Why NOBODY Knows About America’s Biggest Gold Discovery

In this presentation, you’ll discover...

  • The American deposit with 10 million ounces of gold — and why few have ever heard of it…
  • When news of this major discovery will be released to the public…
  • The tiny 50-cent-per-share miner with complete ownership of the mine... and how to buy in now for life-altering returns.

Nick HodgeNick Hodge here with Digest Publishing. 

And what you’re going to see today is perhaps the most exciting discovery of my career…

I’m on my way to see what could become America’s #1 biggest gold mine, and almost nobody knows about it.

Not the financial media.

Not analysts or gurus.

Not even experts in the mining space.

And it could hand investors the biggest and fastest gains of the year, or the entire decade.

I’ve spent the last five years studying this deposit and the tiny company that owns it. 

I financed it early with a tightknit group of investors.

I’ve read the geologist reports, the independent surveys, and studied the 150-year history of the mining district it’s in, which is one of the most well-endowed gold areas in the world. 

I’ve even made two fact-finding site visits, including the one you’re going to see today.

Everything I’ve found so far is remarkable.

The project is huge.

Officially, there are 4 million ounces of gold there now.

Which alone makes it one of the biggest gold deposits in America. But that’s just one part of the equation.

This project:

  • Has already produced gold. It was once the largest gold mine in Idaho.
  • Has much of the mining equipment and infrastructure already in place.
  • And has the locals approval, which is incredibly important in this day and age.

Plus, as you’ll see in a moment, this gold mine has a secret. 

New technology has unlocked an entirely separate high-grade gold deposit near the old mine. And the market has no clue. 

The company is drilling now, which means the full picture will soon be revealed. 

It ticks off all the boxes for gold mines that make investors rich, which is why I’m so excited about it and have been buying shares along with a small group of in-the-know investors. 

And it’s why I’m putting my “boots on the ground” to bring the full scoop on this mine to the investing public. And given current market conditions, it couldn’t come at a better time. 

To get here, I drove hours through the Idaho wilderness along the Salmon River to a remote town…

Then I proceeded to explore the 16,000 acres of the property.

And incredibly enough, gold was everywhere. Let me rephrase:

In the span of nearly 3.5 miles, it was hard to find anywhere gold was NOT.

And here is my shocking conclusion:

I believe there’s at least TWO TIMES MORE GOLD here than the official reports say.

It could carry 10 million ounces of gold!

That’s simply unreal. 

That would make it one of the largest gold deposits in America… bigger than the resources at Newmont’s Cripple Creek & Victor (3.16Moz) mines… bigger than the resources at SSR Mining’s Marigold Mine (5.1Moz)… and bigger than the reserves at Kinross’s Round Mountain (6.02Moz) and Fort Knox. (4.144Moz).

Even based on a conservative gold price of $1,500 — hundreds of dollars below where it’s trading now — that would be a $15 BILLION gold jackpot. That’s hundreds of times more than this company is currently being valued in the market. 

And the incredible part is...

Most every other big gold mine in America is owned by giants like Barrick or Newmont.

But not this one.

Instead, one tiny, virtually unknown miner has complete ownership of this gold windfall...

And it trades for under a dollar.

But I don’t think that will last for long. Like I said, I’m here to check out drilling that will soon start to reveal this mine’s secret: that there is much more gold here than anyone currently realizes. 

In the coming months, the mine’s REAL value will become public knowledge.

And thanks to my deep research and connections... I believe I know:

  • Exactly when this will happen…
  • How much gold will be revealed…
  • And how high its shares will soar.

Again, you will NOT find this anywhere else.

Not in the financial media.

Not from newsletter gurus.

You’re only hearing it from me because I help finance and vet many gold deals, including this one, from a very early stage. 

They don’t all make it. In fact, if you’re familiar with the mining business at all, you’ll know that most projects don’t work out. 

But the ones that do pay off in spectacular fashion. And this is shaping up to be one of them. 

