The Lithium Boom Story You’re NOT Being Told

Why one simple move could turn $500 into $10,000… regardless of what’s happening in the markets.

I’ve already shown a small group of my readers 1,639% gains on the lithium boom — and we’re just getting started...

Fellow Investor,

Goldman Sachs calls it “the new gasoline.”

The Economist has repeatedly dubbed it “the world’s hottest commodity.”

And Bloomberg goes so far as to say: “get ready for life without oil.

An unusual form of fuel is promising to transform the world’s energy markets.

It already powers so much of our everyday lives…

…everything from smartphones, laptops, and tablets...

To cars, power tools, and even houses.

And now we’re seeing fanatical interest in this material, especially from a few billionaires you may have heard of…

  • Elon Musk… 
  • Jeff Bezos… 
  • Bill Gates... 
  • Michael Bloomberg…
  • And Warren Buffett…

Plus dozens more — these are just the first five on the list!

In short, this new fuel is promising to power the future, meeting no less than 70% of all of tomorrow’s energy needs.

The answer, of course, is LITHIUM — aka, the White Petroleum! 

And it’s no secret that demand for this critical metal is hitting record highs…

So high that it’s outpaced the growth of any other metal.

It’s all over the news.

But as I’ll explain in a moment, we’re only at the very beginning of this boom.

I’ll also explain why there’s one — and ONLY one — play to capture the biggest gains from the coming boom in the American lithium industry…

And why this $2 lithium stock could deliver triple-digit gains just a short time from now, regardless of what else is happening in the markets, and even if other stocks and market sectors are falling.

In fact, my readers and I have recently taken home outstanding gains, one after another.

We made 346% on a medium-sized lithium miner with seven active projects (I can’t reveal its name here — because my premium members still own shares).

And I just made 582% in just 12 months on a firm with vast reserves in Canada.

And I recently made 707% on a company named Millennial Lithium. 

And all of this is on top of the life-changing 1,639% gains I made during the first lithium boom.

In late 2015, I bought shares of a firm called Lithium X back when they were just fifteen cents each. 

Just four months later, the investors who follow my work and I were able to sell our shares for $2.61 each…

That’s enough to turn every $5,000 we invested into $81,950.

Investors who put in a little more were sitting on returns of more than $100,000. 

All from this one single stock!

Now, as I’ll explain in detail, I have some big news for you today…

We could easily see similar results again.


Elon Musk’s Shocking Lithium Announcement

Lithium was overlooked and even unknown up until just seven years ago.

But that’s all changed.

Elon Musk’s Gigafactories and the new Tesla rollouts have put this sector on every investor’s radar.

Keep in mind, lithium already powers everything from smartphones to laptops. And supplies are already tight.

The spike in EV manufacturing is having a tremendous impact on lithium.

And this vertical climb has only just started.

According to the consulting giant McKinsey, we’re still in the earliest days of shocking levels of growth…

It’s not difficult to figure out why electric vehicles are driving the demand.

Tesla delivered nearly a million EVs in 2021.

And they’re on track to blow right by that in 2022.

That’s an incredible statistic, especially considering they produced only a fraction of that just a few years ago.

But now get this…

That’s only a tiny fraction of what could be ahead.

According to his own announcements, Elon Musk will be building 20 million Teslas a year by 2030.

And to meet that goal, he says he will need the world’s entire lithium supply... and then some.

And he’ll need it year after year.

According to current industry numbers, his plans require 143% of the world’s current production.

The world’s mines obviously have a ways to go before they can increase production to those levels.

He’s also putting Tesla’s money where his mouth is.

The cost for all this material is now up over a whopping $100 billion.

That’s astounding.

Keep in mind:

There were 1.4 billion smartphones sold last year.

277 million laptops.

And 168 million tablets.

And lithium powers them all.

But just one year of the new Tesla production lineup will require ALL of that lithium — and more. 

