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2-Year Subscription to Private Placement Intel


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Nick Hodge and Gerardo Del Real’s monthly market guidance in Private Placement Intel has made me a better, more confident, and more profitable investor.

I know they routinely beats the average market return with simple-to-follow analysis and guidance. And I don’t ever want to miss an issue or recommendation.

I also want to save hundreds of dollars over the years by paying $9,499 for a 2-year membership today instead of $4,999 per year every year. 

All you have to do to upgrade to the 2-year membership is complete the form below.

Simply fill out order form below or contact our Member Services team by calling 512-890-3830 (local) or 844-992-3004 (toll-free).

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When you subscribe to Private Placement Intel "2-year membership" with your credit card, you will be billed $9,499.
Every other year on the anniversary date, we will automatically bill your card the rate of $9,499.
You are not obligated to continue in automatic billing. You can contact customer service to opt out of automatic billing or to receive a full refund in the first 6 months.