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Don’t Wait! New Gold Royalty IPO Ready to Soar 1,000%...


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Don’t Wait!

New Gold Royalty IPO Ready to Soar 1,000%...

"This is my #1 gold stock for 2021!" 
— Millionaire gold investor Gerardo Del Real

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In a matter of months, Gerardo and his readers are earning gold stock gains that dwarf other “record setting” areas of the market…

Gains that are 5X better than bitcoin and the well-known tech stocks.

And much better than gold giants like Barrick Gold, which Warren Buffett invested in at the wrong time.

Some of his readers are turning tiny stakes into hundreds of thousands of dollars practically overnight.

"I’m now a gold millionaire thanks to Gerardo."Nick Hodge, a reader and investor

Gerardo is helping to create a whole new class of gold millionaires.

And he’s just getting started.

Gerardo has the inside scoop on a new gold royalty IPO… and why it's priming up for 1,000% gains.

He says it has all the upside of gold miners… while cutting your downside risk substantially.

It gets paid royalties... including from some of the largest gold miners in the world… and then passes a portion of those royalties on to you in the form of cold, hard cash.

You don’t have to touch the gold.

Royalties are the #1 way to gold riches in all times – good and bad. Whether gold is at $2,000 or $10,000.

And this one Gerardo would like to show you today is the “cream of the crop.”

The reasons why are clear:

This new gold royalty company is backed by one of the world’s top ten major gold producers.

Since it's brand-new, nobody has heard of it. So it’s still cheap.

Which is why, based on conservative calculations, it only trades at 1/10th its real value.

Previous royalty company IPOs needed to rise 10X to 20X to match the value of their parent company.

That means you’re looking at both a 10- to 20-bagger return on the stock… PLUS the cash payments that it spits out.

But only if you get in now, while it’s still cheap.

Gerardo has been eyeing this opportunity, and getting the inside scoop…

Now that they’re publicly trading, you can get a piece of this next big gold success story.

Similar opportunities have earned Gerardo’s readers gains as high as 1,450%. 

And Gerardo himself earned windfalls in resource and mining stocks, booking gains as high as 7,042%.

This is how he built his wealth — with junior resource stocks.

And it’s how his readers are doing the same.

The Royalty of Gold: Earn 10x Your Money On The Roaring Gold BullNow is your chance to join them.

To get Gerardo’s full scoop on his next big gold 10-bagger, simply claim your free report: “The Royalty of Gold: Earn 10x Your Money on the Roaring Gold Bull.”

This is your ticket to become like one of Gerardo’s many readers who are seeing big profits in short time periods thanks to his junior resource stock picks.

In addition, I understand you’ll also receive ALL of the following immediately after filling out the form below:

  • 12 Monthly Issues of Junior Resource Monthly Every month Gerardo chronicles the world of junior mining in his missives. Buy, sell, hold recommendations are included. And each new recommendation gets a full write-up with expected catalyst and timing. Plus ongoing coverage of all positions.
  • Model Portfolio — The junior precious, base, and energy metal stocks Gerardo is recommending now, and the prices to buy them.
  • Flash Alerts — Immediate updates when needed.
  • Exclusive Interviews — Gerardo's has access to management teams and financiers across the resource space. You can expect several interviews monthly. And you get them before they go public on Daily Profit Cycle.
  • Research Reports — Reports will be available on various sectors of the market (eg. rare earth, copper, lithium) and the companies within them, as well as on portfolio recommendations.
  • Free Membership — To Daily Profit Cycle, where Gerardo and Nick share some their musings for free via weekly editorials and podcasts

Many successful junior mining brokers, backers, executives and others involved in the space have come to rely on Gerardo’s advice and insights.  

We think you will, too.

100% Refund Guarantee

And we completely guarantee your satisfaction.

Every new member has six full months to try the service out. You can take an entire 180 days to look over all of Gerardo’s work… read the issues… and track his stellar performance.

During that time we offer a 100% refund — no questions asked.

For half a year you can try the service risk-free. And any gains you generate as a result of Gerardo’s research are yours to keep.

Here’s what people are saying about Gerardo’s research and recommendations:

"Thank you Mr. Del Real... thank you! Since using your publication my portfolio has risen... to a rapidly advancing $110,000. This is truly a dream unfolding! Thank you for your publications based on hard work and something that today is hard to find... your HONESTY and INTEGRITY! "
—George F.

"Gerardo is just fantastic, there’s no other way to say it. I make money. No... he makes money for me. Big time! My God! He’s been giving me a Christmas present every month... and all I can say is we are not talking about nickels and dimes... this guy is really really great. " 
—Jack S.

The price to receive Junior Resource Monthly for one year is $199. We can’t guarantee this price will last forever, act now! 

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