That’s why I leveraged my connections to get you access to this story now, before the rest of the market realizes what’s going on. 

And because of my decade of experience in the mining sector, I know what I’m looking for and where to look.

I say none of this to brag, but to make you understand one thing:

Once you see everything I’m about to share with you today...

You’ll be among the few who know about America’s #1 developing gold mine.

And since you’ll know BEFORE everyone else does...

You could take home enormous gains like you've never seen before.

Because once this mine becomes publicly known as America’s next biggest...

Investors and mining giants WILL jump over one another to buy it hand over fist.

Igniting bidding war that could send shares surging from under $1.00 to $5.00... and beyond.

Using previous buyouts as an indicator, I expect an acquisition for no less than $8.00 per share.

Now, most “gurus” you see out there would just pull that number out of thin air with nothing to back it up. 

But I’m not a guru. I’m an investor looking for serious returns on my money. So I make sure to back everything up with real-world data, not pie-in-sky projections.

Earlier this year, large gold miner B2Gold took out Oklo Resources for $62 million. Oklo had gold resources of just 669,000 ounces. So B2Gold paid just over $92 per ounce. 

At that rate, the ten million ounces I think this project has would be worth $926 million, making every share worth $10.65.

That would make this a 2,030% winner. 

Other takeouts have come at an even higher premium. When Barrick bought out Randgold a few years ago it paid $240 per ounce. 

That would make this ground worth $2.4 billion, and shares of the company that own it worth over $27.50 — some 5,423% higher than they currently trade.

And it could all happen very quickly.

In just a moment, you’ll see why these gains may actually be a CONSERVATIVE estimate of what’s coming...

In fact, NOTHING returns bigger and faster gains like a major gold mine discovery. Especially when the price of gold is moving higher like it is now.

You’ll see how past discoveries are responsible for some of the biggest riches in market history.

And why multi-billion-dollar hedge funds are taking huge stakes in this tiny miner, especially now that the stock market is in bear market territory with gold one of the few things still performing.

You’ll also see why this mine will be easier to permit than most others...

Why it can operate with a “green” footprint, which is essential in today’s world...

And why NOBODY knows about its real potential.

In fact, while many mines exaggerate their reserves...

I found why this company may actually be doing the exact opposite.

I think it’s a major green light to early investors who are still able to get in early.

But before we drill into all the details… allow me to explain why I’m qualified to speak on the matter. 


The Biggest 10-Bagger Discovery I’ve Made YET

I’ve spent the last 15 years finding unusual, little-known opportunities in the metals & energy space...

The kind that could soar for astronomic gains overnight, minting all-new millionaires.

I do this with one simple method.

Building a massive list of political, corporate, and mining insiders from all around the world. And then investing in the early stage companies they turn up along with a small group of tightknit investors. 

Like I said, they don’t all work out like I think this one will. But when they do, the payoffs are huge.

This is how I uncovered a tiny gold miner in Papua New Guinea called K92 Mining.

This company was staffed by some of the world’s top geologists and mining legends. 

During the gold bear market, they bought a massive mine from Barrick Gold. They bought it for pennies on the dollar.

It was fully equipped and ready for production, so it cost almost nothing to get the mine operational. And the production date was set in a matter of months.

I recommended this to my readers at just 35 cents. In just three months, it surged to $2.21 and my readers were able to take home a profit of 531%.

That’s good enough to turn $10,000 into over $63,000 — in just 90 days’ time!

But it didn’t stop there. Over the next few years, shares of K92 surged to over $10.50. So anyone who followed me in at 35 cents had the chance to make as much as 30X their money. That’s a 2,905% gain that turns every $10,000 invested into $300,000.

And I’ve been involved with several such opportunities, which is why I’m so confident about what I’m telling you today. 

It’s also how I uncovered a global gold miner that also owns a uranium package in Canada.

