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Nick Hodge

Hello, Nick Hodge here...

For the past two years, investors had it easy as tech stocks hit high after high…

The entire NASDAQ rose 134%.


Microsoft soared 153%...


And Apple shot up 201%...


But I was able to book gains that absolutely dwarfed these returns.

All without touching a single tech stock. And I expect to do even better now that tech stocks have peaked. 

I can not only prove it, but show you how…

This is my personal mining stock account in March 2020…


Now, here’s my account in early 2022...


My account is up more than 3.5X in that time… to well over $1 million!

And a good chunk of that increase is from ONE single gold stock that rocketed from 20 cents to almost $2.00! All in a matter of weeks…

Dwarfing what I could’ve made from tech stocks all year even while they notched record high after record high. 

My wife and I started a trust for our three young kids and bought a second home to generate some income.

But I’m not telling you this to brag…

Because I can’t take all of the credit.

You see, I have a secret source for many of the gold stocks I buy.

He’s my “in” on some of the world’s hottest up-and-coming gold companies.

Someone who knows the ins and outs of these miners.

And who has shown me gold stocks before they took off on quick runs like when…

Nevada Sunrise shot up 1,450% in six months…


Magna Gold took off for over 700% in less than a year…


And K2 Gold spouted off for 592% in six months.


These big gold stock runs all came in the past two years.

Some struck in only a matter of days.

And me and my readers reaped insane profits.

Profits that made record-breaking tech stocks look like a blip! 

Imagine waking up to see your account grow from $30,000 to $106,000 like mine did over the past two years. 

Our readers don’t have to imagine. They lived it.

They’re writing in, absolutely ecstatic about their results…

Dave J. said “his insights and research have proven out over and over!”

Jim S. said this guy is his “favorite newsletter writer by a landslide! This guy knows his sh#$!!”

Mike V. says he “Always delivers the straight goods!”

And Victor G. simply told me, “He is the MAN!”

The secret to why Dave, Jim, Mike, Victor, and many more are so excited about gold stocks...

Is a legendary Texas gold and metals trader who’s advised millionaires — and even billionaires — in the gold space.

Any gold company exec in the world answers his calls.

He’s as connected as they come.

So when he told me about what he thinks will be one of the biggest gold winners of the year… Even the decade…

I didn’t hesitate.

I began positioning my money right away.

Not all of his ideas turn out to be big winners, of course. No one’s do. But we think the results speak for themselves. 

And this opportunity is so compelling, I think you’ll want to position yourself in it just like I did.

Which is why I asked him to come speak to everyone today.

After all, his insights aren’t just for the already rich.

He was once absolutely broke.

His net worth was negative.

But then, before gold’s last bull market, he identified a select group of mining stocks…

And he was so sure of their success…

That he took out loans and got every penny he could get his hands on to put into the junior mining stocks he’d identified.

And he reaped millions as these companies shot up in only months… earning historic gains like:

  • 500% on Tasman Metals
  • 832% on Nevada Sunrise
  • 3,900% on Rare Element Resources
  • And 7,042% on Quest Rare Minerals

My point is this:

If there’s anybody who I trust to help you get rich with gold stocks...

It’s this man.

That’s why I reached out and brought him on to my team, and why we’ve partnered up to bring investors high-caliber junior mining stock research.

And my readers and I have reaped major rewards ever since.

I’m talking about my friend and colleague Gerardo Del Real.

Today, he’s coming to you with an important announcement now that gold is taking back off:

Gerardo has uncovered what he thinks is the next big gold 10-bagger…

In a little-known sector of the gold market.

In fact, look at this chart…


The line at the top… that is returns from the royalty companies in the gold market over the past five years. 

They’ve more than doubled — going up nearly twice as much as gold itself!

Gold royalty companies are the absolute cream of the crop in the gold space.

It’s the hottest sector in the hottest market in the world…

And get this…

It’s the SAFEST.

That’s right. This sector is totally safe.

It even pays cold, hard cash.

You can get the upside of fast-moving gold stocks. With little of the downside.

And earn checks right in your hand.

Nowhere else in the gold market will you find an opportunity like this.

And until recently, you couldn’t even find it there.

