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JRM Monthly Issue September 2023


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September 2023

It’s Go-Time for Resource Stocks

Here are 10 you should take a look at right now…


Gerardo Del Real here, editor of Junior Resource Monthly.

It's September, and the newest issue of Junior Resource Monthly is ready to go. You can access it by completing the form below.

People are back in the office, kids are back in school, and companies that are sitting on news are once again active, releasing and publishing that news.

I think the rest of the year is going to be profitable and exciting, with a lot to look forward to.

This issue kicks off with China. We're going to talk about the doom and the gloom that a lot of mainstream analysts are predicting for China. And while the data does bear that out, I get into why it may be wise to dig a little deeper into the information that you're receiving from China. I’ll tie that into the resource space because obviously it's very consequential.

We're going to get into lithium. There has been significant M&A in the lithium space that's very consequential for the portfolio, and very consequential for profits moving forward.

We're going to talk about uranium, which is flirting with multi-year highs and looks really primed to break out. The uranium equities, once again, look like they're ready to run. We talk about how to position, we talk about how to profit, and we talk about why it's better to be positioned early in the uranium space than late.

And we'll get into all the portfolio companies and news. I mentioned that companies are once again publishing news. That means plenty of new exclusive interviews with top analysts, top CEOs and companies that we cover in the portfolio. This issue includes coverage of 10 junior mining stocks — including gold, lithium, uranium, copper, and even hydrogen — that you should be considering now.

And I'll give you my brief closing thoughts on what I see ahead for the rest of the month and the rest of the year.

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But I think that going into the fall you should be as excited as I am. Because I think there are some very profitable opportunities just ahead.

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Gerardo Del Real
Editor, Junior Resource Monthly

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