Its founders and major backers include legends who have made fortunes in gold before, including colleagues of mine like renowned resource investor Rick Rule.

In eight months, it surged from 41 cents to $3.14.

That’s a 641% gain!

And it’s how I uncovered a lithium opportunity in the heart of Nevada’s salt brine land.

You probably know lithium as the “new gasoline.” It’s the fuel vital for the world’s transition to electric vehicles. And Elon Musk and others can’t get enough of it.

Lithium prices have gone through the roof lately. And dozens of companies have emerged that claim “lithium” in their name.

But long before investing in lithium was a common theme, I identified an early winner with an all-star team.

The backer was a billionaire insider with very close ties to the Clintons.

And its Director had a record of starting small lithium and gold miners, then flipping them for billion-dollar buyouts.

It had a land package bordering the only known lithium mine in North America.

Plus a prime piece of real estate right in the famed “Lithium Triangle” of Argentina.

I got my readers in at 15 cents and in just FOUR MONTHS it surged past $2.53.

That’s a whopping gain of 1,667%.

That’s good enough to turn $10,000 into $176,700... in just 16 weeks!

My readers had the opportunity to see these life-changing returns, just by following my recommendations!

I’ve shown a small group of investors gains like these over and over and over.

And I say none of this to brag, but to make clear the enormity of the claim I’m making today:

I think this gold mine is poised to eclipse every single one of these big home runs.

By a landslide.

It’s not even close.


We’re on the cusp of one of America’s historic gold mines being unveiled. 

A mine that I suspect will be bigger than those owned by some of the world’s biggest gold giants.

And it’s coming right smack dab in the middle of a historic gold bull market. 

Today, you can buy into the tiny miner behind it for under $1.00.

Hardly ever have I seen a ground-floor opportunity with so much wealth potential.

This is why billion-dollar hedge funds are betting big on this play! 

One made a $10 million bet in early 2022 — enough to own over 8% of the company.

With this kind of wealth potential developing so quickly, I knew I had to come here myself to bring it to you firsthand.


My Visit to This Historic Gold Site

Again, this project is great on paper, including 4 million ounces of gold that is:

  • In the 2nd largest gold-producing region in the world!
  • A past-producer with low technical and permitting risk!
  • On track to become much larger than anyone realizes!

That alone makes it one of the top gold plays in America.

One of the few NOT owned by a major gold giant.

But it’s EVEN BETTER in real life.

This state is the most favorable to mining companies from a policy perspective. It ranked #1 in the Fraser Institute’s 2020 survey — ahead of Nevada, Newfoundland, Finland and Saskatchewan.

Second to no one.

In addition, the project is the largest past-producing gold mine in Idaho. That means it’s already been approved and built once, so there will be less disturbance this time around. 

It’s also powered by clean, green — and cheap! — hydropower, with a line already running through the site. This means lower costs and lower emissions than typical mines.

Idaho is home to many conservationists, ranchers, and hunters.

These guys live here for one reason: The pristine wilderness. And they want to keep it that way.

The bottom line is this mine’s environmental friendliness pleases everyone... and gives nothing but upside for the economy AND environment.

And like I said, this mine has a secret. It’s keeping its true wealth potential under the radar. 

Why would it do such a thing?


“Why Has This Gold Miner Kept Its Real Wealth A Secret?”

It’s simple.

Mines with 4 million ounces of gold are much easier to get approved.

Fewer “official” reserves means fewer loopholes, less waiting time, less regulatory hassle.

It has all the motive to keep the true extent of its reserves quiet for now — at least quiet to the public.

So this is a big “wink wink” to investors.

But there’s also another reason there is much more gold here than anyone realizes now. 

While this was already the largest past-producing gold mine in Idaho, that was all done via open pits. 

But new technology and modern drilling techniques have unlocked significantly more gold below the old pits. 

In reality — and you could only know this by visiting the site — it holds no less than 10 million gold ounces by my calculations.

