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“Yes, I Want To Earn 20,000% Gains On America’s Biggest Gold Mine!”


Once details of this historic gold discovery go public… this sub-$1.00 miner will begin a breathtaking ride.

The kind not seen since Diamond Fields surged for 200,000% gains on its nickel discovery.

And you have the unprecedented opportunity to buy in ahead of the crowd. 

Remember, I’m only privy to this mine’s real wealth because of my insider contacts...

And my boots-on-the-ground visit to the mining site in Idaho...

Few outside of a very well-connected group have even heard of this company.

Almost nobody knows how much gold it truly contains. But that won’t last much longer.

When this mine’s true potential becomes public knowledge, the major gold giants will begin the bidding war of a lifetime... 

Driving shares up to $2... $5... past $8 in a buyout scenario like you just saw.

Why wait to buy it later, when shares are above $5 or even $8, when you can buy right now for under $1.00?

That could come quickly, considering drills are turning now and we’re expecting public results very soon. 

So to get you started now, I've put together a comprehensive report for you with full details on this fast-moving opportunity, including…

  • The 10-million-ounce gold deposit that nobody knows about… and when the public will find out.
  • The name and ticker symbol of the sub-$1.00 company with complete ownership of the mine.
  • Why this mine has less permitting and operational risk than most other projects

It's called “Drilling Into A 20-Bagger: Exposing the Potential of America’s Next Biggest Gold Discovery,” and you'll have it as soon as you complete this form.

It's the same kind of research that's led other Hodge Family Office members to say:

As a loyal member of [Hodge Family Office], I wanted to thank you for your tremendous research and recommendations! I've much more than paid for my subscriptions! Per your recommendation, I had invested in Ely Gold Royalties and am currently sitting on a 900% gain [in less than two years]!!! THANK YOU!!! — Garth G.

Hello Nick, I hope this email finds its way to you as I would personally like to thank you for putting me onto the greatest junior gold mining investment I have ever made. I now have a substantial shareholding with warrants in a publically listed junior who is still under the radar. Thanks Nick! — Adrian B. 

To put yourself in a position to reap maximum profits from other 10-bagger gold and precious metals opportunities, simply accept a risk- and obligation-free trial of my extremely popular advisory service, Hodge Family Office.

You'll not only get over 50% OFF this incredibly valuable research, but you'll also have the chance to get in early on the historic gold mine opportunity that could shortly mint new millionaires.


Everything You'll Get 
With Your 100% Risk-Free Membership
to Hodge Family Office

When you agree to take advantage of the Hodge Family Office offer I'm making you today, you’ll receive an incredible bundle of wealth-building tips and tools.

The minute you become a member, you'll have access to:

  • Our Weekly Newsletter: You get 52 weekly issues of the Hodge Family Office newsletter, in which you'll discover unique investment opportunities that could consistently grow your wealth, no matter how much or how little you currently have. This is where I help ordinary investors make fast profits on the most explosive early-stage companies that you’ll NEVER read about through the mainstream press.
  • Bonus Report: “Drilling Into A 20-Bagger: Exposing the Potential of America’s Next Biggest Gold Discovery” — This covers the historic gold mine opportunity and the unknown sub-$1.00 miner with complete ownership, including its name & ticker symbol, footage from my recent visit, and the inside scoop you can only get from my network in the mining space.
  • BONUS GIFT #1: “Lithium’s Little Giant” — a $499 Value, Yours FREE! — I’ll show you a tiny company that owns what I think will be the next major North American lithium mine. I expect it to be fully permitted soon ahead of being taken out for a substantial premium. 
  • BONUS GIFT #2: “A Tier-One PGM-Gold Opportunity” — a $499 Value, Yours FREE! — Serious speculators will know that a “tier one” project is a “company making” mine. They are very large, low-cost, and long-lived projects that produce hundreds of thousands of ounces of precious metals per year. They are extremely rare to come across. And you’ll have all the info you need on this one report.
  • Special Alerts: In addition to our weekly issues, you’ll also get regular investment alerts and updates about existing recommendations and other investments I’m researching.
  • 24/7 Access to Our Members-Only Website and Archive: Complete, 24/7 online access to issues, reports, archives, and model portfolio.
  • Free Subscription: to the daily e-Letter Daily Profit Cycle.

And that's not all you'll receive...


Special Event Pricing

Since you're an invited member, I’m prepared to offer you the entire Hodge Family Office membership for just a fraction of the cost...

In fact, you’ll pay just 50% less than sticker price for 12 months of Hodge Family Office. Just $999.

That’s a HUGE discount off the normal price!

Simply fill out the form below to lock in this discount today.


My Ironclad Guarantee

I understand the ideas covered in Hodge Family Office are unconventional, and they're not for everyone

That’s why I completely guarantee your satisfaction. Every new member has 60 days to try the service out. During that time we offer a 100% refund — no questions asked.

And while I don’t get many refund requests, if you do decide it’s not for you, you can keep everything you received during your trial for free, including the report on the tiny gold company that I’m going to send you today. 

Any information, reports, and, of course, any profits you receive courtesy of my service during that time are yours to keep.

But once you see how easy it is to profit from the information in the reports you'll get, I'm confident you'll realize just how valuable Hodge Family Office will be to you.



Please fill out the short acceptance form below, and you'll immediately receive everything you need to know in order to jump into this urgent gold mine opportunity.

You'll also receive everything I mentioned above, including members-only access, private alerts, and half-off pricing.

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So sign up now with total confidence. You have my guarantee of complete satisfaction.

Call it like you see it,

Nick Hodge

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