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Commodity Supercycle 2023


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Macro, Micro, Trigger: The simple 3-step hard asset trigger system that could EASILY turn every $1,000 you invest into $10,000 or MORE starting immediately as commodities inflate ever-higher...

Gerardo Del Real here.

Today I’m inviting you to take advantage of a very unique, historic situation called a Commodity Supercycle.

A situation so rare, it’s only happened four times in the last 100 YEARS. 

That’s why the profit potential is so UNCOMMONLY LARGE. 

So if you’d like the chance to make 10 TIMES your money or more in a matter of weeks — instead of months or years…

What I’m going to share with you today is something you DO NOT WANT TO MISS. 

Because it’s very clear this SUPERCYCLE is about to accelerate very rapidly... pushing share prices much… much higher… on to historic new all-time highs.

Want to take $10,000 and turn it into $100,000 in a year’s time?

Gains like that are almost a given at this point in the cycle…

Starting immediately with the companies at the top of my “TRIGGER LIST”. You’ll get the first five in: “Get Triggered: 5 Kickoff Commodity Boom Stocks”.

As I showed you, the first copper play in that report alone could bank you 100 TIMES your money before this historical rally ends.

And remember, that’s just for starters… 

Because today, I’m giving you the chance to join me so you’ll have the inside track on ALL of MY BEST SUPERCYCLE PLAYS. 

Each of which could hand you five- or six-figure returns...

Like the 1,780% windfall on Magna Gold...

Or the 3,200% return on Great Bear Resources that would have turned a $10,000 investment into over a quarter-million dollars!

And of course, there’s the:

  • 500% on Tasman Metals
  • 785% on Nevada Sunrise
  • 7,042% on Quest Rare Minerals, the biggest win of my career (so far)
  • And many more to come.

Keep in mind that was in “normal” markets… BEFORE the supercycle started.  

So with a situation this historic and exceptional, there’s no telling how much money we’re going to make this go-round –– starting IMMEDIATELY with my easy-to-follow 3-step system.  


But I do need to WARN YOU….

My Junior Resource Speculator research is so active and intensive, I can only take on 250 new members today.

My system eliminates thousands of junior resource stocks immediately, so I’m only choosing from a small group of them that are poised for rapid gains based on the macro… the micro... and the trigger. 

It’s how I create and compound wealth for myself and subscribers time after time.


Welcome to
Junior Resource Speculator

Runaway commodity prices are minting new millionaires. 

And I want to show you to the front of the line.

With rampant money-printing stoking inflation… and the real fundamental drivers of electric vehicles and decarbonization...

Commodity investors can’t help but make money right now.

You need to be on the right side of this generational wealth transfer!

TODAY is the first time ever that I’m making my Trigger System available to the general public via Junior Resource Speculator...

But if you’re not one of the 250 people who join today… you could miss out on all of it. 

Imagine how much you could make over just the next month.

In fact, in less than 30 days, we’ve already seen small-cap commodity stocks making significant moves:

  • A 51% return on Lithium Americas in 19 days!
  • A 54% gain on Nevada Sunrise in 5 days!
  • And a 33% return on Virginia Energy Resources in 1 day!

The commodity supercycle gains are stacking up fast.

And I have plenty more tiny resource stocks waiting on their next trigger...

Here’s everything you’ll get if you secure one of the 250 Founder's Member spots today...

Get Triggered:
5 Kickoff Commodity Boom Stocks

Any one of the FIVE plays in your first small-cap commodity supercycle report could be absolutely life-changing. 

The first one alone has 100-times-your-money potential. They include:

  • SUPERCYCLE PLAY #1: Goldman Sachs is forecasting the biggest copper supply squeeze in ten years. And my TOP PLAY is sitting on 5 BILLION pounds of it.  They are also sitting on: 4.6 million oz of gold and 120 million oz. of silver…. so the total take here could be almost $31 Billion!  And one tiny firm trading for less than $1.00 owns it all. (100 times your money is not out of the question.)
  • SUPERCYCLE PLAY #2: Rare earths are on fire and the last time this happened we saw several 1,000%-plus winners in the best-positioned stocks. Now it’s happening all over again. The difference is there's EVEN MORE juice to squeeze this time.  To match the Net Present Value of what this firm has in the ground the share price would need to jump by almost 13 TIMES. (1,200% upside potential)
  • SUPERCYCLE PLAY #3: My geologist has confirmed the initial discovery by this partnership contains 500,000 ounces of gold…which at $2,000 an oz….adds up to a $1 billion stake. With gold headed as high as $5,000/oz this go-round…it’s my TOP GOLD PLAY. (2,000% potential upside.)
  • SUPERCYCLE PLAY #4: John Robbins, who’s sold multiple projects for hundreds of millions of dollars, calls it: “The best early stage gold project he’s ever seen”! With the potential for millions of ounces of gold…I agree!...especially at less than $0.50 a share. (Upside potential: 500%+) 
  • SUPERCYCLE PLAY #5:  A uranium trade that not one in 10,000 investors has ever heard of… it just added several uranium properties here in late 2021 that I think the market will value much higher in a hurry. (This could double your money really quickly.)