A fact that I think will dawn on this investment public over the next few months as drilling is completed and results start coming out.

Already, five deposits have been identified over a span of 3.5 miles and to a depth of 2,000 feet. 

And it doesn’t stop there. 

Additional drilling could turn up more gold on either end of the current strike or below it. 

What’s the real upside potential here?

To get an idea...

Consider the biggest gold and metals discoveries in recent years.

Like the Pierina property in Peru, one of the most important gold discoveries in South America.

The company that owned it, Arequipa Resources, traded for mere pennies...

But when drilling results turned up nearly 5 million ounces of gold in the ground...

The miner was quickly bought out by Barrick Gold for over $30 a share in a stunning acquisition.

Barrick paid $800 million, or $160 per gold ounce in the ground.  Early investors saw massive 100-bagger gains on the historic buyout.

And this was during a long-term gold bear market — when the price stayed flat and even declined. 

That’s because…


Major Metal Discoveries Always Mint Millionaires — No Matter What the Underlying Price is Doing!

Consider the Timok copper-gold deposit of 2012.

It was the discovery of the decade and the biggest in European history.

The miner that owned it, Reservoir Minerals, quickly surged for unbelievable returns.

In just four years it skyrocketed for 12,000% gains. And that was just for starters...

Even during the gold bear market of the 2010s, its shares continued soaring over and over. Finally, it was bought out for a handsome premium.

All told, you could have seen 32,000% gains had you seen this coming... and bought in early.

That’s good enough to turn every $1,000 invested into $320,000.

And every $5,000 invested into $1.6 million.

Then there’s the historic Voisey's Bay discovery in Labrador, Canada.

In 1995, exploration turned up the largest and lowest-cost nickel deposit in the world.

The company that owned it, Diamond Fields, soared for some of the biggest and fastest gains on record.

First financed at just 10 cents a share... the stock surged to $196 within two years — before being bought out in a bidding war.

That’s a 195,900% gain that turned every $1,000 invested into nearly $2 million.

All of Diamond Field’s early investors became fantastically rich, no matter how much they invested.

And now, I think history is about to repeat itself.

This time with one of America’s biggest gold discoveries.

Remember, I’ve been able to figure out this company’s true wealth potential because of my position as an early start-up investor...

And because of what I learned on this boots-on-the-ground visit to the mining site in Idaho...

Few outside of a very well-connected group of mining insiders have even heard of this company.

Almost nobody knows the secret it holds. 

But that won’t last much longer.

Once details of this mine’s true potential go public... and they have to... I think this miner will begin a breathtaking ride.

The kind not seen since Diamond Fields surged for. nearly 200,000% gains on its big discovery.

Overnight the major gold giants could begin the bidding war of a lifetime... driving shares from under a dollar to $2.00… $5.00…. Even to over $10.00 per share like I already showed you is possible based on recent buyout examples.

Why wait to buy it later, when shares are above $5, when you can buy right now for below $1.00?

I know I’m not waiting. 

I’ve been accumulating shares and have continued to buy them this year.

It’s currently the top gold recommendation I’m making to my small group of followers.

And I’d like to show why this company, as well as my unique style of investing, could be worth so much to you like it has been to others. 

To get you started immediately, I’ve compiled a full dossier on this ground-floor opportunity called…


“Drilling Into A 20-Bagger:
Exposing the Potential of America’s Next Biggest Gold Discovery”

Here’s a quick preview of what it includes:

The name and ticker symbol of the sub-$1.00 company with complete ownership of the mine.

Thorough company profile based on my boots-on-the-ground investigation, including intel you won’t find on CNBC or even in industry journals.

Exclusive, off-the-cuff footage of this visit to the mining site, including interviews with the executives and geologists.

The 10-million-ounce gold potential... and why nobody else sees it coming.

Plus upcoming catalysts, including the release of this mine’s real wealth potential, which I think will begin later this year

Best of all — I’ve decided to give this report to anyone who’s interested... totally free of charge.