The new company Gerardo has identified is younger than COVID-19. It only recently began trading. And it’s still trading near its IPO price.

This is as close to the ground floor as it gets.

But that won’t last for much longer. 

Because we’re in the gold bull market of a lifetime…

Gold is less than $200 from its all-time highs. 

And now much higher gold prices are in play. 

Just look at what happened after the last stock market crash and gold run in 2011. The Gold-to-S&P 500 ratio climbed over 1.6. 


With the S&P now at 4500, it would take $7,200 just for history to repeat! 

Even $10,000 gold doesn’t seem too crazy when you think about it that way. 

Because we’re now seeing the highest inflation we’ve seen since 1982. And back then it took 3X the S&P to buy one ounce of gold. 

Going back to that historic benchmark certainty isn’t out of the question considering the inflation levels are already there. And if it happens, it would send gold to $13,500. 


And that’s just one reason why gold’s recent run is only just beginning…

But as this unfolds, opportunities to buy in quality opportunities like you’ll see today are vanishing quickly.

That’s why Gerardo has done all of the legwork.

He’s got the inside scoop.

He’s got everything you need to get you started right away.

If there’s one stock to buy for the unfolding gold bull market… it’s this one… so pay attention.

You won’t want to wait this one out.

Now, here’s Gerardo to show why this one unique gold stock — and the sector it’s in — is set to outperform the rest…

Gerardo Del Real

Thanks for the introduction Nick. Hello, this is Gerardo Del Real.

We’re only just getting warmed up in this gold bull market…

What we’ve seen over the past two years is only just a taste. 

I think the record gold prices we saw in 2020 will soon be broken. 

Warren Buffett

We were in ahead of that run. And like Nick explained earlier, he and our readers had the opportunity to cash in some pretty nice returns when the crowd came running to gold.

Warren Buffett famously bought gold stocks in the summer of 2020…


But we were screaming “BUY!” when gold fell as low as $1,200 ahead of the pandemic.


And our readers reaped the rewards as gold soared from 10-year lows to historic highs.

We didn’t only get positioned early… We were in on some of the “cream of the crop” gold stocks that shot up for the biggest returns.

I’m talking about gold stocks that traded for mere pennies…

And then launched to $1.00 or more overnight.

While everyone cheered on the so-called “recovery.”

While everyone popped champagne from Amazon, Tesla, and Apple hitting record highs.

My readers and I were reaping gold stock windfalls tech traders could only dream about.


As Nick said, no one only picks winners and anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar. 

But I have helped my readers see 5X gains very quickly… on some of the most unheard-of gold opportunities in the world…

And I believe the new gold royalty company we’re going to cover today has handed us an even bigger opportunity: 

The chance to earn 10x your money while it collects a portion of every ounce of gold from some of the world’s top gold mines and turns it into cold hard cash for its investors.

It even gets to collect a certain percentage of the gold from some of the largest producers in the world, like Barrick. 

And because of the unique way it structures these deals… if gold prices go higher…

Like the $3,000 per ounce being predicted by Bank of America.

Or even higher to $7,000, which would just put us back to the 1.6 gold-to-S&P ratio we saw in 2011…

Then this company gets an even larger share of that gold!

It all has to do with a special “mineral rights” opportunity…

One that you can lay claim to.

All without picking up a shovel. Without even touching the gold.

One click of a button legally requires the world’s hottest gold mines… To begin giving you a share of their proceeds right away.

This is historically the fastest and easiest way to get rich on gold.

If you look at some of the famous gold fortunes in history…


Like Sam Brannan, the famous Mormon who helped spark the California Gold Rush.

Sam didn’t mine any gold.

When a few fellow Mormons discovered gold in the American River near San Francisco…

Brannan started setting up preemption claims and demanding royalties on all the gold taken out of the river bar.

He became California’s first millionaire as a result.

And you can use this method of collecting cash from gold mine operators to this day.


Collect Cash from the Oracle of Omaha’s Favorite Gold Stock

And it can be used by anyone to generate wealth during this gold bull market.

Not just those already rich.

Warren Buffett

We all remember when Warren Buffett famously bought gold after the onset of the pandemic. But really, I wasn’t impressed.

