

But the brilliance of my trigger system is, you don’t need to be in order to profit from the commodity supercycle that is unfolding now.

With the commodity bull market picking up steam... not only are more people asking for earlier-stage resource speculations… but I’m able to provide more opportunities.

Plus prices were rising super fast in 2021 and 2022. Now that we’ve got a pullback in the cycle, it’s the perfect time to get positioned for the next leg up.


So you’re ready to take new members?


You bet. The invitation we’re extending today is only available through this special webinar.

While commodities were in the doldrums over the 2010s, I took the opportunity to sharpen my skills and seek out the companies that would provide the most explosive upside once prices turned around.

I also took existing member feedback into consideration and made the service more of an early-access speculative service than a trading service.

That’s why we haven’t been actively advertising it. I’ve been hard at work improving the trigger system.

But now that commodities are gearing up for the most explosive part of the supercycle… it’s time to put all my tools to use.

Junior Resource Speculator is already reaping fast gains and ready to be rolled out to a wider audience.


So today is like a grand reopening?


Yeah, but not like at a cheap furniture store.

This is the grand reopening of a commodity bull market and huge profits from tiny mining stocks.

But only for a limited group.


So who gets in?


Only those who understand that commodity bull markets are cyclical and only come around every so often.

And when they do… they deliver absolutely rip-your-face-off profits.

You mentioned making a couple hundred thousand dollars on a stock that moved from 10-cents to $1.30.

That might pay off your house and truck.

What I’m talking about is 10-cents to $10.00. Buy a second house and truck. One for the kids, too.

I’m looking for people interested in building that kind of wealth from this commodity bull market.

But I’m also only looking for those who understand that this won’t last forever.

Commodities move in cycles.

Gold made people fortunes in 2011. Uranium made one-stock millionaires in 2007. Copper first hit $4.00 per pound back in 2006.

That was all during the last supercycle.

If you didn’t act back then…. the opportunity was gone for a decade. We need to make our profits NOW… while commodities are hot.

If you recognize those two things.... And can follow my simple instructions in exchange for the opportunity at multiple five- and six-figure wins on an annual basis…

And if you can handle the risk that comes with speculating on tiny junior mining stocks to bag shots at gains like:

  • 832% on Nevada Sunrise
  • 3,900% on Rare Element Resources
  • 7,042% on Quest Rare Minerals, and
  • Over 10,980% from Patriot Battery Metals

Year after year…

Then pay attention.

Because I believe what I’ve created with Junior Resource Speculator is the most all-encompassing junior mining investment service in the entire world.

Not only will you get speculative resource opportunities…

My members also get a whole suite of additional tools to enhance and maximize their experience.


I will second that Junior Resource Speculator is the best service of its kind that I’ve ever followed.

But I’m basing that on the stock picks.

What else are you offering in addition to the opportunity at multiple five- and six-figure wins?


Because commodity bull markets like this come around so rarely… you need all the tools to maximize your profits now.

I view this as a chance at generational wealth. Not just for me and my kids… but for my kids’ kids.

I hope you do, too. And it starts today.

If you’re one of the few who get in when we open the doors… you’ll have access to a host of benefits, insights and opportunities that most gold investors couldn’t even imagine.

Tools that could create multimillion-dollar fortunes very quickly.


What have you put together?


First you’ll get an exclusive report on the three opportunities I’ve got lined up right now — one gold stock, one copper stock, and one uranium stock.

They all have a list of upcoming triggers poised to send them higher starting immediately.

If things go how I think… they could all be the types of stocks that turn a few thousand dollars into a few hundred thousand very quickly.

It’s called: The Trade of The Decade: 3 Supercycle Opportunities For 1,000% Gains Each

You’ll have it in seconds… and you’ll be all set to buy as much of all three as you want.

And as history has shown time and again, tiny resource stocks can of course climb even higher than that when the fear and the greed get going in a supercycle.

10,987% — which I’ve made before in resource stocks — turns:

$500 into over $55,000.

And $1,000 into over $110,000.

If you put in more like you’ve done recently, Nick… $15,000 into over $1.6 million!