Why would I do that?

Let’s head back to my office and I’ll show you…

Again, my name is Nick Hodge.

I’m the multi-millionaire founder and president of an investment research firm named Digest Publishing.

I publish my findings — and what I’m personally investing in — in a weekly newsletter called Hodge Family Office.

The goal of this research service is simple: Help ordinary investors make fast profits on the most explosive early-stage companies that you’ll NEVER read about through the mainstream press.

This is not a $99 newsletter run by some schlepp with no investing experience who will market anything his boss tells him to. 

This is my company and I write about the high risk high reward investments I’m making with my own capital. And the results speak for themselves.

Over the past few years alone, readers and I have seen stock runs like:

1,035% on EnCore Energy as it went from 20 cents to a high of $2.27 in 55 months.

1,665% with ImmunoPrecise, which went from $1.50 to a high of $26.48 in 48 months.

1,667% on Lithium X as it surged from 15 cents to over $2.50 in four months.

And 2,905% with K92 Mining, which went from 35 cents to a high of $10.52 in 62 months.

I've helped investors from all walks of life bank dozens of multi-baggers and hundreds of double-digit wins over the course of my career.

And it’s helped make many of my readers life-changing money.

One guy by the name of Adrian B. wrote to me about one of my recommendations, saying it was the greatest investment he ever made:

Hello Nick, I hope this email finds its way to you as I would personally like to thank you for putting me onto the greatest junior gold mining investment I have ever made. I now have a substantial shareholding with warrants in in a publically listed junior who is still under the radar. Thanks Nick! — Adrian B. 

Brent L. told me multiple recommendations were big winner for him:

Nick, I subscribed to your letter and have since enjoyed some remarkable gains in several of your discoveries. As a matter of fact I couldn't wait to renew. (Only a Damned' FOOL' would have done otherwise.) Please keep up this good work — Brent L.

And Garth G. made 9X his money on a single play:

As a loyal member of [Hodge Family Office], I wanted to thank you for your tremendous research and recommendations! I've much more than paid for my subscriptions! Per your recommendation, I had invested in Ely Gold Royalties and am currently sitting on a 900% gain [in less than two years]!!! THANK YOU!!! — Garth G.

I have dozens of stories like these. They are why I love to do what I do.

But that doesn’t mean my job is easy...

It takes a lot of hard work and boots-on-the-ground research to maintain the success I’ve experienced.

Whether it’s flying out to the Nevada desert to get a firsthand look at the lithium that will supply our electric future while enriching shareholders…

Or walking the conference floor with company executives at the most prestigious investment shows in the country...

Or, as I did in this case, trekking through Idaho to what could become one of the largest gold mines in the country...

There’s not a stone I won’t turn over if I think there’s money to be made on the other side.

As a result, I spend millions of dollars each year on research and growing my business.

I’ve taken private jets to Nevada gold mines… chartered helicopters over Canadian oil plays… rubbed elbows with prime ministers and cabinet members. 

All in the name of securing the full stories behind the biggest wealth-creating opportunities in the world.

But of all the stories I’ve broken in my career...

Of all the gains I’ve helped my readers make...

I don’t think ANYTHING compares to the opportunity that’s unfolding in the gold market right now.

Flat out: It’s the best opportunity you could ever have to make life-changing gains in the next few years.

The kind that could allow you to retire early with more money than you know what to do with.

But it’s CRUCIAL that you position yourself right now, before this mine’s real wealth becomes public knowledge…

Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my investing career… it’s that you’ve got to get in early and invest enough to make a real difference to your way of life.


Welcome to the Hodge Family Office

That’s why I created Hodge Family Office — so investors could follow exactly what I was doing with my speculative capital. 

Sure, I buy blue chip stocks and sector ETFs for my retirement account. And I’ve had great success there, too, chronicling my moves in a letter called Nick Hodge’s Foundational Profits

But for the really big wins in shorter time frames, there’s nothing like the high risk high reward plays like the gold company I outlined for you today. 

