The Blueprint
I Used To Become A


And How You Could Use It To Add An Extra $245,000 To Your Investment Portfolio, Retiring Years Ahead Of Schedule!


Hey… Nick Hodge here with Digest Publishing, coming to you from my home in the foothills of the northern Rocky Mountains. 

And in today’s presentation, I want to share an investing secret that you won’t hear from anyone else. 

It’s the secret I personally used to become a self-made millionaire by age 35, and to become a multi-millionaire by the age of 40. 

I did it starting out in the global financial crisis of 2008. That’s when I bought my first home and began seriously investing in stocks.

So with all the craziness going on in the economy and financial markets right now… 

And with so many people questioning what to do with their money… how to protect against high inflation… and how to safely generate the greatest return on their investments in shaky markets…

I think you’ll find this video extremely timely.

So whether you're in “Gen Z” and just getting started… a “Millennial” like me who’s still building their wealth… 

Or even if you're an older “Gen-Xer” who already has some savings and investments but wants to safely grow them both even faster… 

Then you could use this secret to potentially add an extra $245,000 or more to your retirement account — retiring years ahead of schedule like I’m going to do.

And even if you don’t want to “officially” retire…

You can take what I’m about to share with you today to achieve complete financial independence… even amid turbulent stock markets. 

So you can enjoy your favorite hobbies, and do the kind of work that’s actually meaningful to you. 

Because if there’s one thing that everybody has discovered since the “COVID crisis”… 

It’s that unless your work is actually meaningful to you… 

…Then every single day can drag on where you’re doing nothing but watching the clock and hating life.

Now, as for you “Baby Boomers” — don’t feel like you’re not invited to this profit party… I’m not leaving you out of this! 

Because you can also use what I’ve discovered to protect and continue to grow your nest egg during these uncertain times… so you never have to worry about running out of money in retirement. 

I know firsthand that it’s possible, because I’ve used my discovery to help my parents get ready to enjoy their Golden Years as they approach retirement. So you can definitely do it too!

And that’s not all that I’ll be covering…

In addition to this investing secret, I’m going to give you my entire blueprint for managing and growing your own money. 

It doesn't involve trading. Or options. Or shorting. Or anything crazy with leverage or margin. 

Over the next few minutes, I’ll show you:

  1. How to completely buck the traditional go-nowhere plan offered by most financial advisors (including 3-simple steps to get started) so you can leave their underperformance and high fees behind forever.
  2. Why Wall Street’s approach to managing your money is all wrong and getting worse.

We’ll also get into why the current times feel so turbulent, including how money and wealth are being completely transformed. This goes way beyond Bitcoin, other crypto currencies, and NFTs…

Plus I’ll cover…

  1. How I’ve made “tenbagger” returns and more several times on my own money, allowing me to quit my job at a traditional financial newsletter marketing firm to deliver the non-traditional strategies I’ve used directly to you without all the unfounded claims and fluff. I’m going to show you how I’ve been able to make millions of dollars in the market starting right out of college with literally no assets.
  2. A non-traditional real estate investment that generates high double-digit annual returns… along with up to 6% annual dividends… and you never have to deal with mortgage paperwork, fixer uppers, late night broken toilets, or renters’ excuses for late payments!
  3. The “Portfolio Protection” plan I use that takes the stress and worry — and many of the costs — out of managing your own investments. 

Now, before I get to any of that… 

I realize that there are some people watching today who haven’t heard of me before… haven’t seen any of my work… or haven’t yet profited from my investment research…

So let me give you a quick 1-minute summary…

And you’ll see why some of the people who’ve followed me and implemented my investment recommendations have been able to make fortunes for themselves and their families like I have.


If You’d Like To BECOME A Millionaire Investor… Then It Pays To THINK Like A Millionaire Investor!

If you saw me walking down the street, I’d probably come across as an ordinary looking 40-year-old. 

I don’t dress flashy or drive a neon green Lamborghini for attention. You can find me in a truck, side by side, or tractor. 

I wasn’t born with a ‘silver spoon’ in my mouth. 

I wasn’t the beneficiary of a trust fund… or any funds for that matter. 

I’m not some genius… didn’t go to an Ivy League school… never worked on Wall Street. 

Yet despite not having any financial advantage… I’ve been able to make a FORTUNE for me and my family… and help countless others do the same. 

Over the past 15 years, I’ve built financial publishing brands that now serve hundreds of thousands of investors all over the world. 

