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Hodge Family Office


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The Hodge Family Office has three branches, each with different goals and themes. 

Hodge Family Office is the “Executive Branch” of the office. It caters to high net worth and professional investors by offering access to Nick’s pipeline of deal flow and executive connections. 

You’ll be seeing the same deals Nick vets for himself. These are private placements in early stage ventures, including private, pre-IPO and going public, and already public companies. 

These are for high net worth investors, trusts, and other entities who meet the accredited investor definition. 

Hodge Family Office only pursues opportunities that are listed or have a clear path to go public. It does not offer “Reg D” or other so-called crowdsourcing deals with no clear path to return of capital. 

There is a strict membership limit because of the size of the financings. Nick currently only has room for 250 members to participate in these deals alongside him and his tight-knit group of connected financiers. Many of these spots are already taken from long-term Members who’ve relied on Nick’s access quality private placements for years. 

The price to secure one of the 250 memberships is $4,999 per year. 

That gets you access to Nick’s deal flow, which has been the main tool he’s used to create his market-based wealth because of the attractive terms and warrants they offer. Past private placement successes include:

  • 1,640% on Lithium X 
  • 946% on ImmunoPrecise Antibodies
  • 620% on Rupert Resources
  • 531% on K92 Mining
  • 520% on Magna Gold
  • Plus dozens of other 100%+ winners across the resource, biotech, energy, and cannabis sectors that are often leveraged further with warrants

And we completely guarantee your satisfaction. Every new member has sixty days to try the service out. During that time we offer a 100% refund — no questions asked. 

Here’s what Nick’s long-time members are saying:

I have made 100%-400% on at least three of Nick's recommendations. —Pat C.

Keep up the good work. Your service is head and shoulders above any other I have used. I am 100% up on the year thanks to you. —David S.

All of this is only available to 250 members who secure a spot in Hodge Family Office for $4,999 per year using the form below.

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When you subscribe to Hodge Family Office with your credit card, you will be billed at today’s low rate. Every year on your order anniversary we will automatically bill your card for the lowest rate we offer to continue your subscription. This way you enjoy today’s low rate for an entire year while ensuring you never miss an issue. Automatic billing does not obligate you in any way. You may opt out any time.