I’ve made up to 9,150% from cryptocurrencies…

Chris Curl
Chris Curl,
Cryptocurrency Analyst

Now, I have put $50,000 of real, cold-hard cash into cryptocurrencies.

The plan is to 10X it.

Chris Curl
Chris Curl,
Cryptocurrency Analyst

Here’s how I’m gonna to do it even in this crypto bear market.

I’ll even reveal my 3 crypto keys that unlock these life-changing gains.

Hi, my name is Chris Curl.

And I’m going to take this check for $50,000…

Deposit it into a crypto trading account… 

And 10X it using only cryptocurrencies and NFTs. 

Meaning, by the end, I’ll be sitting on over $450,000 in pure profits. 

And if you follow along with me, follow every single trade I make myself, these profits could be yours as well.

Now, that’s a bold claim, especially with crypto in a bear market right now.

But when you see my track record of trading cryptocurrencies the past few years, you’ll know it’s possible.

Like when I claimed Solana NFTs would be worth more than Ethereum NFTs… 

A claim no pundit would believe as Bitcoin and Ethereum have been the main players for years…

Yet, I turned out to be exactly right 4 months later.

Or, when I bought little-known coins that generated gains as high as 9,150%.

That would’ve turned this $50,000 check into over $4.58 million in a few months.

Until now, these massive gains I’ve recommended were only reserved for my team and close colleagues.

From now on, I’m doing all my trading out in the open with real money. No tricks. No back-tested results. Real, cold-hard cash.

And I’ll show you exactly how I’ll 10X it from here. You’ll be able to follow along and potentially make 10X… or even up to 92-times your money again beside me.


Everyone loves to talk about owning Bitcoin, Ethereum, or an altcoin like Dogecoin… especially when they’re hot.

But no one is willing to open their entire real-money crypto portfolio to others and show where every single cent is made or lost. 

I’m changing that for good. 

So, if you’ve been skeptical of cryptocurrencies… and skeptical of all the ‘so-called experts’ marketing to you… I don’t blame you. 

Recently, with many new crypto investors hoodwinked by exchanges, celebrities, crypto hedge funds, and coin founders…

I’m saying ‘enough is enough.’

See… there are so many “gurus” out there flooding into cryptocurrencies from stock trading, real estate, and self improvement…

Many jumped into cryptocurrencies despite knowing little about them. 

All trying to convince you they know everything there is about making money from cryptocurrencies.

You had famous actors and athletes getting paid buckets of money to star in cryptocurrency commercials at their peak.

Many would have led you to ruin.

They’re pretenders. Fakes. Frauds.

Now, it’s more important than ever to follow the right people because you’ll see the biggest gains are still to come in crypto. 

However, you can’t follow crypto leaders blindly.

I’m here sharing everything publicly and plan to make you a lot of money in the process.

The secret? 

My 3 crypto keys that have worked again and again. 

I’ll share them for free.

These 3 keys are nothing you’ve heard before. And they’re the secret to huge profits for me and you.

If I can repeat my past trades…

10X-ing this $50,000 should not only be possible…

But I’ll easily surpass it.

I’m talking about not just hitting $450,000 in profit… but going far beyond it. And you can follow along with every single trade.

Meaning, this is an incredible opportunity for you to share in the profits.

This industry is so new, it’s imperative you only listen to those who actually have the track record to back it up.


I’ve never worked in real estate or done much in stocks. That’s not my background. 

All of my investing experience these past few years has been 100% in the cryptocurrency space.

Which is why I’m so confident… 

…and willing to do something no one else will.

I’m going to take this check and show you every crypto purchase and sale. Every win and loss.

Follow along with me as I take this $50,000 and create a massive nest egg out of it. 

And this isn’t for entertainment. 

It’s so…

  • You too can have a shot at making money yourself in the cryptocurrency space.
  • You don’t need to start with $50,000 like me…
  • You can start your cryptocurrency success with $5,000 or $10,000.

Imagine a 10X return from $5,000 to $50,000… or $10,000 to $100,000.

For many, that’s 2-3 years of paychecks.

It’s no guarantee of course. 

But, like I said, I have experience in the crypto space. Making up to 92-times my money on one single trade. And that wasn’t a fluke.

I’ve gotten in when the going’s hot… and been more selective when it’s not.

As crypto is in a bear market, it’s more important than ever to be hyper-selective with your investments. 

Because that’s how the crypto market is. 

How would it feel to finally make your own money from this surging $2 TRILLION crypto market?

…and know you’re getting in at the PERFECT TIME as prices are as low as they may ever be…

Bitcoin is near a one-trillion-dollar market cap today. 

Yet, we’re still in the early stages. Can you believe that? 

That’s because cryptocurrencies have evolved since 2009… 

No longer is it just about Bitcoin… we have Ethereum, Solana, Cardano… those are big names too. 