After all, he bought Barrick Gold, the world’s largest gold miner.

No offense to the Oracle of Omaha…

But he was DEAD WRONG on his gold buy. I mean 100% missed the market.

This is a chart of Barrick Gold in 2020.


It soared nearly 100%.

That’s pretty good, don’t get me wrong. You would have nearly doubled your money in almost a year’s time…

But had you bought into any of these junior miners instead, you could have made much more in the same amount of time — or less. 

Hannan Metals, up 240% under six months…


Magna Gold, up 450% in seven months…


Midas Gold, up 465% in five months...


Nevada Sunrise, up 520% in seven months…


You could have enjoyed the opportunity for 2.5x to 6X your money in that same timeframe…

Just as my readers did.

As it turns out, not only was Buffett late to the party…

He missed out on hundreds of better gold opportunities… Ways to earn exponentially more profits than buying a company like Barrick.

But really, he had no choice in the matter.

As a big whale investor, most of the best companies are off limits to someone like Buffett.

They have tiny market caps, trade at minimal volume, and if Buffett were to buy in…

He would drive the share price astronomically high.

In other words…

You have a real advantage over Buffett when it comes to gold stocks.

That’s how incredible the gold sector is.

YOU can beat the billionaires. And beat them bad.

And it gets better…

You have one more advantage over Buffett…

With the click of a button, you can get “mineral rights” to some of the world’s biggest gold mines…

And collect a percentage of the gold coming out of some of the top mines in the world…

No need to touch the gold.

No need to pay for a gold mine.

Or take on debt.

You get an automatic cash payment on every ounce of gold…

And the gold companies are legally required to pay.

Meaning before money falls to the bottom line of Barrick — or its shareholders — they have to pay you first!


Royalties: The Safest and Easiest
Way to Get Rich on Gold

How is this possible?

You see, large companies like Barrick Gold, Newmont, and others own thousands of properties.

Some of them are mines. Others are untapped land.

These companies aren’t explorers though.

They’re miners. They stick to what they do best.

So instead of looking for gold themselves…

They buy up a bunch of potential gold properties…

And lease the vacant lands to smaller companies in exchange for a percentage of any gold discovered.

Just as in music, TV, or art… This claim is called a “royalty”.

And these gold mining companies often have dozens of similar opportunities…

Each generating flows of cash from mines they don’t touch.

Pumping out pure liquidity with none of the expenses from mining.

These royalties are the “cash kings of gold.”

This is how history’s gold barons got rich.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting…

Sometimes these royalty streams are separated from the main gold mining company… and spun out into a new company that starts trading on its own.

I’ve seen it happen a few times now.


Well, as I said, these big gold miners are just that... miners.

These two businesses are totally different.

They require different kinds of business management.

They’re oil and water. They don’t mix.

Plus, to maximize the value of these royalty deals…

They need to become their own entities.

And sure enough, when this happens, investors get rich.

In fact, gold royalty stocks are #1 in the gold industry over time.

Hands down.

Remember the chart Nick showed you earlier?


It shows gold royalty companies outperforming the gold price and gold mining stocks in good times and bad.

They beat other gold stocks in bull markets, bear markets, and everything in between.

Now, a brand-new royalty opportunity just began publicly trading.

One that should be trading 10X higher than it does.

But nobody knows about it.

And it’s presenting an unusual pricing anomaly unlike anything seen in years.

Once you see what it is… you’ll be as certain as I am that…


A 10-Bagger Gold Stock Was Just Born

Shares of this new royalty company are set to go at least 10X higher while giving you continuous cash payments from gold produced at major gold mines around the world.

Let me explain...

You may have heard of Newmont Corporation. 

In 2019, it acquired Goldcorp to become the world’s largest gold mining company.

During gold bull markets, shares of Newmont perform well, as you’d expect.

They went up about 200% in the last gold bull market — from 2008 to 2011.


That is not bad at all.

But check this out...

Back in 2003, Goldcorp spun off its royalties into a new company now called Wheaton Precious Metals.

Since then, shares of Wheaton Precious Metals have soared as much as 1,600%, leaving Newmont shares in the dust.