That’s why we’re seeing Musk suddenly scrambling to dominate the lithium market.

Without it, his worldwide network of billion-dollar Gigafactories would have to shutter their doors.

Thousands of workers would have no batteries to put in the cars coming through the production line.

New Tesla models would flop.

And his investments would go up in smoke.

Now, he’s obviously not going to let that happen…

Which is why Tesla has expanded its reach into the raw materials business.

It’s buying up all of the lithium it can from every corner of the globe.

It just renewed contracts from Piedmont Lithium, Liontown Resources, Ganfeng Lithium, and Core Lithium.

Livent Corp and mining supergiant Albemarle also supply Tesla…

Though these companies have been trying to strong-arm their way to more money.

According to Reuters, they’re trying to make supply increases dependent on Tesla signing expensive long-term contracts.

Elon Musk was upset...

He’s made it quite clear that he isn’t interested in giving in to their demands.

As you may have seen on the news, he took his case straight to Twitter…

It’s not an empty threat.

As I’ll explain in just a few minutes, Musk has already been at work behind the scenes to start mining his own lithium.

It’s not a minute too soon...

  • Tesla has already had to raise its vehicle prices twice this year to account for the 500%+ cost increase of batteries.
  • And they’ve had to adjust production schedules
  • New supply limits have been put in place

In short, Tesla is in a serious bind — and that’s why Musk is on a mission to get the lithium he needs before this situation spins further out of control.

This is where we come in as investors.

Any move he makes is going to have an instant impact on lithium prices...

And the $2 lithium miner I’m following is at the center of it all.

It could easily soar to $10 per share (or higher) the moment his plans are announced.

But let me warn you: not just any old lithium stock will benefit.

This tense lithium showdown will have winners and losers.

Slow and outdated lithium suppliers will find themselves on the sidelines — effectively cut out of the EV supply chain.

While other stocks will see the biggest gains in the history of lithium mining.

But the best news of all for us as investors? 

This is a big story — and we’re not dependent on just Musk for a windfall payday.

Even if Tesla’s new supply chain falls through (which doesn’t seem likely)… the lithium market will continue to take off anyway.

Because Musk isn’t alone.

And perhaps even more surprising… he’s not even the largest buyer of lithium anymore!


Buffett Makes His Countermove

Warren Buffett has quietly become one of the most powerful movers in the lithium world.

He hasn’t received the same number of headlines as Musk…

But he’s been every bit as active.

He’s been building a massive supply chain through his China-based super manufacturer BYD. 

And his strategy is working: BYD just surpassed Tesla in the number of EVs sold in China… as well as other key markets.

His ability to source his own lithium has put him ahead.

And he’s expanding as fast as he can.

In March of 2022, BYD put an eye-popping $449 million into buying its own lithium mining company.

Now they’re buying other mines as well with enough lithium reserves to build millions of new vehicles.

Bloomberg points out that BYD is preparing for the long haul: 

“BYD’s reported shopping spree… indicates the carmaker expects ‘a prolonged lithium shortage.’”

And they’re far from done buying up mines.

Buffett is raising capital for another round of expansion…

Over the past few months he’s raised almost $1.8 billion to ramp up production even further.

Buffett is trying to corner the EV lithium market.

But he’s got his work cut out for him… 

While it may seem sudden, the reasons behind the explosion of the EV market aren’t a mystery:

  • EVs are truly more efficient machines than their gas counterparts. According to the Department of Energy, they can even be as high as 500% more efficient, depending on the vehicle
  • Car companies are desperate to increase sales, and EVs have now proven their value. You’ve no doubt seen all the ads on TV from Volkswagen, Hyundai, Audi, and many others (major events like the Super Bowl have essentially been long car commercials)
  • But even for those who are hesitant, spikes in the price of gas are pushing consumers off the fence and into the driver’s seat of a new EV

Taken altogether, it’s setting off a chain reaction of demand. 