But also altcoins like Filecoin, Safemoon, Dogecoin, and of course 10,000 others.

It’s a $2 trillion market in total.

The opportunities are out there and they’re only going to keep growing. 

The question is whether you’re going to let this moment pass you by. 

Because you’re not too late. 

Were you too late if you didn’t invest in Wilbur and Orville Wright’s rickety plane in 1903? 

Of course not. 

American Airlines wasn’t founded until 23 years after that first flight and it’s now the biggest airline in the world.

We’re only 14 years into digital coins…

You aren’t late either to the cryptocurrency and NFT space.

You missed the recent top in cryptocurrencies… 

The run-up in 2020 to 2021… that was an amazing time to invest. 

Coins that no one had even heard of were making people rich. 

Like GALA, a community of gamers, used GALA tokens on the platform… 

…the coin shot up 40,000%!

CEEK, is a virtual reality platform that features live concerts from the likes of Bon Jovi and Lady Gaga.

…the coin exploded for 25,000% gains. 

Those aren’t alone. 

Axie Infinity coin… up 15,000%. 

Sandbox coin… up 12,500%.

Flux… up 7,500%.

Bakerytoken… up 6,000%. 

Polygon… up 11,500%

All of these are far beyond 10X-ing. 

$50,000 would’ve ended up as high as $20,000,000!

You missed those, but, again, we’re still at the beginning.

I was in front of moves just like this.


I’m not an engineer.

I don’t own some big company.

My name is Chris Curl.

I’m just a regular person who’s done well in the cryptocurrency space… I want to help you and those closest to me…

But I want to bring transparency to this space as well.

That’s why I’m willing to take $50,000 of real money and put it to work. 

My plan is to 10X it… and you can come along for the ride. 

I’ll share my track record in a minute.

Too many ‘crypto bros’ don’t share their wins and losses. All they do is pump their junk coins and then dump them on you. 

I’m not a cryptocurrency bro. 

You won’t see me wearing Bitcoin shirts and hats. 

I’m not pumping Dogecoin “to the moon” like even Elon Musk did on Saturday Night Live. 

In 2021, I was pounding the table like mad to my inner circle to buy, buy, buy. 

But now in 2022, with many crypto coins in freefall, I am being more selective than ever. 

Even while celebrities pumped crypto… I told my readers to be cautious.

Even telling people in May 2022… ”more pain is coming.” 

I was talking about Bitcoin. At the time, it was trading around $33k. 

Sure enough…

Over the next 2 months… Bitcoin cratered 31% to its bottom. 

And you need to be cautious too, which is why I’m putting $50,000 on the line for the public to watch.

I approach cryptocurrency knowing the risks. Knowing the pitfalls. Also knowing there are a LOT of scams out there.

You don’t need me to tell you… There are obvious scams in the crypto world.

Ever watch that Squid Game series on Netflix? It was one of the most popular shows in the world for a few weeks. 

Well, some guy decided to create a “Squid Coin.” No utility, doesn’t do anything… just made-up air. 

He and his goons pumped Squid Coin to large audiences…

Then, you can guess what happened. 

A quick rug pull by the creators… they cash out… and the price crashes…

Average, excited cryptocurrency investors… some likely investing for the first time…

Completely derailed and lost $3.38 million fast.

Same thing happened when every investor in Terra and Luna — except the founder, Do Kwon — lost their money when his coin collapsed in apparent fraud.

For me… I’m not on CNBC pumping. My audience is a select group of followers. 

With $50,000… I can’t pump anything. 

Cryptocurrencies are a $2 trillion market. 

So you know I can’t take this check and pump some junk coin. 


In this short presentation, I’ll share with you my 3 ‘crypto keys’ to identify a coin worth trading.

These 3 crypto keys are how I identify winning trades, and you can too. 

I’ll share those absolutely free. 

With those crypto keys I’ll identify the first 3 trades I’ve made already with my $50k. 

I’ll also give away my “CryptoU” educational series to a select group of members. 

This “CryptoU” series is for you if you’re thinking: 

…I don’t know how to buy a Bitcoin…

…I don’t know how to set up a cryptocurrency wallet…

…I don’t know which online platforms are a scam and which are legit…

I have a complete series to share with a select group as a free bonus. 

It’s only for those who are serious… and ready to follow along with me as I put this $50,000 to work in the crypto markets. 

This is real money. 

You’ll see the $50,000 in my portfolio by the end of this presentation. 

I’ve already bought 3 coins… and am buying more as we speak. 

I studied the patterns…

Stayed out of stocks…


Looked through altcoins and the standard Bitcoin, Ethereum charts and uses.


And I saw something very interesting.

See… Bitcoin has a set amount of coins. 21 million. 

Every 4 years, Bitcoin ‘halves’ — meaning those who mine Bitcoin are rewarded with half the rewards prior to the ‘halving.’ 


