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Junior Resource Trader


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Junior Resource Trader is Gerardo Del Real’s premium buy-sell alert service focused exclusively on the explosive junior mining sector. 

Gerardo has been successfully trading junior resource stocks for over a decade and has been issuing buy and sell alerts to a paying group of followers for half that time.

The real-time trade alerts he issues in Junior Resource Trader mirror the personal trades he’s making using the process he’s developed during his years as a professional trader.

You’ll get up to five trade alerts each month, each capable of delivering five- or six-figure returns. 

This is the same proven system Gerardo has used to harness gains in the sector up to:

  • 7,042% on Quest Rare Minerals
  • 2,328% on Great Bear Resources
  • 1,790% on Magna Gold
  • 832% on Nevada Sunrise Gold

You don’t need to be a mining industry insider or an expert trader. Gerardo has done all the research and he’s confident in each trade because it reflects what he’s doing with his own capital. 

He “eats his own cooking” as he likes to say. 

His system eliminates thousands of junior gold stocks immediately, so he’s only choosing from a small group of them that are poised for rapid gains. It’s how he creates and compounds wealth for himself and subscribers — trade after trade.

You can expect several alerts per month. And all new trade alerts contain:

  • The name and ticker symbol of a gold or mining stock set to deliver you a five- or six-figure payday
  • Why the company meets Gerardo’s personal criteria for a successful trade
  • The current valuation and upcoming catalysts — including dates — he believes could move it much higher
  • And all the info you need to get in before that happens

All new members of Junior Resource Trader get instant access to Gerardo’s current list of active trades. You’ll get it as soon as you subscribe.

We completely guarantee your satisfaction. Every new member has 60 DAYS to try the service and all the profit opportunities it delivers. During that time we offer a 100% refund — no questions asked. 

Here’s what people are saying about Gerardo’s publications:

"Thank You, Mr. Del Real, thank you! 

The results have been amazing since using your publications. My portfolio has risen to a rapidly advancing $110,000!

This is truly a dream unfolding. Thank you for your publications based on hard work, and something that today is hard to find... your HONESTY and INTEGRITY. THANKS!! —Donald S.

The price to receive Junior Resource Trader is $1,999 per year by completing the form below.

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