And that was before the announcement of new legislation that will soon require the shift to EVs.


The Laws of the Land Now Guarantee An Electric Future

As you’ve likely seen in the news recently, California passed new vehicle requirements that will ban all sales of new gas-powered vehicles by 2035.

They’ve also set a target to be 35% electric by 2026.

America’s biggest state (home to over 14 million vehicles) is making the move to electric a mandatory requirement.

And California is just the first state.

14 more states are proposing similar requirements, including Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey.

The US Department of Energy has even organized a task force to help these states make the switch, and has sweetened the pot with incentives for states and consumers alike.

And even for states who haven’t joined yet, we’re still going to see a major shift in buying patterns that is going to spill over to every state in the country.

All the big car companies have gotten the hint that this is where the market is going — and besides, according to most estimates, EVs are also more profitable anyway.

That’s why Tesla, Ford, GM, VW, Mercedes... why every major car manufacturer... is trying to source lithium, all at once.

As Bloomberg recently put it: 

“Lithium, the wonder metal at the heart of the global shift to electric cars, is in a full-blown crisis.”

And make no mistake, we’re in the earliest days of the lithium boom…


Why It Has to Be Lithium — And Why it Has to Be NOW

Let me be clear: lithium doesn’t mean a new EV technology… or a new alternative battery technology… it means lithium.

There is no new battery savior.

You may occasionally see splashy headlines that tease a “new” battery metal that’ll make lithium obsolete.

Don’t believe it.

While innovation will certainly continue — as it always does — there is nothing, and I mean nothing that will take lithium’s place for the next decade…

Possibly longer.

It’s taken since 2010 to build the supply chain we already have… more than 12 years!

And it’s taken billions of dollars, millions of man-hours, and thousands of mining permits to do it.

For an industry that’s now manufacturing six million cars a year (and is hoping to scale to 5 times that by 2025) there’s simply no changing course now.

There’s also no way to recycle lithium at a scale that’ll have any meaningful impact on the supply chain.

I, for one, welcome the new lithium recycling technology.

And I’ve covered its advances in my publications.

But its role in EV production will be small at best — most lithium will still need to come from new sources in the ground.

That makes miners the new green heroes.

Silicon Valley can’t engineer its way out of this problem. 

They’re going to have to mine their way out of it.

Now it’s just a matter of where…

(And that’s where my $2 firm comes in).

But let me drive this story home with one more essential detail…

And that’s the amount of industry buy-in for this stock.

You see, while I take the impact of famous billionaires like Musk and Buffett seriously (I hardly have a choice!), I don’t go chasing flashy headlines.

I’m not here for amateur hour.

I’m only willing to put my hard-earned money on the line when I know it’s backed by the right insiders within the industry.

The true movers and shakers who’ve spent decades in mining and know what they’re doing.

Anything less isn’t worth your time…


The Hunt Is On

As Wired magazine quipped: 

“Lithium is an element that is at once everywhere and nowhere.”

It can be found on every major continent in abundance.

But economic sources are surprisingly sparse.

The subtitle says it all: 

“A mining company consultant with decades of experience doubts the industry will be able to support all the electric car production planned.”

Doubts, indeed.

As I’m about to show you, that’s an extreme understatement.

Way back in 2010, the price of lithium was just $5,000 per tonne.

Then, during the first lithium boom, the price spiked to $15,000 by mid-2017.

Even in 2020, the market seemed under control at around $10,000.

But just look at it today…

Thanks to the spike in EV sales, the price is above $70,000 per tonne!

And as you just heard, we’re only getting warmed up for what’s ahead. 

EV sales are growing at such a breakneck pace that lithium prices could even double from there!

It’s happening faster than most people think...

I’ve recently returned from a long, dusty trip to America’s past and future lithium fields, and I can confirm that we’ve come a long way.

