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Hodge Family Office


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Hodge Family Office is the flagship weekly newsletter Nick Hodge has been writing for over 12 years. 

It offers long-term coverage of early-stage opportunities across all market sectors as well as select macro information and trades. 

This is the letter on which Nick built his reputation and found some of his most well-known successes — from cleantech, batteries, and 3D printing to biotech and natural resources. 

Hodge Family Office includes a model speculative portfolio that reflects what Nick’s doing with his own money, plus his weekly musings.

The goal with each speculation is to generate 200% to 500% returns in two to five years. 

Nick’s repeatable success with this type of investing has led to tens of thousands of investors seeking out his advice through this membership. 

The portfolio consistently holds 20 of these speculations.

Nick also issues trades on macro themes — mainly major indices, volatility, and gold — when conditions are favorable. 

It’s a rare combination that has created investment success for over a decade for Nick and his thousands of subscribers across the world. 

Here’s what you get with an annual membership to Hodge Family Office

52 Weekly Issues — Every week, Nick chronicles the macro market from his unique contrarian perspective before diving into relevant sector news, company updates, and current buy and sell recommendations. 

Model Portfolio — The portfolio always consists of 20 speculative positions selected by Nick for their potential to deliver 200% to 500% returns in two to five years. 

Macro Trades — This is not a trading service. But Nick can’t help himself sometimes when the right circumstances present themselves with major indices, volatility, and gold. The sentiment of these trades can also be a useful sizing and positioning tool. 

Recommendation Reports — Every stock that goes in the model portfolio gets a full recommendation report with rationale and upcoming catalysts.

Free Subscription — We’ll also send you our Daily Profit Cycle newsletter which focuses on how to profit from the cycles within the market and the sectors within it. 

This weekly service has been around for over a decade and is responsible for dozens and dozens of triple digit wins in early stage speculations across many sectors of the market. 

The next one can be yours. 

And to that end, we completely guarantee your satisfaction. Every new member has sixty days to try the service out. During that time we offer a 100% refund — no questions asked. 

Here’s what people are saying about Nick’s research and recommendations:

"Nick Hodge is my favorite, hands down!

I always look forward to his writings, which always comes with wisdom and integrity, and that alone is very hard to find these days.

The man has an uncanny ability to pick the early, unforeseen, 'diamond in the rough' stocks that generated my Father/Grandfarther a lot of wealth." —David J.

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