And every new stock that gets triggered will be sent to you instantly via...

Junior Resource Speculator Alerts

I send them directly to your phone, tablet, or computer via email so you can act on them quickly.

Every single one will contain:

  • Which stock just triggered the system
  • What exchanges it trades on
  • What price to buy it under
  • The expected catalyst we’re looking for to send it higher

And you won’t just be getting buy recommendations. I issue ongoing guidance and sell alerts as well. 

Plus you’ll have round-the-clock access to my password-protected premium members’ website…

Junior Resource Speculator
Secure Traders Platform


You’ll get total access to my platform, where you'll find every alert, update, and special report I've ever issued. 

It also contains the model portfolio, so you can see every past and present trade in a single glance. 

You’ll immediately receive log-in information upon joining.

The first 250 Founder’s Members today will also receive...

“Resource Requisites:
What Makes Mining Stocks Soar”

Earlier we went through what I look for in a company before I recommend it for a trade: the Macro, Micro, and Trigger. 

This report puts those criteria into easy-to-follow steps you can use on your own. 

It’s my recipe for a successful resource stock trade: what to look for, how to identify it, and how to time it.

I don’t just serve up the fish for my members… I show them the secrets so they can land the big ones for themselves. 

It’s your chance to peek behind the curtain of my profit system. 

And if you ever have any questions, concerns, or comments, you’ll have a direct line to our:

This is a dedicated service only for our highest-level subscribers…

Where you can call Monday through Friday and get the white-glove treatment from my team.

Plus 24/7 email access… Where you can reach out to me any time.

In fact, I expect you to.

And while I can’t give personal investment advice, most times I send along a personal note in addition to my team’s response.

That’s how hands-on this is for me.

It’s also why we have to limit today’s Founder’s Memberships to 250. More than that and we wouldn’t be able to provide such a high level of service.

First 250 People Only:
Founder’s Member DOUBLE Guarantee...

I want EVERYONE to be able to do this.

So everyone who takes action gets my Double Guarantee.

Guarantee #1

Try Junior Resource Speculator for the next 60 days.

Take advantage of all of the recommendations.

Study every one of my briefings.

Immerse yourself in every facet of my world.

And see what you think.

If I haven’t changed your life, boosted your bank account, or made a positive impact on your cash flow...

Just let us know and I’ll refund every penny of your money.

You can keep EVERYTHING you received through this special limited offer as a show of my gratitude.

That way you’ll have absolutely ZERO downside.

In fact, I’m so confident you’re going to LOVE my work I’ll even take it one BIG step further...

Guarantee #2

If you don’t see the opportunity to DOUBLE your money SIX times over the next 12 months, just give us a call, and we’ll give you another year of Junior Resource Speculator for FREE.

Institutional investors would pay $25,000 for a service like this. 

And it’s worth every penny considering that with the amount they’re investing they can make several times that on a single trade.

But you’ll pay only a fraction of that today by securing one of the 250 Founder’s Members subscriptions. And not 20% or even 50% off...

For the first 250 people who join us as part of this commodity supercycle special event today... we’re offering Junior Resource Speculator annually for only $1,999. 

So go ahead and join us now. 

The order form below is 100% secure. 

Or, if you prefer, call our VIP Support representatives at 512-890-3830 or 844-992-3004 (toll free). They are available from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (Pacific Time), Monday through Friday.

But please don’t wait. I can’t control how fast the spots go or when the next Alert will be sent. 

And I want you to be in for all the upside this commodity supercycle has to offer. 

Let’s get it, 


Gerardo Del Real

Editor, Junior Resource Speculator

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