After every halving… There's a massive run-up in the price of Bitcoin. 

We saw it after 2013 as it ran from a couple of bucks to over $1,000.

And we saw it through the end of 2017 before Bitcoin crashed: 


The last Bitcoin halving was May 2020. 

Meaning…I figured 2021 would likely see a surge in cryptocurrencies.

I was dead-on correct. 

Following my 3 keys to locating the best cryptocurrency plays… which I’ll show you in a few minutes…

I was able to spot some of the BIGGEST cryptocurrency moves in history and trade them for 9,150% gains.

In March 2021…

I spotted Safemoon was about to rocket. 

I bought in at 0.0000018. 


Where is that? 

That’s right before that massive spike in the middle of the chart.

It was the perfect entry point as the price shot up 6,011% in just a few weeks!

That turned every $500 into $30,055! It could’ve done the same for you.


Buying in at just 0.0000018 means a small, small move can make you a ton of money. 

My 3 crypto keys will show you which coins like this to buy… and when to sell.

Later, in August 2021…

I saw a lesser-known coin called Fantom making waves. 

You likely haven’t heard of this coin… but I’m in the trenches daily digging up these plays.


I entered at a mere $0.30 after its initial short spike in April. 

Again… it was the perfect entry point…

Just 6 weeks later, the price rocketed to as high as $3.40.

A 1,036% move on my investment. 

Every $500 invested would’ve run to $5,180.

That’s a rare return in stocks, especially in just 6 weeks. 

This is what’s waiting for you… which is why it’s time to get off the sidelines.

I’ll share a few more trades so you really see how I’m able to spot these plays with my 3 crypto keys.

In January 2021, while others talked about Ethereum… 

I was pushing chips into Ethereum Classic. The lesser-known cousin. 

After the price crashed from $40 to a few bucks in 2018…


It started picking back up. 

In January, I entered a position at $7.50. Well off the 2018 highs of $40. 

I bought because it ticked all 3 boxes of my crypto keys.

By May, a mere 5 months later, the price shot up to a crazy $175. 

That’s a 2,233% return! I made 23 times my money in less than six months!. 

$500 would’ve shot up as high as $11,165. 

You could’ve been safe and just invested in Ethereum. 

And you would’ve still returned a nice 405% gain in the same timeframe. 

But my trade netted nearly 5X more profit. 

That’s the benefit of not simply following the mainstream narrative around certain coins. 

You need to research and find the opportunities that return much higher amounts. 


None of these trades even come close to eclipsing my very best cryptocurrency trade. 

In January, while trading Ethereum Classic, I entered the now popular Dogecoin (before it was famous) at a mere $0.0080. 


That’s not even a penny if you’re keeping track at home.

By May… after well-known figures like Elon Musk and Mark Cuban start piling into it… 

The price jumped to $0.74. 

That made my trade worth 9,150% more. A 92X return on my money!

$500 would’ve grown to $45,750 in just 5 months!

Every $5,000 put in skyrocketed to a life-changing $457,500.

And if I plowed my entire $50,000 check into Dogecoin back then…

I would’ve been up as high as $4,575,000 in my account!

It’s incredible once you work out the numbers like that. 

Of course, I would never put all my money into one coin, but you can see the potential in this space. 

I’m not promising we’ll make 10X our money this quickly…

But I’ve certainly done it before. 

And I think it’s about to happen again. 

Now, you might think… “If the next Bitcoin halving is in 2024… Do we have to wait until 2025 for more gains like these?”

Absolutely not. 

As more money has poured into cryptocurrencies, we’re seeing more run-ups now at different spurts. 

Before the May 2020 halving…

In 2019, we saw a 254% sprint from January 2019 to July 2019 before it settled. 

Meaning, you could say by 2023 — just a few short months from now — we’ll start seeing the next spike up begin. 

However, with as much activity as we’re seeing in crypto…

It’s growing every month…

You’re about to see why the next big move in crypto has already started. 

No matter if stocks go up or down.

Even when stocks were getting beat down in 2022…

My recommendation in one unique crypto soared nearly 375%!

This isn’t a Bitcoin or Ethereum recommendation…

It’s a brand-new type of cryptocurrency and the asset I bought is one no other editor out there is talking about. I guarantee it. 

You need to be following the crypto market religiously to find an opportunity like this… and that’s what I do. 

Meanwhile, Bitcoin and altcoins should continue to rise, according to top banks. 

Bitcoin could hit $100,000 by taking “store of value” market share from gold, according to research by Goldman Sachs.

Manhattan-based fund advisors, Fundstrat, say “there are a lot of big players” entering the market. 

They believe:

There’s a “reasonable chance” Bitcoin hits $200,000 very soon. And Ethereum would go from around $3,000 to “$12,000.”

Those are 4-5X moves.

“The upside is much larger than the downside,” they claim.

30-year credit expert, Gregg Foss, went public saying Bitcoin will go as high as $2,000,000!

