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JRM Monthly Issue August 2022


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August 2022

The Fed Is Trapped

The economy is slowing down significantly. 

We are in a recession and stagflation
is the most likely result.

Here’s what comes next…


Gerardo Del Real here, your editor of Junior Resource Monthly, with some exciting news.

The August issue is ready to go. 

This is a critical time for the resource space. 

The Fed continues to hike interest rates. 

But in Jerome Powell’s most recent speech I noticed some blinking as he stares down the oncoming train that is a recession.

I'll go over why I think we can use that to our advantage in the rest of Q3 and most definitely in Q4.

I'll talk with you a bit about why investing in major gold companies, versus what's perceived to be the higher-risk-higher-reward juniors doesn't always provide you a hedge against a 50% drop in share price. 

There are plenty of opportunities out there. I'll get into my approach a little bit. 

I'll of course get into all of the portfolio news.

There's two types of companies right now:

  • There are companies that are delivering blockbuster results.
  • And there are companies that are waiting for a better market. 

This end of the year is going to be extremely consequential for allocating capital given the sell-offs we’ve seen already this year and the tax loss selling that is likely coming. So we'll talk about that. 

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