I’ve also written and edited several books about investing in the energy sector…

And I’m often invited to speak publicly and privately about my newest research at some of the most popular financial expos and at invite-only events all over the US each year… 

I’ve also funded numerous early-stage lucrative companies… making myself and my readers millions of dollars along the way.

Like David R., who’s taken how I invest my family’s wealth and applied it to his: 

Nick, Your friendly Air Force budget analyst here (and now RETIRED!). :)  I've made a lot of money based on your recommendations as a lifetime member.   Thanks for what you've done for my family and I. Aside from just "receiving fish", I'm learning how to fish… and you've had a lot to do with that. —David R.

And while the amount of money I’ve made for myself and my readers in the past has been great… 

It’s nothing compared to what you and I have the opportunity to accomplish financially in the coming years. 

You’ve probably figured out by now that the traditional retirement path isn't a good path to be on.

You know that a 60/40 portfolio like your parents had doesn't work anymore in the zero-yield world of the Federal Reserve’s “easy money”. 

You know that the world is changing… that the country is changing. You know that the government doesn't serve you, isn't there for you, and doesn't work for you. 

You know that institutions are changing. You know that Wall Street is rigged. You know that Congress plays dirty and insider trades their way to riches while everyone else can’t get ahead.

Everyone knows all that. If you don’t, you’re way behind.

But knowing about it and complaining about it doesn’t help you get rich. 

What does help you get rich is identifying trends ahead of the herd, and investing a meaningful amount of capital in those trends. 

Because I’m managing my own money, I can move it to sectors that are going up while avoiding those that are going down. 

The financial advisor who told me that’s not possible no longer manages my retirement money. 

I know change is scary. 

We’ve been programmed since birth to think a nine-to-five and a 401(k) is the way to financial security. 

But where has that gotten us? 

We’re at a place where making $150,000 per year barely gets you out of the middle class. 

You're not to blame, of course. It’s a symptom of a failing system. Government policies since the Bush and Obama eras have led to stagnant wages, lower savings rates, and higher costs.

All while there’s plenty of money to fight forever wars and bail out banks. 

It’s no wonder the street corners are turning into tent cities and we’re seeing over 100,000 overdose deaths per year.  

And the media just roots for their respective side without giving the public a lick of actual truth.

Indeed, “the system” is crumbling. But you aren’t “the system”.

There’s a way out that I’m going to show you today.

There are ways to manipulate the system — to operate within the system — I've learned and identified that you can use to profit in spite of everything that’s going on.


The GREATER The Changes (and challenges)… The GREATER The Profit Opportunities!

Change means profit opportunities for those who are on the lookout for them. 

Look, an entire generation is dying and a new generation is coming of age. 

There's also a widening wealth gap that's the worst it's ever been. The 1% owns an ever widening percentage of the assets. 

There's a transfer of wealth going on that's pushing that wealth gap ever further. 

And if you don't get to the wealthy side now — like I’m going to show you how to do today — then you're going to get stuck on the other side of the divide for a long, long time. 

And that’s not a good place to be. 

One of the main pillars of my investment secret is how to cut out all the mainstream “noise”. 

Do NOT let what you hear in the mainstream media lead you astray. 

Yes, these definitely are uncertain times… and it’s tough for a lot of people… no doubt about it. 

But here’s the thing — it doesn’t have to be hard for you and me. 

In fact, I believe what the mainstream media spews out on television and on the Internet is deliberately intended to make you feel hopeless and confused about… 

Well… practically everything. They want you to believe you can’t rely on yourself… or think for yourself. 

And this ties in directly with the financial secret I want to share with you today. 

Which is that the FASTEST way to build wealth today is to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for building it. 

Let me say that again…

The FASTEST way to build wealth today is to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for building it. 

Now, on the surface — that might not sound like much of a secret.

To some people, it may sound like some “Ra-Ra” positive affirmation at one of those motivational seminars. 

But it’s not.

When you stop and really reflect on what that secret means… you realize:

  • NOBODY is going to earn an income for you, or help you increase your income…
  • NOBODY is going to save your money for you, or get you higher interest rates that match or beat the rate of inflation…
  • And NOBODY is going to invest your money for you — at least not without taking out their share of hefty fees and commissions that could cost you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars each and every year

Believe me, I tried saving some time once by having a financial advisor manage some of my money, thinking they would at least match the return of the S&P. 

They didn’t. 

In the experiment I ran last year, over one eight-month period the stock market went up 16% but my account only went up 8%. 