That’s after Bitcoin had already dropped by March 2022.

He said the very top will likely be “$20,000,000” per coin! His thesis being countries will want to start getting paid in cryptocurrency vs. American fiat dollars. 

This is only the beginning.

More and more companies are quietly investing resources into the crypto space:

Tech engineers are fleeing the old guard of Silicon Valley… like Facebook and Google… to work in crypto.

Some of these tech giants are creating new roles to keep their talent.

It’s a mad scramble.

That’s why I’m sending you this presentation now before the next run-up begins… and before the next Bitcoin halving begins. 

We may see the next move in cryptocurrencies start as early as next month. That’s why I have put $50,000 on the line.

You’ll see my open portfolio totaling this amount invested.

Plus, see how I’ve already made 3 purchases to open the portfolio. 

That number grows each month as we see cryptocurrencies coming out of their bear market.

You can join me as I seek out my next 9,150% winner. 

Our goal to 10X our money will be here sooner than you think. 

The secret is “how do you find these opportunities?”

There are over 10,000 cryptocurrencies.

These coins are changing on a dime. 

You saw with a few of my trades, I got in right before the big spike up.

To do that, you need a framework for cutting through the noise.

I call it my “3 crypto keys” to 10X your crypto portfolio. 

Cryptocurrencies alone are still in their infant stages. They’ve only been around since 2009.

Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs are investing billions into cryptos. 

More money is moving in.

This is just inning number three of a nine-inning game.

You and I are still extremely early.

We’re also incredibly fortunate to be living in such a time like this. A time where you can generate thousands… even millions from cryptocurrency. 

Regular people are doing this: 


He had watched a video on Bitcoin and decided to jump in as many have. 

A couple years later, Grant says he’s reaching “crypto millionaire” status.


He turned a 5-figure investment in 2017-2018 into a multimillion-dollar portfolio full of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. He toiled at perfecting his crypto investing for years but it all paid off in the end. 


It came at a desperate time as they were wedding photographers. COVID had wrecked their business. As their Shiba coin investment started paying off, they encouraged friends to invest alongside them. 

A risky proposition I wouldn’t usually recommend… but it worked out here. 

In the end, friends and family pooled $7,900. Just two months later, it was worth a crazy $9,000,000!

That’s absolutely bonkers. 

They’re going to help their parents get a new roof and (obviously) can do many, many other things they need and want. 

Great sons, there. 

Now these are public stories… written about in newspapers. 

They’re not the norm. Tommy and James were more lucky than skilled. But that’s okay.

Even if you are half as successful as them… wouldn’t that change your life? 

Money is pouring into this sector at an alarming rate just in the past year or so.

In 2021 alone… over $33 billion flowed into cryptocurrencies from venture capital firms.

That’s 4x more than the prior record of $8 billion in 2018.

Even investment titan Ray Dalio has ‘embraced’ Bitcoin. 

And established financial institutions like Fidelity and Goldman Sachs are pushing employees and money into digital assets. 

JP Morgan is now allowing its wealthy clients access to crypto.

Betterment is one of the largest private robo-advisors in the world with over $29 billion assets under management. 

Robo-advisors essentially take your money and use an algorithm to automatically put it into a mutual fund or index fund. 

Betterment just bought Makara, which is a robo-advisor for cryptocurrencies. 

CEO Sarah Levy claims: “Gaining exposure to crypto as part of a long-term investment strategy is one of the most, if not the most, requested incremental features that we get from our customers.”

Meaning, customers are clamoring for access to cryptocurrencies.

Bank of America released a statement saying they believe the $2.56 trillion crypto industry has become "too large to ignore."

They say: "We believe crypto-based digital assets could form an entirely new asset class.”

They simply have no choice but to admit this. 

Bitcoin’s already broken into the stock market. 

In 2021, the first Bitcoin-focused ETF was released onto the exchanges after 8 years of SEC pushback.

That alone should solidify it for you.

But if it doesn't, crypto is also being adopted by the SWIFT system, which is responsible for global banking transactions.

This sector isn’t going anywhere. Which is why I’m happy to put my money where my mouth is. 

You can join me. 

Now, when I tell friends and family about publicly trading $50,000 of real money… they ask the same questions…

The first one is:

Friend or Family Member

What about the volatility of cryptocurrencies?

Volatility is there, I admit.

We saw huge spikes in 2017. 

Big drops in 2018. 

Run-ups in 2020-2021. 

And drops in 2022. 

Here’s the thing:

It doesn’t matter what you invest in… you’re going to see that kind of volatility. 

How many people bought tech stocks in January 2022…

Only to see marquee names like Paypal, Zoom, Peloton, drop 60%, 70%. 

Even stocks in the red-hot real estate sector like Redfin… shot up in 2020… and cratered 75% by mid 2022. 