Then, in 2007, Newmont spun off its royalty business into a company called Franco Nevada.

Since then, shares of Franco Nevada have surged more than 1,200%. The royalty shares again significantly outpaced the mining shares.


Spun out for pennies on the dollar, both Wheaton Precious Metals and Franco Nevada shares went on to surge until their market valuations were equal to their parents’.

The combined market cap of Franco Nevada and Wheaton Precious is around $50 billion.


That’s equal to their parent company Newmont.

Both royalty companies spun off from that gold giant.

They were once only a small part of the company.

Now they’re equal to its entire value.

Why is this the case?

Because a royalty company like Franco Nevada does nothing but collect cash.

It doesn’t have big operating expenses.

It doesn’t have to mine.

All it does is dish out large amounts of money collected from gold mining… Enriching employees and investors.

And I’m not kidding…

This is the average pay of a Franco-Nevada employee.


Every single worker earns millions each year.

Far more than the average Facebook employee.

And they’re mostly paid in dividend income, not salaries!

Early investors have gotten rich as well.

The best part is…

Once a royalty deal is signed…

The payer is obligated to pay in good times and bad.

It doesn’t matter if the gold isn’t mined yet.

It doesn’t matter if the gold is late.

The money has to be in the bank.

This is why they perform in all gold markets — bear, bull, and sideways.

And why the royalty opportunity I’m about to share with you is so incredible…

Because the same setup is happening now that happened when Newmont spun off its royalty businesses…

And just like Franco and Wheaton… this new gold royalty company stock is set to rise 10X to match the valuation of its parent company.

This opportunity involves one of the world’s biggest gold companies — a Canadian miner operating five mines with a market valuation near $5 billion.

Its stock has mirrored Newmont’s over the past five years. 

And just like Newmont did with Franco and Wheaton… this gold miner just created a far bigger opportunity…

One that could make you 10X your money in the coming months — even if gold stays flat.

It spun off its North American royalties into a new company that began publicly trading.

This new royalty company is already collecting big streams of cash from operating mines, has added new royalties, and is paying a dividend. In fact, it’s paying a higher yield than Franco or Wheaton.

The market isn’t realizing the value of this company because it was just spun out.

But it will once the cash from the royalties starts flowing in over the next several quarters!

And its shares would need to rise at least 10X to match the market valuation of its parent, just like Franco Nevada and Wheaton Precious did.

Right now, this new royalty company’s market valuation is only $500 million while its parent company is being valued at $5.5 billion!

Remember, Franco Nevada and Wheaton Precious had to rise 1,600% and 1,200% to match their parents’ market value of $50 billion.


In order for this new royalty company to do that… its stock needs to rise 10 times higher!


Why 20X Is in the Cards…

It doesn’t stop there though…

Not many have heard of Osisko Mining, but it controls a rare world-class gold project right here in North America. The company is valued at around $1.5 billion.

Back in 2015, it spun off its royalty package into an independent entity.

At the time, this new company, Osisko Gold Royalties, was only valued at $350 million.

But then they signed over one hundred royalty deals…

And grew the company to $2.5 billion — twice the valuation of its parent company.


In this scenario, the new royalty company that just started trading would need to rise over 20X to be valued 2X more than its parent…


I think this could be in the cards.

Not only because the new company shares some of Osisko’s management, but also because…

This Company Cashes in On Buffett’s Famous Gold Buy

Warren Buffett

You see, shortly after Buffett spent half a billion dollars buying shares of Barrick, this company hopped on the opportunity…

They bought a company that already collects royalties on part of Barrick Gold’s legendary Cortez mine, situated in the world-class Carlin gold belt of Nevada.

Carlin is the world’s #1 gold mining complex, generating $7 billion every year.

There are only six mining regions in the world that hold more than 200 million ounces of potential gold…

And Carlin is one of them!

This is the crown jewel of Barrick’s portfolio…

Now you can get a piece of its best part.

And I do mean the best.

Cortez has been called the “key camp in the world’s leading gold mine complex.”

It checks all of the boxes.