And now I know why my parents used to look at their TD statements and wonder why they were paying such high fees for the privilege of losing their hard-earned money.

I think it’s criminal. Especially when I’ve been able to beat the market year after year on my own.

I now personally manage the millions of dollars I’ve made… and have beaten the market six out of the past seven years. 

Not to mention, I have also multiplied the returns I’ve made using carefully-selected speculative trades, crypto investments, and private placements.

Working smarter instead of harder has paid off for me and thousands of investors who look over my shoulder as I do it. 

And it can pay off for you too!


You’ve Gotta Want To Do It For Yourself… But You DON’T Have To Do It By Yourself

Look, the fact of the matter is… nobody will ever care about managing your money or wealth as much as you do. 

And that’s truly the reason why the FASTEST way to build wealth today is to do it yourself. 

But that doesn’t mean you have to do it by yourself. 

And that’s where I come in…

You see, once I reflected on this financial secret… over and over again… until it finally became a part of me… it motivated me to:

Take COMPLETE CONTROL of my income. I quit my 6-figure job at a growing financial publishing company I helped grow from the ground up, and built my own thriving company where I set my hours and reap all the benefits…

SLASH my tax obligations to the bone by creating my own businesses, using tax-advantaged accounts and strategies, and moving to a state with no personal income tax.

FREE MYSELF from high-cost city living by moving my family out of the city on the east coast to our dream home in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, escaping the increased city violence and traffic, and enjoying the benefits of a smaller, tighter community in the countryside.

MULTIPLY my investment holdings by firing my professional money manager, taking back over $500,000 to manage myself… saving me thousands of dollars in management fees every year and allowing me to invest in more private placements, speculative opportunities, and profitable trades… making me even more money!

Set my kids up for FINANCIAL SUCCESS by creating a trust and specialized investment accounts for them in their younger years… and applying the same strategies I use to them… so they could have more than enough money for their education, their first cars, or to even start their own businesses if they’d like…

So if you’re looking to grow your income… slash your taxes to save thousands of dollars every year… or multiply your investment profits…

Where you could potentially add an extra $245,000 or more to your retirement account, and even retire years ahead of schedule…

Then I’d like to help you out — because I’ve already done all of that for myself, and more. 

And the work I was doing was no longer meaningful unless I could share exactly how I was doing it without always having to market one “get rich quick” idea like so many other “experts” you’ll find out there. 


Creating The IDEAL Balance Of “Safer” And More “Speculative” Investments

One of the keys to successful investing — especially these days — is balancing out your “safer” investments with your more “speculative” investments. 

For example… with my “safer” investments, I expect to outpace the S&P 500 every year by harnessing global macro trends via large-cap companies and funds that reflect those trends. 

This is the foundation of my wealth. 

Want an example? 

Everybody knows that oil and gas prices are high now, with oil going over $100 in early 2022. 

But we bought oil stocks back in late 2020, when oil was trading closer to $40 per barrel. 

And not with oil futures. Not with options. Not with penny-stock wildcat plays in a new basin. Though there is a time and a place for those high risk/high reward speculative investments. 

We did it by owning two energy sector ETFs and earning a higher return in a few months than the entire stock market delivered for the whole year. 

First we bought the Energy Select SPDR at $38.00 in November 2020. That’s a basket of energy stocks with large holdings in Exxon and Chevron.

And we watched that climb to over $53.00 by early March — which is when we took those profits off the table. 

That’s 40% in four months.  Or nearly 4X what the rest of the stock market went up in that time. Just by owning the sector of the market that was going up faster than the others. And we’re doing it with large companies and funds that everyone knows. 

And we weren’t done yet. Still before anyone was talking about high oil or gas prices, we got back into the major oil producers in May 2021 below $83.00. We did it with the SPDR Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETF that holds big producers like Hess and Marathon Oil. 

Through December we watched it rise to over $102, which is when we sold, locking in 23.4% in the last seven months of the year. 

That’s nearly twice what the rest of the stock market went up in that same time. 

That’s how we beat the market with low-risk “retirement money.” And last year was a record year for stocks!

From there, I can put my money into smaller oil speculations. And I did that as well. One oil exploration company I financed in its early days has gone from a low of $0.26 in 2020 to a high of $13.84 amid oil’s rise. 

That’s a rare 50-times-your-money play that I was fortunate to be a part of. 