Heck, Netflix has lost over $100 billion in market cap this year. 

If you want to make money investing, volatility comes with the territory. 

If that’s too much for you, you can buy an index fund making 8%...10%...15% per year and call it a day. 

But even that may not save you…

In 2022, the QQQ index fund that mirrors the NASDAQ was down 30%. 

If you had gained 10% per year for 10 years… a 30% drop wipes out 3-4 years of gains in 5 months. 

That could ruin many people who may have been ready to retire. 

If that sounds like the path you still want to take… this presentation isn’t for you. 

I’m not saying you should stop investing in your favorite indexes and blue chips. 

All I’m saying is you’re looking at an amazing opportunity to augment your traditional investment returns using my system and by following the trades I’m making with real money.

You can start with $5,000… and keep the rest in safe investments.

And you don’t have to worry about me trying to sell you some made-up coin or asking you to send me your crypto wallet address. 

That’s not at all what I’m about. 

I’m not a coder. 

I’m an investor who’s pioneered a system for simplifying the complex world of cryptos.

And you can join me, starting with my…

3 keys for finding 10X cryptocurrency opportunities.

As a note — just as cryptocurrency is still evolving, so is my system.

As the space adapts and grows… so do I.

I’ll work on updating these 3 tips as needed so you always have the best, most relevant information. 

10X Crypto Key #1: Layer 1 Protocol

This sounds ‘techy.’ 

Really what Layer 1 Protocol means is the coin you’re trading is established on a blockchain or network that has credibility. 

A true blockchain is extremely hard to break and developers are constantly working on building more on top of it. 

The most popular Protocol in existence now is the Ethereum network. 

Many coins are built right on Ethereum's framework. As more developers build and grow the network, it becomes stronger and harder for hackers to penetrate. 

99% of decentralized apps are built on Ethereum. 

Monopoly firms like JPMorgan, UBS, and Mastercard invested in ConsenSys, a protocol that supports blockchain-based financial infrastructure mainly on ethereum.

The amount of crypto held in decentralized finance worldwide has grown by about 8,558% since January 2020, according to Statista

Ethereum also has its own programming language, Solidity. 

All of this to say… I am very comfortable buying coins riding on Ethereum’s tailwinds.

My trade on Fantom… where I made 1,036%… follows this tip to a T. 

On Fantom’s own site, they call themselves the “Ethereum helper.” 

Fantom actually has its own network built on top of Ethereum. 

It takes the ‘stress’ off the Ethereum network and allows users who want to use decentralized finance apps to enjoy them faster on the Fantom network. 

Think of it like when you use a streaming app like Netflix or Hulu on a Roku. 

These apps stand alone… but all run on the same platform… Roku. 

Roku would be the Level 1 protocol in this example. It’s trusted, easiest to scale and more apps are being built on top of it.

Same when you use apps on your iPhone or Android. 

An app, like Angry Birds, runs on the iPhone App Store. The App Store approves and runs the app alongside the millions of other apps.

It’s the same with Fantom and Ethereum. 

We want our coins… no matter how small they are… to run on the Level 1 protocol blockchain. That’s because it’s more safe, secure and faster.

That makes it safe to trade Fantom…

As compared to a coin on an unproven network that can easily be manipulated by master coders. 

That’s the first key. 

Here’s the second: 

10X Crypto Key #2: Utility for Users

“You can’t spend Bitcoin at the store!”

That’s the fun argument anti-cryptocurrency friends hurl at me regularly. 

Actually, you CAN start spending cryptocurrency. 

One crypto that made a 10X move after I bought it is Filecoin.

Filecoin allows for decentralized storage.

Right now, if you store pictures on a USB drive and that USB gets lost, so is your data. 

If you store them on a site like Dropbox… And Dropbox goes out of business and its servers crash… your data is gone.

Decentralized storage allows you to push your pictures to the cloud and it sits on the blockchain where only you have ownership. 

Every computer in the world that’s running that network would have to crash at the same time for your data to be lost. As you can imagine, that would be nearly impossible.

I’m not here to tell you to invest in Filecoin… they still have work to do. 

However, they have utility. 

There is a USE for their coin. 

Compare that to the Squid Coin scam I told you about. There was no utility or use for the coin. You bought it for fun to say you ‘own it.’ 

Eventually, it turned out to be garbage… like so many other coins that had no utility.

I’m looking at coins that have utility in the real world… or at least that are on their way to being useful.

Dogecoin was just a ‘joke coin’ at first.

Today, Mark Cuban has made it so you can buy Dallas Mavericks merchandise with Dogecoin.

Pretty cool. 

Suddenly, Dogecoin has utility. 

That allowed me to ride it for 9,150% gains. 


More and more coins are getting useful. 

NFTs are also gaining traction. NFTs = Non-Fungible Tokens. 

They’re digital ‘copyrights’ to a piece of art, collection, special edition memorabilia, or the like…

And regular folks are minting fortunes. 