This first report covers just the first three speculations you’ll receive from me.

Every time there is a new one, I’ll send you a “Junior Resource Speculator Alert”.

You can expect every single one to contain:

  • The name and ticker symbol of a gold or mining stock set to deliver you a five- or six-figure payday.
  • Why the company checks all the boxes in my diligence list.
  • The current valuation and upcoming catalysts — including dates — I believe could move shares much higher.
  • And all the info you need to get in before that happens.

Nick, this is one of the ways I’ve built my wealth. It’s one of the ways you’ve built yours.

It’s how you can use a commodity bull market to create generations of wealth by simply capitalizing on a few early-stage speculations.

The system I’ve set up is designed to make success easy for you. At Junior Resource Speculator, I’ll be with you every step of the way.

I don’t just issue new buy alerts and then never follow up.

I also send out updates on the positions. When to buy more… at what price. And when to sell for maximum profit.

Nick, you’ve already shared that you made several hundred thousand dollars on two of the companies I told you about.


That’s money I’ve used to buy cars and ATVs, to set up annuities for my parents, and to fund my kids’ private education.


That’s what I’m talking about here. That’s why I know I could charge $25,000 a year for my Junior Resource Speculator Alerts alone.


I’d pay it.


I know you would, Nick. But I’d never charge that.

You can afford to pay that because you listened to my advice.

I’m trying to get people who’ve never listened to me.. or believed in the power of gold stocks for that matter... to recognize the millionaire-making potential for the first time.

That’s why the first report and the alerts aren’t the only thing I send my members.

I told you that I think Junior Resource Speculator is the most all-encompassing junior mining investment service in the entire world.

And I stand by that statement. I show my members how to make money from all sorts of junior mining stocks and setups.

That’s why every new member immediately receives: Micro, Macro, Trigger to Profits: What Makes Mining Stocks Soar

Earlier we went through a list of what I look for. The boxes each company must check to be capable of delivering five- and six-figure returns.

I have put all those criteria in this report.


You’re giving away your secret sauce?


I sure am. I don’t just give my members the fish… I show them how I catch them.

And I’m updating these reports all the time.

Things move fast in a commodity bull market.

While the entire cycle takes a decade or more to go up and a decade or more to go down, you can make your riches much faster than that as these triggers play out on the individual company level.


That certainly was true for Jack, who phoned us up saying:

“Gerardo makes money for me. Big time. Big time! My god. If I had put all my money from other subscriptions into what he’s been talking about and doing? Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. He’s been giving me a Christmas present every month. And all I can tell ya is we’re not talking about nickels and dimes here. This guy is really, really great.”


I love getting messages like that.

And I want to get more of them.

If you’re watching this today then I want you to know that with the commodity bull market at hand… the next six-figure message could be coming from you.

Especially because I’m going to give another bonus to anyone who joins TODAY.

It’s called: Big Gains From The Battery Metals Boom.

The supercycle isn’t only limited to gold, copper, and uranium. Many metals will see historic price rises.

Inside this report, you’ll discover my top three stocks searching for the battery metals that are the foundation of the electric vehicle boom.

And like the stocks in your first report, each one of these stocks could also give you an opportunity at 1,000% gains or more.


You obviously have a great track record with battery metals stocks.

You got readers in early on Patriot Battery Metals at 16-cents, right before prices soared to over $17…


One of the stocks featured in this special report could be the next Patriot Battery Metals… the next 10,000% winner.

That’s in-depth research on six resource speculations plus my report on how I identify these plays.


Man, Gerardo. You’re giving it all away. I know you’ve sold reports on individual junior mining names for thousands of dollars.

Here you’re including half a dozen stock names.

That’s why Jack was saying it’s like you give him a Christmas present every month.

But it’s not just Jack.

George F. wrote to us praising your name:

“Thank you Mr. Del Real... thank you! The results have been amazing... since using your publication my portfolio has risen from a dwindling $72,000 to a rapidly advancing $110,000 in six months. The results have been amazing... This is truly a dream unfolding! Thank you for your publications based on hard work and something that today is hard to find... your HONESTY and INTEGRITY!”