They don’t always work out like that, but the strategy of identifying a trend (in this case that oil prices were about to rise)... and then investing meaningful amounts of capital across the risk-reward spectrum… is what has really allowed me and some of those following my strategies to get on the right side of the wealth divide.

Oil is just one example. 

I’ve done it with entire exchanges like the NASDAQ. I’ve done it with other S&P sectors like technology. And I’ve done it with hard assets as well.

When you can consistently identify the direction of coming macro trends… you can consistently position ahead of them. 

This way, you’re positioning in the broad market sectors you expect to go up while avoiding those that are underperforming. 

Not by trading. Not by doing crazy stuff with options and leverage. But by owning major sectors of the market and the companies within them and holding them for months or even years.

Another example is commodities, some of which are at or near all-time highs.

You’ve probably seen local news stories about rising thefts of catalytic converters. That’s because the metals inside them, like palladium, are worth over $2,000 per ounce. 

We don’t need to steal because we positioned ahead of time in the world’s second-largest producer of palladium, Sibanye Stillwater (NYSE: SBSW).

Like with oil, we bought in ahead of rising prices, and have seen it rise from under $5.00 to over $20.00 in less than three years.

That’s four times your money in the same time the S&P went up less than 45%. 

And Sibanye also pays you a 6.2% dividend. 

You won’t find that with the risky tiny companies or risky trading strategies most “experts” are peddling. 

Are you really going to put enough money in a tiny stock to make you rich? 

Do you have enough time to follow daily complex trading instructions? 

Me either. 

It almost makes me think those “experts” spend more time coming up with marketing strategies than investment strategies. 

That’s part of the reason I left to create something better. To show everyone a better, more profitable way to invest without the hype you get from most newsletters or the fees you get from financial advisors. 

What you get from me is a look over my shoulder. You get to see how I’m growing and protecting my family’s own retirement wealth.

We both know you don’t get independent information from the media. And it’s getting tougher and tougher to cut through all the noise. 

That’s what I’m offering — a no-nonsense look at how someone who created millions from nothing manages their retirement portfolio every month.

And not always by buying. You can save yourself a lot of money by knowing when not to buy. With me, you’ll be informed in real time about the market’s bullish and bearish turnings. 

As I mentioned a few moments ago, I walked away from a lucrative financial publishing job where I was making several hundred thousand dollars per year. 

Soon after, I started a new publishing company, Digest Publishing, where I now publish everything I’m doing to invest and grow my millions. 

I write about what investments I’m personally buying… why I’m buying them… when I’m buying them… how much I’m buying them for… how much I’m selling them for. I lay it all out there.

So if you’re tired of all the empty promises of making a fortune in the stock market from so-called ‘experts’ that never personally invest in the markets themselves…

If you’re ready to start making real money… year after year, like clockwork…

And if you’re willing to learn from someone who doesn’t just ‘talk the talk’ but actually ‘walks the walk’ when it comes to investing successfully and making millions…

Then this is precisely what you’re looking for…


Helping You Build The FOUNDATION Of A FORTUNE To Last Throughout Your Lifetime

My flagship publication is called Foundational Profits, and for one low annual payment that costs less than The Wall Street Journal

It has provided thousands of readers with a solid financial foundation to build their own fortunes. 

In fact, we’ve been able to generate healthy double-digit annual gains simply by investing in rising market sectors with carefully-selected ETFs and stocks alone. 

And while that may sound “boring” to day traders or options traders who like to sit glued to their screens watching the markets every day…

…Those so-called “boring” investments have been able to make great money for us year in and year out, freeing us up to do the things we love instead of messing with our accounts every day. 

However, in addition to those “safer” plays that — to use a baseball analogy — provide us with consistent singles and doubles…

We also take a portion of our portfolio where we “swing for the fences” and target profit opportunities that could generate triple-digit gains as well!

For example, as inflation ramped up in 2021 — pushing mining stocks higher and higher, we saw 107% gains in MAG Silver… 185% gains in MP Materials… and 280% gains in Ivanhoe Mines. 

We sold half of our positions in those plays, taking some big profits off the table… and left the other half for more anticipated growth throughout 2022. 

Like I said, I’ve beaten the market with the recommendations in this publication for six of the past seven years. 

The total portfolio over that time is up approximately 169%. That compares to a stock market that is up about 120% in the same time. 

Look what that means with a $100,000 retirement portfolio…

Putting that in the S&P would’ve handed you $220,000. 

Following my simple monthly moves, which often involve investments as easy as owning an S&P Sector ETF, you would be sitting on $269,000.  