Lana Denina, a 24-year old office worker and part-time bank teller, cashed out “over $300,000” from NFTs alone.

“My life changed dramatically,” she says. 

$300,000 will do that. 

Artists who couldn’t make a dime off their work before… are now in the 1%. 

Mike Winkelmann is a digital artist who’s been at his craft for years. 

He claims before he hadn’t valued his art at “more than $1,000” per project. 

But recently, he sold a digital art piece for an amazing $69 million!

Talk about life-changing. 

NFTs have utility as well. People who say otherwise haven’t done their research.

Snoop Dogg, the rapper and actor, has become an NFT headliner amassing over $17 million in NFT holdings. 

In 2021, he released his first NFT, which allowed access to a surprise single. 

In 2022, he released an NFT alongside a new album that gives the NFT owners access to private concerts or other special events in the future. 

That’s real utility. 

I’ll be using some of my $50,000 to find useful NFTs to collect and see how they appreciate over time. 

In fact, my 375% win starting in January 2022… while the stock market tanked… was in NFTs. 

I said that Solana NFTs would be worth more than Ethereum NFTs. 

In April 2022… just 3 months later, I was proven right. 

And that brings me to the final key for investing in cryptos…

10X Crypto Key #3: Meme-ability

For a smaller coin to make a big move…

It needs to have some ‘juice’ behind it. 

Call it popularity… or call it “meme” juice. 

People that are diehard fans… like Tesla shareholders or the Redditors that caused the GameStop stock craze of 2021.

Meme-ability means that the coin gets picked up online via social media, images are made of it, it’s talked about… and eventually enough people go and buy the darn thing. 

Dogecoin was a popular one last year.

You saw the Dogecoin image everywhere.

During the hustle and bustle of Dogecoin… you may have missed out on Safemoon. 

A coin I rode up 6,011% in a few weeks. 


Safemoon was created in March 2021 on the Binance network (a Layer 1 network to be on). 

At the time, everyone was using the phrase “to the moon” for not just Dogecoin, but also meme stocks like GameStop and AMC. 

Safemoon simply came from shortening the phrase “safely to the moon.” 

Obviously, this drew eyeballs from the online community.

Jake Paul, a famous YouTuber, tweeted to his 4 million followers…

That was March 27th as Safemoon opened its doors. 

From there, it was history. 

Within a couple weeks, Safemoon skyrocketed 61X for me…

For others, the gains were even higher. 

When I’m looking at a potential trade on a smaller coin, I look for a massive social media following.

For a small-cap coin, like Safemoon is, a bump on the interwebs is all it takes for it to move quickly. 

Once I saw the chatter around Safemoon, it was a no-brainer for me to take a position. 

You have to remember that if you’re doing your research, you can spot some of the early chatter around a coin. 

Even as it rolls out onto social media and becomes a meme… the coin may not have taken off yet. 

It’s only a matter of time, then. 

I’m going to help you spot some of these ‘meme-able’ opportunities and give you the chance to see the “to-the-moon” returns.

That’s why I’m putting $50,000 of real money to work. 

And you can follow my every move, starting today.

Because as more opportunities come up, we’ll need to be nimble and invest quickly. 

Today, it might be some well-known cryptocurrencies… 

Tomorrow, maybe it’s a newly-minted NFT. Or maybe a newly released altcoin. 

It’s my job to locate these opportunities… all you need to do is follow along.

My first 3 opportunities are available now!

Again, I’m starting with $50k… but you could carve out a few thousand bucks and be on your way.

The gains I've shown you can turn very small stakes into millions of dollars in a very short amount of time.

You can get access to every single trade I make.

You’ll see every dollar go in and every dollar go out… as I look to at least 10X this cryptocurrency portfolio. 

You’ll start with these 3 little-known plays I’ll put inside my brand-new report, 3 Cryptos to Buy Now for 10X Returns.

  • 10X Crypto Play #1: This crypto checks all 3 of my crypto keys. First, it’s a Layer-1 protocol right alongside Ethereum. Except it’s better… way better. This crypto processes 299X faster than Ethereum and consumes 35,000 less energy. And, like Bitcoin, it has a cap on how many coins are produced, building in natural scarcity. My favorite piece is this crypto has already inked a deal with a top baseball card company for NFT purposes. The Chicago Tribune claims, “baseball cards are booming” and this crypto slides right into this hot area. This should make it easy for this crypto’s NFTs to be shared far and wide on social media. 

Right now, this crypto has found a floor in its pricing. It’s trading at prices last seen in 2019. To make a move back to all-time highs, it would have to go up 6X from here. As its NFTs surge, this coin should easily rocket to fresh all-time highs and 10X from here.