It wasn’t that long ago when many North American lithium projects were being outbid by foreign competition and shuttered before the drills could even break ground.

That’s no longer the case — not by a long shot.

Today, we’re in a “Made in America” resurgence that’s making all the difference.

All of North America is making a major comeback, and this $2 firm is already ahead of the game with drills turning on some of the richest lithium ground we’ve ever seen.

And unlike so many newcomers in the space, this is about so much more than drills... 

This firm has a full-fledged, federally-approved project that’s ready to be built.

It’s what we’ve been waiting for.

I didn’t come across it by accident...

But by decades of hard work.

After literally writing the book on energy investing: when I was 24, I was fortunate enough to co-author my first book on investing, which was titled Investing in Renewable Energy: Making Money on Green Chip Stocks. 

By 30 I was invited to publish my second book, Energy Investing For Dummies.

I’ve consistently made money on the rise of electric vehicles.

This includes early calls on the biggest names in the space...

Like BYD, which I recommended in the fall of 2008 when it was first listed as a public stock.

My readers and I had the opportunity to get shares just days before Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway bought into the company.

It’s climbed over 2,000% since then.

And I recommended Tesla in early 2013, back when it was still priced at $7 a share.

As I’m sure you know all too well, those shares have soared as high as 16,000% more in price since then.

These are of course giant long-term gains — I was invested more than a decade before everyone else, long before it was popular.

But it’s been my investments on the resource side of electric vehicles that’ve been especially compelling.

They’ve made giant gains in a fraction of the time.

As I told you at the beginning, my investment in the lithium miner Lithium X in 2014, during the first lithium boom, made me 1,639% in just four months.

That’s how powerful big moves in the resource space can be.

Months instead of decades.

And today?

While I’ve been honored to help thousands of investors across the country learn how to invest in energy for the first time, I haven’t had the time to publish another mass-market book.

All of my valuable research is reserved for the investors who subscribe to my newsletter Foundational Profits.

This loyal group of readers are already staking their claims as you read this — it won’t be too long now.

A photo of Clay County, just over the hill from Musk’s Gigafactory in Nevada. My visit there wasn’t a coincidence — I’ve kept a close eye on what’s happening to these essential lithium fields.

Believe me, this play could mean the difference between missing out or getting in on life-changing gains. 

The kind that can pay off your house…

Top off your retirement…

And deliver the financial independence you’ve been waiting for.

Let me show you why this $2 lithium firm is riding this historic wave and is so close to pulling in record-breaking gains on lithium...



Catalyst #1: 
Detroit and Silicon Valley Are Building Out Their Own Supply Chains — Making Their Own Batteries… And Even Sourcing Their Own Lithium

America’s tech titans are frustrated…

They can’t seem to find enough batteries to buy.

Which is why many companies, including newcomers to the EV market, like Ford and Jeep, have decided to build their own batteries.

Jeep has partnered with Samsung to build batteries in Indiana.

And Apple iPhone manufacturer Foxconn — one of the most technically-capable companies in the world — has decided to start building EV batteries as well.

But as they’re discovering to further disappointment…

There isn’t enough lithium to go around!

After billions of dollars in new investments, they’re still falling short of meeting the demand.

The demand for lithium batteries is so great that it’s impossible to keep up.

And more cars are on the way. 

Ford’s CEO Jim Farley is ramping up their production line so that Ford can build 2 million EVs a year by 2026.

And he’s set a goal of having 50% of Ford’s vehicle sales be electric by 2030.

This includes their new all-electric full-size truck, the F-150 Lightning, which has a battery so powerful that it can travel 320 miles on a single charge.

In fact, the battery has so much juice that it can even power an entire single-family house for three days.

(So if the power goes out in your home during a snowstorm, no problem, just plug in your truck and run the house off of the massive lithium battery.)

In July of 2022, Ford also announced that they’re going to manufacture their own batteries, and that they’re going to source as much lithium from the US as possible.