You have…

The world’s single biggest gold mining complex…

The top gold mine in that complex…

And you’re earning a guaranteed payment on the gold coming out of it!

You’re collecting a payment on the best mines of Warren Buffett’s only gold investment!

This is the best of the best of the best.

Along with that, you got world-class management with a proven track record in the royalty business…

A dozen deals in the world’s friendliest mining districts like Nevada…

Deals that are already generating tons of cash flow that will be used for your payments…

Plus the 10x upside in the stock before it matches the value of its parent.

Where else can you get all of the leveraged upside of gold — with almost none of the downside?

And again, it just began publicly trading and nobody knows about it.

So there’s still time to get in on the ground floor…

Before investors catch wind of this…

Before this becomes a household name like Franco and Wheaton…

And before gold charges to $3,000 and beyond.

To get you started right away, I’ve compiled all of my research into a market briefing I call…

“The Royalty of Gold: Earn 10x Your Money on the Roaring Gold Bull”


Inside you’ll get everything you need to make this the profit opportunity of the decade for you.

You’ll get all of my inside scoop… the full company profile, name, and ticker symbol.

I’ll take you behind the balance sheets and quarterly earnings reports, and “lift up the hood.”

You’ll get all of my “boots on the ground” insights.... including off-the-cuff interviews with the execs, and detailed analysis, footage, and pictures of their royalty assets.

You’ll get a breakdown on the gold royalty sector… including why it’s the best and safest way to get rich on gold.

And you’ll get my forecasts on gold, where it's heading next, and the catalysts driving the market.

Today, as my thanks to you for reading, you’ll get all of this frontline research… all of my findings… absolutely risk-free.

Because I want you to take full advantage as this historic gold bull generates explosive 1,000% and even 10,000% opportunities…

That’s why I want to give you ALL of my research today, totally risk-free, through my brand-new service built just for this gold bull market: Junior Resource Monthly.


Introducing: Junior Resource Monthly

I’ve dedicated my professional life to studying and exploiting the ins and outs of the junior mining world.

That knowledge has led to millions in profits for myself and those who follow my work.

In addition to investing and speculating professionally for myself, I’ve also been sharing my research and best ideas with strategic and institutional investors for more than a decade.

But I don’t work at a bank or brokerage or anywhere near Wall Street.

Corporations and suits have never been my style.

I prefer to work directly for myself and my clients.

And I put together Junior Resource Monthly as a portfolio-based monthly newsletter that offers buy and sell recommendations in the junior mining space with ongoing coverage of each.

My process has been developed and honed over a decade of professionally investing, speculating, and trading in junior mining stocks.

the-royalty-of-gold And I'm offering you this report right now because the stage is set for a gold bull run of historic proportions…

The question I have for you today is: Are you going to take advantage of it before the next leg higher?

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If so, you need to get my report in your hands today.
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everything you get

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guaranteeI think it's insanely cheap to receive a full year of Junior Resource Monthly considering the profits it consistently delivers to people like George F.:

Thank you Mr. Del Real... thank you! Since using your publication my portfolio has risen... to a rapidly advancing $110,000. This is truly a dream unfolding! Thank you for your publications based on hard work and something that today is hard to find... your HONESTY and INTEGRITY! —George F.

And Jack S.:

Gerardo is just fantastic, there’s no other way to say it. I make money. No... he makes money for me. Big time! My God! He’s been giving me a Christmas present every month... and all I can say is we are not talking about nickels and dimes... this guy is really really great. —Jack S.

But I will say that we can’t offer this discounted pricing forever... or to everyone.

Warren Buffett

Like I said, the reason you have an advantage over billionaires like Warren Buffett in the gold space is because many junior mining stocks are tiny…

Meaning the best opportunities are off-limits for the biggest investors.

That gives an advantage to people like you and me that is unavailable elsewhere on Wall Street.

It’s this paradox that I’ve been able to exploit to create wealth for myself and my clients.

And you can start doing the same today with the gold royalty company set for a 10X run.

That’s how incredible the gold sector is. 

YOU can beat the billionaires. And beat them bad.

Just click the button below to get started.


Let’s get it,

Gerardo Del Real

Gerardo Del Real
Editor, Junior Resource Monthly