  • 10X Crypto Play #2: This is a huge opportunity for potentially 20X gains. This coin is going to be the main token of a brand new exchange. Much like stocks trade on stock exchanges like the NYSE, cryptos do too. Think Coinbase, for instance. Well, as big exchanges are in turmoil, this coin is at the center of a new exchange that is more secure than Coinbase and Crypto.com. This exchange doesn’t hold customer deposits, which means your crypto is never locked from withdrawal as some exchanges have done to investors recently. Imagine not being able to get your money out of the bank!

My potential 20X play should follow the same trajectory as Binance Coin… the exchange coin of Binance. 

Binance coin went from $35… all the way to $700!


The one you’ll see in this report only trades for $10. So a 20X move would push it to $200. Very doable. It’s built on a secure Level 1 protocol, and is used by exchanges as its main token, which makes it necessary for sharing among users. 

It checks all the boxes. 

  • 10X Crypto Play #3: This $0.50 coin can actually pay you a potential dividend up to 7% while you hold! Didn’t know cryptos can pay you income, did you?!? This coin was founded by an ex-Ethereum founder. Meaning, he was there when Ethereum was at a mere $0.90…much like my coin. And he watched it soar 1,226% in the years to follow. Like 10X Crypto Play #2 I talked about, this coin is also at the center of a new exchange, which is why it could also 20X.

Built on a secure, Layer 1 protocol, it’s a stable coin. The potential 7% ‘yield’ also makes the coin price less volatile as more owners hold longer. Apps are already being developed on the coin’s blockchain. The developer activity is actually outstripping Ethereum. 

It’s less than $1 to grab your first coin.

The time to buy these 3 coins is now, at incredible prices right before they 10X… even 20X.

But I know your holdup. 

Crypto can be confusing to buy and sell. 

You might ask: “How do I invest in these 3 coins today?”

Investing in cryptocurrencies and NFTs isn’t like buying Apple stock. 

There are more steps involved…

I’m going to take all the headaches and confusion out of it.

As a free bonus, I’ll be showing you step-by-step, screen-by-screen how to buy your first coins today.

I’ve put together an entire series I’m ready to share with you for free when you start following along with my $50,000 portfolio.

It’s called CryptoU.

Here’s everything you’ll be treated to during this 12-part crypto series: 

  • The #1 cryptocurrency exchange after Coinbase (I’ll show you how to open an account at both)
  • How the blockchain works in 4 sentences.
  • 44 essential terms and definitions you must know if you plan to invest — I have a dictionary for you
  • The 5 types of cryptocurrency wallets, and which is right for you
  • An essential plugin to your internet browser to securely buy and sell cryptocurrency and NFTs. (it’s free, but you must download it today)
  • How to buy your first NFT in under 5 minutes
  • 5 altcoins I’m watching right now
  • Where & how to buy altcoins when Coinbase doesn’t carry them. (Coinbase doesn’t carry 95% of coins)

This is an entire crash course on cryptocurrencies and NFTs. 

CryptoU could sell for $1,000 on its own. 


When you join me on this journey of $50,000 to $500,000… I’ll grant you access to CryptoU for no cost. 

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Here’s what I ask you to do.

I just launched a brand-new cryptocurrency service. It’s unlike anything you’ll see on the market.

The service is called Chris Curl’s Crypto Cycle. 

Our goal is simple -> Put real money to work in the cryptocurrency space with 100% transparency.

We’ll start with $50,000 and shoot to 10X it.

20% of our holdings will be in more established coins. 

The other 80%... Finding big opportunities others are missing. Potentially the next 92X play. 

But even if we manage just 10X…

We’ll be in great shape. 

Crypto Cycle is for both beginners and advanced cryptocurrency investors. 


  • Learn the basics of Bitcoin, Ethereum, altcoins (like Dogecoin) and NFTs
  • Receive trade alerts on what to buy
  • Safely trade on the best platforms with tips on how to keep your investments safe


  • Dive deeper into coins you didn’t know existed
  • Get trade alerts for buying an altcoin that might skyrocket quickly 
  • Be the first to hear about important news in the crypto world
  • Plus… receive my research on the latest and greatest coins minted

Crypto Cycle is packed full of actual trades plus education. 

It’s a complete package. 

All in the name of being transparent in the cryptocurrency and NFT space. 

Here’s what you can expect: 

Bi-monthly issues (24 per year)

Clocking in at 1,000 words each issue…

This is where I’ll be sharing the real meat and potatoes. 

You’ll receive up-to-date news on the space.

Plus, “How-to” posts on ways to invest, step-by-step lessons on where to store your coins and more.

These issues are purely informative. 

I have a completely different section of Crypto Cycle for the actual trade alerts. 

In fact…

I just released three trades on the way to 10X my portfolio.

You can see what I’m buying right away when you become a member in a minute. 

Once you sign up on the next page…

You’ll be greeted by the “Getting Started” section. 

I have a short write-up on the next steps for you after you join. 

You’ll get a new issue every other week. 