And Ford isn’t alone.

General Motors is doing the same thing.

According to Bloomberg, they’re overhauling their entire North American supply chain, and putting lithium at the very top of the priority list.

They spent $10.8 billion in a single week to buy battery materials. 

And according to their own press statements, they plan on spending $50 billion more over the next four years to buy lithium and other metals.

That’s quite the shopping spree!

But what choice do they have?

The alternative is letting their entire production grind to a halt, right as it's getting started.

Every major manufacturer is racing to keep up.

VW announced in August that they’re going to put $20.3 billion into building their own batteries.

And Mercedes has just broken ground on a new billion-dollar battery production plant in Bibb County, Alabama, which will soon provide batteries for their North American vehicles.

In short, all the big players are throwing everything they’ve got at securing the materials they need to keep their EV cash cows well fed.

All these billions of dollars are turning lithium into the hottest commodity in the resource market — with no signs of slowing down.

American lithium is making a dramatic comeback.

And for good reason, which brings us to…



Catalyst #2: 
The Billion-Dollar Bipartisan Spending Bonanza — And the Untold SECRET of Why It’ll Ignite This Small Company

The conflict with Russia has created a lot of sudden changes to America’s energy policy.

Decades of cheap commodity prices overseas have lulled the country into complacency…

Even though the US has plenty of lithium in the ground (its reserves are actually the 4th largest in the world), most of that goes unmined.

At present, the US accounts for only 2% of global production.

And now America is waking up to the harsh consequences of importing all of its essential materials.

If there’s any lesson that geopolitics has taught the world this last year, it’s this: “own your own supply chain.”

Previously, it was said that a connected globe is a prosperous one.

But when those connections are manipulated by countries like Russia and China… that prosperity quickly becomes a liability.

Now that lithium has become a critical element for all current and future technology, America no longer has the luxury of relying on supplies from foreign foes that only have their own best interests at-hand.

Today, we’re fighting a new war — one for the essential materials that make our lives possible.

Now that EVs are gaining momentum, America is increasingly vulnerable to whoever controls the supply chain. 

Lithium is now at the top of America’s priority list.

President Biden has invoked the Defense Production Act, a Cold War-era provision that prioritizes American resources.

And President Biden is putting up billions to ensure lithium mining is brought back to American shores…

“We can't build a future made in America if we ourselves are dependent on China for the materials that power the products of today and tomorrow…"

Part of that package is the $750 million the Defense Department will now have at its disposal to help bolster America’s strategic and critical material stockpile.

It authorizes the Pentagon to allocate funds for a range of mining-related activities, including feasibility studies to determine the economic viability of proposed mine sites.

But that’s not all.

The massive bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act has set aside the largest amount of money that’s ever been put into green vehicles.

More than $7 billion is going into batteries alone. 

And $3.16 billion of that is specifically earmarked for American lithium.

Off-shoring is a thing of the past — we’re now in the age of “on-shoring,” where America reclaims its mining industry.

There’s never been more momentum than right now.

And it’s getting a big boost from Congress’ new $790 billion Inflation Reduction Act.

Electric cars are the biggest winners from the bill, which includes specific, earmarked $30 billion in funds for lithium and America’s lithium mines.

Unlike the other legislation I just mentioned, this bill is designed to have an immediate impact on the focus of the EV industry.

The bill is uncompromising when it comes to supporting the All-American supply chain.

As Senator Joe Manchin, an author of the bill, put it:

“Tell [automakers] to get aggressive and make sure that we’re extracting in North America, we’re processing in North America and we put a line on China... I don’t believe that we should be building a transportation mode on the backs of foreign supply chains. I’m not going to do it.”

US Lithium is about to get a big lift...