I’ve literally made millions for myself and my readers with these types of plays. And they truly do have to be seen to be believed, which is why I want to get this latest opportunity in your hands today. 

Hodge Family Office is your window to how high net worth individuals grow their wealth with early-stage opportunities. 

Here’s how it works:

Every Thursday — for the past 14 years! — I send out a letter to a small group of investors. 

Each issue covers speculations I’m currently making with my own money. 

When I’m going to make a new purchase, I tell you first. When I’m going to make a sale, I also tell you first. 

Sometimes I even fund these companies privately. And you’ll have the opportunity to do that alongside me as well. 

ALL of the legwork is done for you. Your only job is to decide which investments are right for you and then execute the purchases and sales that I outline.

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The next one can be yours. 

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So how can you get your free copy of my brand-new research report, “Drilling Into A 20-Bagger: Exposing the Potential of America’s Next Biggest Gold Discovery” today?

It couldn’t be easier.

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How much does all this cost?

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But I’m not going to stop there...

When you become a member today, you’ll also get access to two other speculations I’m making right now. 


Bonus Speculation #1: Lithium’s Little Giant

I’ll show you a tiny company that owns what I think will be the next major North American lithium mine. I expect it to be fully permitted soon ahead of being taken out for a substantial premium. 

An independent study has shown the project is worth $1.9 billion right now. That’s seven times higher than the company that owns it is currently being valued in the market.

I expect shares will be re-rated to the upside when the permit comes. It already has federal approval and is just waiting for local approval, which is a formality that should happen this year. 

And timing couldn’t be better with lithium prices rapidly advancing as the world races to go electric. Lithium carbonate prices are up some 500% in the past year!

You’ll have to act fast if you want in on this one. I expect the lowest prices to be had this summer before the mine is approved and built. This is my largest lithium position and I intend to buy more shares.


Bonus Speculation #2: A Tier-One PGM-Gold Opportunity

Its last round of funding was done at a $30 million valuation, while comparable assets currently command market caps north of $1 billion. 

The project was previously owned by a multi-billion-dollar international mining company that drilled it out and established a resource that totals 5.7 million ounces of palladium-platinum-gold and 344 million pounds of nickel. 

Serious speculators will know that a “tier one” project is “company making” mine. They are very large, low cost, and long-lived projects that produce hundreds of thousands of ounces of precious metals per year. 

They are extremely rare to come across. And you’ll have all the info you need on this one ahead of its public listing. 

Its management has serious pedigree. In its Chairman’s last deal, he bought a copper mine for $100,000 and sold it ten years later for ~$400 million, with the stock seeing a 100X increase in market cap after IPO. 

I expect similar performance from this new company. 

And both of these opportunities are in addition to the thousands of percent I expect to make with the gold mine opportunity I showed you today. 

I hope you’ll join me and the others who call Hodge Family Office the highest quality single-stock research they’ve ever seen. 

Especially because you can do so with a 100% money-back guarantee for two months. 

Remember, I’ve done all the legwork for you.

I’ve traveled the globe, built an immense contact list of industry insiders, and put my boots on the ground to deliver these opportunities to you first-hand.

Similar gold and metals discoveries have returned as much as 200,000% gains for early investors.

That’s good enough to turn $1,000 into $2 million.

Could history repeat itself? And for YOU?

Yes, but only if you act immediately.

You’ve seen the project and the drills turning for myself. And once the results start coming out… this mine’s secret will be unearthed and everyone will know about it. 

I can’t say how long this opportunity will last. 

That could be in a matter of weeks…

So I urge you not to miss your opportunity to take part in this historic gold discovery.

Click on the button below to get started with Hodge Family Office today. 

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Remember: You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

I look forward to the wealth we'll make together.


Call it like you see it,

Nick Hodge
Founder, Hodge Family Office