That’s an extra $49,000!

On a $500,000 account like I took back from an advisor to manage myself… that’s an extra $245,000. 

Most financial advisors charge 1% of your assets. At that rate, I would’ve been paying them $5,000 a year to be missing out on $49,000 in extra profits. 

That didn’t make any sense for me. And I doubt it makes sense for you either. 

I’ve created a better way to grow and protect your wealth. And I certainly won’t be charging $5,000 a year for it. 

And speaking of protection… 

Over the past few years the stock market has delivered record performance, even amid a pandemic. 

That is changing now with inflation the highest it’s been in more than 40 years and the stock market and economy showing significant signs of weakness. 

Because it’s my own family’s wealth on the line, you can bet I am as dialed in as ever with these risks in mind. 

Even with stocks down this year, I have been able to deliver positive performance using defensive strategies. Going so far as to show members exactly how much of each portfolio position I own so they can position accordingly. 

I can guarantee you that you won’t find a multi-millionaire investor who is willing to let you “look over his shoulder” like I do… for this low of a price. 

And I’m excited to be welcoming new members. 

But what you’ll be getting is so much more than a look at what I’m buying and selling via the monthly issues. 

You’ll be kept on top of everything that’s worth knowing about in the market with my constantly updated library of reports. I call it my Financial Independence Library. 

I get flown around the world to give talks and share strategies on certain sectors. 

One week this year you’ll find me staying at the Fairmont Vancouver to discuss the green battery stocks I’m invested in that are providing the materials we need for electric vehicles and clean energy. 

Another week you can find me at a luxury Montana resort giving a talk about real estate trends to a group of brokers who sell multimillion-dollar ranches and farms. 

But you don’t have to buy me steak dinners and old fashions unless you want to. Because Foundational Profits members get all the information I give at these talks in the form of free bonus reports. 

If you’re interested, I’ll happily give you access to my entire Financial Independence Library today just for trying out Foundational Profits.

Like I said, the ideas and strategies change with the market. And so will the reports in the library. Here’s what’s on tap for the conditions we’re seeing now…


Start PROFITING From My Five Newest Research Reports Today!

Let me share what’s inside my newest reports along with how they could make you — or save you — an absolute fortune starting in 2022.

Each one of these new reports could be a financial game-changer for you… 

But I can promise you that you’re gonna want to check out all five… especially this first one!


New Report #1
Navigating Highway ‘22: Danger Zone


I told you that I manage the Foundational Profits portfolio like I manage my family’s retirement money. The portfolio and issues reflect my positioning at any given time. 

For those who become a member today, the access goes a step further. You’ll get a video report in which I describe my positioning and sizing for 2022. 

Given the current volatility and geopolitical events, this alone may be worth getting access to today. 

You’ll see how I’m approaching cash, bonds, equities, and gold — and in what percentages — as we navigate rate hikes, slowing growth, rampant inflation, and escalating conflicts. 

You’ll get the names of the funds I own, how much I own, and why. 

It’s all in a brand-new video report — Navigating Highway ‘22: Danger Zone — available only to those who join today. 


New Report #2
Your Personal Portfolio Protection Plan


Your portfolio doesn’t just need protecting when markets are choppy like they are now. 

You need a process for whatever the market is throwing at you. 

In this report, I’ll show you the plan I use that takes the stress and worry — and many of the costs — out of managing your own investments.

Not only can an advisor cost you money while you miss out on market-beating returns… like I showed you in the oil example earlier. 

They won’t help you side-step market downturns. Every financial advisor out there will keep you invested during bear markets like we’re seeing now. And as you’re losing money, they’ll still be collecting their fee.

Like I said, the financial advisor who told me it’s not possible to time major shifts in the market no longer manages my retirement money. 

I have an easy trick for taking the stress out of “timing” the markets. 

But that’s not the only way Wall Street can cost you. There are also funds with high fees that can eat into your returns. 

This will show you how to completely buck the traditional go-nowhere plan offered by Wall Street (including 3-simple steps to get started) so you can leave their underperformance and high fees behind forever.

I’ll also show you a time-tested way to boost your retirement portfolio with dividends. 

Because the best defense is a good offense, you need a way to make sure your stocks are working harder for you by generating additional income. 

You’ll see how I do it in Your Personal Portfolio Protection Plan


New Report #3
Get Ready for the Turbulent 20s!


If you feel as though everything is spinning out of control, you can take comfort

in the fact that you’re not alone. 