  • This bill encourages companies like Tesla and GM to double down on their American supply chain. They can come out ahead just by doing more of what they’re already doing
  • Toyota, Jeep, and other manufacturers will have to make big adjustments to their supply chains if they want access to this money and these credit incentives. They’ll have to pull out of China and other sources, and make the move to North American suppliers. Get ready for a bidding war!
  • This bill also makes it even more attractive for consumers to keep pushing on this trend, with $7,500 credits for new vehicles and $4,000 credits for used EVs

All told, it directly benefits this $2 lithium firm.

They’re the best-positioned in all of North America to take advantage of these benefits — and at least 1.5 years ahead of the nearest competitor.

I look forward to showing you why they’ll lead the lithium boom of 2022... and beyond.

Let me show you exactly why this company is leading the market shift that’ll make all the difference.



Catalyst #3: 
Major Buyouts Are Ahead — Why Elon Musk Has His Eyes on This $2 Lithium Company

The world’s lithium mines are controlled by just a few large companies.

This “lithium cartel” completely controls supply, and the only way to get more lithium is to go through them.

They have the power to decide who gets more lithium — and at what price.

Up to this point, Musk and Buffett haven’t had a choice but to go through this tightly-controlled monopoly.

For example, just a short time ago, mining giant Albemarle told Elon Musk he’d have to sign up for a long-term contract before they’d give him any more lithium.

And Livent Corp told him the same thing

Musk was furious...

As I mentioned earlier, Musk took to Twitter to plead his case.

And as I also said: it’s not just talk.

Musk has already shown the world what he’s capable of with nickel — another battery metal.

Tesla recently purchased 75,000 tons of raw nickel concentrate from a mine in Minnesota.

And instead of stopping there, he outdid himself and bought $5 billion more in Indonesia just a short time ago.

Just look at all those millions Teslas, and just think of the incredible volume of metals required to make them work.

Which is why Musk is in talks with other mining firms to buy even more.

It’s not entirely clear yet what his plan is for all of this nickel, since most of it is completely raw and unprocessed and can’t be used in a car until it’s smelted and refined.

(Tesla has only purchased one tiny nickel refinery so far — there’s no word yet on the rest of his refinery plans.)

But the point is: Tesla will soon be a farm-to-table (or should we say, mine-to-Model-3) outfit for nickel.

And nickel is seeing only a fraction of the demand we’re seeing for lithium!

Given the pressure from the recent shortages and the high prices, Tesla isn’t going to stop until this lithium crisis is solved.

Morningstar analyst Seth Goldstein put it this way:

"Should [Elon Musk and Tesla’s management] be serious about entering the lithium space, we think the most likely route would be an acquisition of an existing lithium company.” —Morningstar Analyst Seth Goldstein

But the point is clear: Elon Musk is dead serious.

He truly plans on getting the materials he needs even if that means getting directly into the mining business.

Hard hats, giant drills, and sweating it out in the desert.

He’s already proven that he’s willing to get the job done regardless of what anyone else thinks.

And his motivations are bigger than just patching a hole in the supply chain...

During a recent earnings call, he told all of Tesla’s investors that lithium was so essential that it’s unstoppable. 

And then he said, and I quote:

“You can’t lose, it’s a license to print money.”

Buyouts are on the horizon — and right now, Musk is scouring the world of lithium players for the best producers.

The kind that could get him a better priced deal outside the control of the “lithium cartel.”

And my $2 lithium stock is certain to be near the top of his list of potential targets.

It’s not hard to see why:

  • This company has one of the largest lithium land packages in North America
  • 8 projects in development with confirmed reserves from recent feasibility studies, including a construction-ready project with more than $1.9 billion of lithium hiding just below the ground
  • And most important of all, news that’s hot off the presses: confirmed testing results for battery-grade lithium from an independent lab — assuring their place as the most viable producer in all of North America

But here’s the thing...

The “lithium cartel” isn’t going to just let a newcomer like Musk elbow his way in.

Albemarle and Livent have also been buying up whatever they can to hold onto the supply.

In short, we’re about to see a bidding war.

