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The Royalty of Gold:

Earn 10x Your Money on the Roaring Gold Bull While Collecting Continuous Cash

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We’re in the gold bull market of a lifetime.

Gold is already near $2,000, with much higher prices likely as investors seek shelter from slowing stock market growth and the highest inflation in 40 years. 

As you saw today, it would take $7,200 gold just for it to get back to the levels we saw the last time market conditions like this existed. 

But there is one little-known sector of the gold market that outperforms all the others. 

There’s a better way to capture the upside in gold, and make the kind of incredible, low-risk gains you’ll be talking about with family and friends for years to come, thanks to this sub-$10 stock we’re using to increase our own families’ wealth. 

Not only are 10X gains in the cards as gold marches higher, but this company also pays out a consistent cash dividend that’s the highest in the industry. 

There is nowhere else you can get all of the leveraged upside of gold — with almost none of the downside — because it just began publicly trading and very few other investors know about it. 

To get started, you just need to claim your copy of  “The Royalty of Gold: Earn 10x Your Money on the Roaring Gold Bull.”

In it, I share why owning mineral rights via royalty stocks is the safest and easiest way to get rich with gold. And how you could use this brand-new royalty company to generate higher stocks gains and dividends than most other investors will make in this gold bull market. 

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your membership is backed by my 100% money-back guarantee. 

Take two months to look over all my work, read the issues, and track my performance. During that time we offer a full refund — no questions asked. 

Simply contact our Customer Service team at our local number (512) 898-7730 or our international toll free number at (844) 334-4700 within the first 60 days.

Here’s everything you’ll get:

  • 12 Monthly Issues of Junior Resource Monthly — Every month, I chronicle the world of junior mining in these missives. Buy, sell, hold recommendations are included. And each new recommendation gets a full write-up with expected catalyst and timing. Plus ongoing coverage of all positions.
  • Model Portfolio — The junior precious, base, and energy metal stocks I’m recommending now, and the prices to buy them.
  • Flash Alerts — Immediate updates when needed.
  • Exclusive Interviews — I have access to management teams and financiers across the resource space. You can expect several interviews monthly. And you get them before they’re published anywhere else.
  • Research Reports — Reports will be available on various sectors of the market (eg. rare earth, copper, lithium) and the companies within them, as well as on portfolio recommendations.
  • Free Membership — To Daily Profit Cycle, where me and Nick share some our musings for free via weekly editorials and podcasts

Many successful stock brokers, strategic investors, executives and others involved in the resource space have come to rely on the advice and insights I provide via these issues and reports. 

I think you will, too.

Here’s what people are saying about my research and recommendations:

"Thank you Mr. Del Real... thank you! The results have been amazing. Since using your publication my portfolio has risen from a dwindling  $72,000 to a rapidly advancing $110,000 in less than eight months. This is truly a dream unfolding! Thank you for your publications based on hard work and something that today is hard to find... your HONESTY and INTEGRITY!"  —George F.

"Gerardo is just fantastic, there’s no other way to say it. I make money. No... he makes money for me. Big time! My God! He’s been giving me a Christmas present every month... and all I can say is we are not talking about nickels and dimes... this guy is really really great."  —Jack S.

Membership to Junior Resource Monthly costs $199 annually. Fill out the form below or contact our Member Services team by calling 512-890-3830 (local) or 844-334-4700 (toll-free) and mention "ROYAL5" to receive everything outlined above at today’s discount.

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