Many Foundational Profits readers feel the same way. 

Perhaps it’s shortages at the grocery store. Or the fact that gas prices are higher now than they have been in years. Maybe it’s the sad story unfolding in Ukraine. Perhaps it’s the bitter political divide in our country, and the absolute lack of leadership. Or perhaps it’s some combination of all these things.

A large segment of society can’t shake the feeling that all hell is about to break loose.

This report addresses the root cause of all those feelings. And what you can do about it. 

We’re seeing: 

Extremes in prices. We’ve seen all-time highs in stocks. All-time highs in commodity prices. Cryptocurrencies shooting to the moon. Record prices for art and sports memorabilia and collectibles. We also seen some historic crash in previously high-flying memestocks and altcoins. 

Extremes in attitudes. The country and its politicians are entirely polarized. And we’ve seen violence on both ends of the political spectrum. 

Extremes in wealth inequality. The top 1% earners in the country, that means if you earn more than half a million dollars a year — $500,000 in net income — now own as much wealth as the middle 60%. And you need to make more than $141,000 to get out of the middle 60%. 

It’s unsustainable. Everyone feels it. 

And systems are literally buckling under the strain of it. 

People are protesting — or worse — in the streets. 

This comprehensive report will help put you at ease. I’ll show why all this craziness is happening now, how long you can expect it to last, and even a few ways to profit from it. 

From how I identify trends and use market cycles for profit… to the tax strategies I use to keep as much of my family’s wealth as possible in uncertain times… 

I’ll even get into bitcoin vs. gold vs. the dollar.

You’ll want to get your hands on this report.

Because it’s not all doom and gloom. While we’re going through a dark period politically and economically, I’ll show why green pastures are in sight and how to get in position to profit from them as they emerge. 

That includes…


New Report #4 
Property Profits: Real Estate Viewed Differently


As I mentioned, I was recently invited to give a private talk to a group of investors and brokers who deal in private land. 

They broker land deals in the tens of millions of dollars. Last year they did $1 billion in transactions. 

And they wanted to hear from me about the commoditization of real estate, like how private equity money, REITs, and even pension funds are buying up entire neighborhoods as an investment. 

Rent and housing prices are rising at record rates. And there are multiple ways to generate double-digit annual returns from these trends without ever having to deal with mortgage paperwork, fixer uppers, late night broken toilets, or renters’ excuses for late payments!

You’ll get all the private intel I gave them. And it won’t be available anywhere for any price. 

With that, the last thing you’ll need to complete your blueprint for any market is…


New Report #5
A Taste of Tenbaggers


I showed you earlier with the oil example how to make money the “safe” way with funds and large companies. 

Doing that, we were able to generate retirement portfolio returns that trounced the broader market… Making 40% in four months while the S&P only went up 9.45%. 

But I also told you that I put a little bit of higher-risk-higher-reward money into small oil speculations, including one that went from a low of $0.26 in 2020 to a high of $13.84 in just over a year. 

That’s a 50-times-your-money return, which is certainly better than 40%. 

But those plays are so high risk that you wouldn’t — and shouldn’t — be putting your “safe” money into them. 

I’ll show you how that kind of speculative investing is different and what is required if you want to do it in this new report. 

I’ll also give you a taste of a few tiny companies I’ve financed this way that have allowed me and others to make “tenbagger” and even higher returns. 

These are the types of investments that allowed me to quit my job at a traditional financial newsletter marketing firm so I could deliver the non-traditional strategies I’m using directly to you without all the unfounded claims and fluff. 

That starts for you now.


The FASTEST way to build wealth today is to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for building it. 

But that doesn’t mean doing it alone. 

Whether you’re deciding to start building your wealth today… or you want to grow your existing investments and savings to an entirely new level faster than you ever thought possible…

I know you can do it with what I’ve outlined here today. 

And you can get it all — absolutely risk-free FREE — when you try out my investment research in Foundational Profits

Plus, as part of this time-sensitive offer, you also qualify for a substantial New Member discount. 


Here’s Everything You’ll Receive When You Try Out Foundational Profits

If you’d like the chance to add an extra $49,000… even up to $245,000 or more to your retirement account like I showed you is possible today…

Or if you’d like the opportunity to retire years or even decades ahead of schedule by simply following what I’m doing with my own millions to multiply my wealth… 

Then taking advantage of today’s low price for Foundational Profits is an easy decision.

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Ask Me Your Investing Questions Directly

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