And this $2 firm is ready.

This company’s president has been watching and waiting for this exact moment...

Of all the industry experts in my network of financial contacts, he’s one of the insiders I trust most.

Now that the lithium boom is well underway, he’s one of the few with the experience and credentials to meet this surge in demand...


This Stock is Backed by the “Kingmaker” of Lithium — Who’s Already Made Me 582%!

The biggest backer of this $2 firm is the president of the company.

He’s a giant in the junior mining world, and every project he’s taken on has succeeded. 

He was the CEO of a small lithium mining company during the crucial years leading up to the first lithium boom.

Except that his company didn’t stay small. 

Under his leadership, they strategically added projects that made the most of the early rise of EVs.

Including this project that you see here.

He eventually helped investors sell the company to Albemarle, one of the largest mining companies in the world.

The price tag? $6.2 billion!

This lithium executive is in every way a “kingmaker.”

He uses his industry expertise to find projects that are shining knights worthy of his time…

And he works his industry connections to ensure they’re crowned king of their fiefdoms.

Of all the mining executives in the world, he’s the one to follow.

And timing couldn’t be better.

He knows exactly how to shop around his lithium and get the best deal... whether that’s from Ford, GM, or Tesla.

He has an unparalleled track record of starting and selling companies just like this and making early investors rich in the process.

How do I know?

Because his projects have already made me money.

At the beginning of 2020, the investors who follow my work and I bought into one of his projects for $0.29.

It was truly a sweetheart deal, custom-written for us — the kind you can only find if you have the right connections inside the industry.

These connections make all the difference when it comes to making money on mining stocks.

By the end of 2021, our shares had risen nearly seven times over, to $1.98 per share.

That’s a total return of 582%!

Again, this was just a few months ago — investors who sold their shares are still deciding what to spend their money on.

Just like an investor named Roger H., from Austin, Texas.

He made enough from my recommendation to be able to afford a new boat or car, and then wrote to tell me about it.

“Today I made over $42,000... this, to me, is a game changer. Incredible!!!”
— Roger H. Austin, Texas

He’s just one of the many investors who’ve benefited from this and other recommendations.

And the “Kingmaker?”

He’s not resting on his laurels.

He’s president of this $2 lithium stock, and he’s using his experience to capitalize on the resurgence of American lithium.

There’s a lot more money to be made — and any investor who joins us stands to make a fortune.

I’ve spoken with the “Kingmaker” directly.

And I’ve interviewed him extensively about this opportunity.

You’ll be able to hear his answers for yourself.

(Some of his answers will likely surprise you. He’s truly one of the few experts in the world with the experience to go toe-to-toe with heavyweights like Elon Musk and Warren Buffett.)

I’ve put the full interview, plus name, ticker symbol, and all the essential financial details into a special report that I’d like to rush to you today.

Not only does it give you my full market overview, but it also gives you something you can’t find anywhere else…

My insider-level access.


The Inside Story Makes All the Difference

As I said earlier, I’m not some armchair analyst.

I know where to look because I’ve put in the time, effort, and hard work into studying the mining industry from the ground up.

I go out to the mines... the deposits... the operations...

I meet with the management, which is a crucial (yet overlooked) step to evaluating any resource company…

I go behind the scenes so I can pull back the curtain on the quarterly earnings reports and see what’s really going on.

And, after pulling it off dozens of times, I can honestly say that this is the step that makes all the difference.

Let me walk you through an example.

Back in 2016, during the first lithium boom, I recommended shares of a junior miner named Millennial Lithium for $0.65 each. 

These shares started to climb as demand increased… all the way to $4.80 by 2018. 

That’s a 638% return! 

But we still weren’t done making money on this stock.

A buyout war began during 2021, pushing shares up even higher, all the way up to $5.25.

The investors who followed me had the chance to cash out for a max profit of 707% — all thanks to the extra push from the buyout.