And Oscar told us:

“I'm up over 100% on my entire portfolio thanks in part to your Patriot Battery Metals recommendation. I got in at 36 cents with just $5,000. Needless to say, that's currently about $140,000 profit in about 18 months.”

And I have my own story from following your work…

You put me onto Magna Gold a few years ago.

We bought Magna at 10-cents ahead of several catalysts that you saw coming, including exploration results and a mine acquisition.

Well it truly paid off.

I watched those shares rise from 10-cents to over $1.30 in about a year… up 1,200% on every $10,000 I invested, and putting six figures in my account.


That’s why brokers and institutions pay tens of thousands of dollars for services and reports like these.

But with this grand bull market reopening you’ll get it for much less than that today.

I want to make this not only the most profitable decision of your life… but also the easiest.

So if you ever have any questions about Junior Resource Speculator you’ll have a direct line and dedicated phone number to our VIP Support Desk.

This is a dedicated service only for our highest-level subscribers.

You get Monday-to-Friday white-glove treatment from our dedicated customer care team. Plus 24/7 email access.

Reach out any time. I often include a personal note with my team’s response.

This is a top-notch investment service and you’re going to get top-notch treatment.


Gerardo, you really are giving people the VIP treatment.

You’re giving them everything they need to make a fortune from the commodity supercycle that is now at hand.

So tell us already. What’s this grand reopening pricing?


Offering this level of service doesn’t come cheap or easy.

Our payroll is over a million dollars annually.

And that doesn’t include the cost of the research I do — the site visits, the dinners, you know all about it.


I do.


That’s why I was saying brokers and institutions pay tens of thousands per year for this type of service.

But because that isn’t the audience here… and because I don’t want people to miss out on this life-changing commodity bull market…

Where I’ve already shown how a single speculation can turn $1,000 into $110,000…

Here’s the deal:

When you join today you won’t pay anywhere near that $25,000 price tag — even though one Junior Resource Speculator Alert could return you several times that.

Like I said, I want this to be both the most profitable and easiest decision you’ve ever made.

So I’m offering everyone today my unprecedented double guarantee:

Guarantee #1: You’ll have two full months to enjoy Junior Resource Speculator and all the profit opportunities it delivers.

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We don’t want to charge you for something you’re not using or that isn’t benefiting you. You’ll still get to keep everything, including the reports, knowledge, and any profits you’ve gained.

Guarantee #2: I’m guaranteeing you a monster supercycle winner. If I don’t give you the opportunity to make 4X your money on a single trade in the next year… I will give you a second year for free.

Just call your VIP Support Desk to request it.


You’ve created a no-lose situation, Gerardo.

You either provide everyone with the chance to turn ten grand into $40,000 or you give them the most valuable thing we have: free access to our top-tier research.

And that’s on top of the money-back guarantee.


I am confident in this commodity bull market and my ability to navigate it.

It’s where I’m putting my own money.

But as I said earlier in this presentation… while the supercycle itself is huge and long-lasting, these stocks are so small that telling too many investors about them too early can ruin the opportunity for everyone.

So today’s invitation is only going out to a limited group. And we’re taking just 250 new members today.

Those slots are now open on a first-come, first-served basis by clicking the button below.

Plenty of people will make fortunes during this supercycle.

Will you be one of them?


I hope so.

Fortunes are already being made with your tiny resource stock picks and it’s still early in this cycle. Like you said, we’re still in Phase One.

But Phase Two is rapidly approaching. And that’s when the biggest gains have historically been made.

All you have to do is click the button below right now to secure your spot.

This commodity bull market is shaping up to be epic. And Gerardo and his team are making it easy for everyone to profit from it like the pros.

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These supercycles with generational wealth-creating potential only come around once every two decades.

And it’s here right now.

How are you going to play it?

Just click the button below to get started.

I’m Nick Hodge, publisher of Junior Resource Speculator… on behalf of Gerardo Del Real and the entire team…

Thank you for tuning into the Trade of the Decade profit summit.