Then, whenever I make a trade — a buy or a sell — you’ll get a Trade Alert. 

Trade alerts

I expect to see 2-4 trade alerts every single month. It might be a buy or a sell. 

You will receive alerts right to your email inbox. 

I also have a section on the portal for “Alerts” as you can see above. 

With 2-4 trades, you might be buying in Coinbase for one trade… and another account for the next. 

Don’t worry. 

I walk you through step-by-step how to set up everything you need. 

If you ever need any help, you can reach out to our customer service staff…

Or, you can jump on one of the members-only quarterly “Call-ins.”

Quarterly “Call-ins” (with recordings)

… Have a burning question you want me to answer live? 

… Want me to walk through on-camera how to set up an account? 

… Seen a crypto you’re interested in but I haven’t talked about? 

The biggest benefit to you is ---> What is happening right now in cryptocurrencies? What is HOT? What is not? 

Recently, I talked about some of the scams going on and how to avoid them. 

In another, I discussed the best NFTs I was watching… some of these popped 375% from my recommendation in a few weeks.

These quarterly “Call-ins” are dynamite. We cover a lot of ground on these calls besides just updating our portfolio positions. 

The first recordings are up for you to see… and the subscribers who participated were floored by what I shared. 

I can’t wait for you to join in the next one.

It’s an open forum for all subscribers. 

You’ll already be receiving great ideas through the bi-monthly issues…

Quarterly “Call-ins” allow you to chat with me LIVE online along with your fellow subscribers. 

These are a lot of fun. 

Lastly, like I said… 

I want Crypto Cycle to be the most transparent product in the cryptocurrency and NFT space. So you’ll get immediate access to my…

$50,000 real-money portfolio

That’s why you can follow along — to the penny — where my money is going. 

I’m losing money if I don’t deliver. That’s how real this is.

This Portfolio screen will show you my open positions. You’ll also be able to see my closed positions… plus, what the total balance of my portfolio is at any time. 

$50,000 Real Money Crypto Cycle Portfolio
Coin Symbol Amount Purchase Price Allocation
coin symbol amount price $4,000
coin symbol amount price $5,000
coin symbol amount price $1,000
coin symbol amount price $40,000
      Total $50,000.00

When you sign up, I’m sure this will be the first page you want to head to, so you can see exactly which coins I’m holding now. 

After you see that… 

Walk through the CryptoU masterclass to quickly gain the knowledge you need to succeed with this service. 


Read my current issue, catch up on a “Call-in” and make your first purchase.

Crypto Cycle alone would easily retail for $3,999. 

Most cryptocurrency products are in that range. 

Plug in CRYPTO U at $1,000…

You’re looking at $4,999 of value

However, I’m going to cut the price down right now for you. 

Because the opportunity to grow your money with cryptocurrency is still in its early stages. 

We’re only 14 years into Bitcoin. 

It took about: 

… 17 years before the internet was a mainstay…

… 14 years before Netflix streaming became a household staple.

… 18 years for Tesla to first turn a profit on its mega popular electric cars.

You are joining at the exact right time.

But you have to act now.

Cryptocurrencies run up extremely fast.

And I believe the next surge is right around the corner.

I’m sure you saw how quickly Bitcoin moved in 2021. For about a year, it traded sideways…

Then… out of the blue… it skyrockets.

Like a thief in the night. 

Those who blinked and took their eyes off the markets missed the big-money moves. 

I showed you my 6,011% win on Safemoon. 

That spike occurred over just a few weeks!


I enjoyed up to 6,011% gains. 

Those who waited 2 weeks later saw dramatically different results. 

So I don’t want you sitting on your hands waiting and wishing. It’s time to jump into cryptocurrencies now. 

This isn’t a political movement. 

On the right, Ted Cruz is reported to have bought “up to $50,000 in Bitcoin.” 

On the left, the New York City mayor Eric Adams took his first paycheck in cryptocurrency.

I talked about entertainers like Snoop Dogg making innovations in NFTs...

Super Bowl Champion Odell Beckham Jr. takes his entire salary in Bitcoin!

The Staples Center… the place where the NBA-mainstay Los Angeles Lakers basketball team plays, just changed their arena name to Crypto.com Arena…

It’s not early enough that you can wait around.

Money is moving into this space.

It’s time to invest and be active.

Join Crypto Cycle now for the most transparent cryptocurrency product on the market and all the trades you need to make money in this space.


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Any party you attend, you’ll know what to say when talking about the cryptocurrency and NFT space. 

Simply owning an NFT will draw conversation.

On top of that, our goal is 10X… meaning, you’re ahead of everyone and potentially making good money.

That’s why I believe you won’t even need the 60-day money-back guarantee. 

Still, you deserve a risk-free chance to see for yourself that I’m the real deal. 

There’s a lot of crypto scams out there. 

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Chris Curl

Editor of Crypto Cycle