But this is just the beginning of what’s possible.

Earlier, I explained how I made a life-changing 1,639% gain on a single lithium mining stock.

That too benefited from a buyout…

We bought in at just fifteen cents and started to see great returns almost right away on the spike in demand.

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Warren Buffett is in the same predicament. 

When was the last time billionaires of this caliber let their plans fail?

And now that it’s a matter of US national security, they’ll get all the help they need from the US government, regardless of what party is in charge.

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Bonus Report #1 — “The Rise of Rare Earths: The Other Essential Metal in the $25 Billion EV Revolution”

The same catalysts affecting lithium are also creating a spike in demand for other metals as well.

Near the top of this list are rare earth metals.

Rare earth elements are essential for permanent magnets that are vital for wind turbines and EV motors. 

It’s these magnets inside the motor that makes an electric vehicle drive. And it’s the magnet inside the turbine that turns wind into electricity. 

So the shift to a clean energy system is set to drive a huge increase in the requirements for these minerals.

As recently as ten years ago, the energy sector represented a small part of total demand for most minerals.

But now, clean energy and electric vehicles are the fastest-growing segment of demand for rare earths.

In fact, the International Energy Agency forecasts that over 40% of rare earth demand by 2040 will come from the energy sector. And by that time demand for them will be seven times higher than it is today. 

That’s a problem. 

For starters, over 70% of rare earth production is controlled by three countries — none of which are the United States. 

Worse, 90% of rare earth processing is monopolized by China. 

The United States had been leading the production of rare earth elements until the mid-1990s, when China started to emerge as a major producer. 

In 2010, China’s share of global production peaked at 95% — kicking off a major price run for the metals that saw related companies deliver life-changing returns for investors with the foresight to see it coming. 

We saw companies like Lynas Corp. climb from 77 cents to $26.62 in less than two years. That’s a return of 3,350%. 

Others, like Quest Rare Minerals and Molycorp, ran up even more. 

We’re approaching another situation like that as China has once again monopolized these rare minerals. 

The difference this time is that demand is even higher. It’s not just iPhones and laptops. It’s wind turbines and electric motors needed for the world’s mandated transition to an all-electric future. 

But like the last rare earth boom, there are only a handful of ways to profit. 

Fewer than a dozen companies have viable deposits.  

The company you’ll read about in this report is at the very top of that list. 

It is reviving the once-largest rare earth mine in the United States and already has 300 Americans working on extracting these critical minerals — enough to single handedly produce 15% of the global supply of rare earth concentrate.

And it’s profitable doing so. 

Now, it’s moving into the production of rare earth magnets, which will significantly ramp up its cash flow. 

It began trading in 2020 just below $10, and quickly ran to over $50. 

But it’s now trading at just half that price amid a wider market pullback. I don’t think this buying window will last long.

And I expect this company, which controls the only large rare earth mining and processing site in North America, to deliver many multiples to investors over the coming years. 

You’ll get all the details in this brand new report: “The Rise of Rare Earths: The Other Essential Metal in the $25 Billion EV Revolution”

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Bonus Report #2 — “The Mission for the Million Dollar Transmission: The Company Creating Next Generation of Electric Buses and Truck”

The mainstream media is abuzz with headlines about new EV technologies.

You’ll read about EV engines... EV batteries... self-driving EVs...

But one EV component few people are talking about is EV transmissions.

You see, EV transmissions work very differently than gas vehicles.

You don’t need multiple speeds or different gear ratios, since EV engines deliver one continuous amount of torque across all speeds.

And as you might expect, the rapid development in battery and engine tech is having a huge effect on what’s required from that single-speed EV transmission.

I’ve found a small company that’s already secured its place as an essential supplier.

But better still, they’re building a next-generation drive system that’ll be especially important to electric trucks and buses.

And then there’s another bonus to this company: they also offer a fat dividend, which they’ve consistently paid out for years.

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