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Private Tour of Silver’s Most Exciting New Mine


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Explosive Silver Upside Ahead?

Private Tour of Silver’s Most Exciting New Mine

The Famous Silver Mines of Idaho Go Down to 6,000 Feet.
This New Mine Has Only Been Mined Down to 200 Feet!

Its Stock Has Doubled Since IPOing... Similar Stocks Have Gone Up 6,000%+

Watch the tour before silver soars...

Hi. Nick Hodge here with Daily Profit Cycle

We're driving from Eastern Washington, where I live, to the Panhandle in Northern Idaho, to go look at a silver mine today.

As you might know, the Panhandle of Idaho or the Silver Valley or the Coeur d'Alene Mining District, as it's called, is one of the most prolific silver mining districts in all of the world. 

Over a billion ounces of silver has come out of the ground here! 

And it spawned some of the most famous and long-lived mining companies in the world.

Coeur Mining was founded there and it still operates. Hecla mining as well, which is the largest producer of silver in North America, and still operates in the area. 

Famous mines, like the Galena Complex and the Lucky Friday Mine, and the Sunshine Mine, which the Hunt brothers even tried to take over when they tried to corner the market for silver in the '80s because of the explosive nature of both the metal and the related silver equities. 

As some of you may know, some of the best-performing precious metal stocks over time are early silver start-ups like Silver Standard, for example.


So here we are with silver strong again. 

And I, of course, as a private investor, am always looking at and vetting deals to invest in privately.

And I saw a couple of months ago, a private silver deal come across my desk that, for the first time, had consolidated a past-producing mine here in the Silver Valley. 

What's interesting about it is that most of these mines, the ones that I mentioned — Sunshine, Lucky Friday, Galena, for example — operate down to nearly 2,000 meters underground producing very, very high-grade silver in sediment-hosted formations. 

So the mine that we're going to visit today is a past producer, as I said, but was only mined down to about 90 meters. Nowhere close to the 2,000 meters that these other nearby mines are known to be mined down to.

Comparison of the Sunshine, Lucky Friday, Galena Mines


The theory behind this investment is quite simple, really: 

"Let's go drill beneath the known mine adit. Let's go drill below the known shafts and see if this mineralization continues further down like the famous mines of the Coeur d'Alene District."

And there's reason to believe that it does. 

For starters, there's already a historic resource on the mine that shows that mineralization continues down beneath known mined depths. 

And there's also a five-and-a-half-kilometer strike that hints at potentially more deposits on the property. So it's very early-stage.

My members — my accredited private high-net-worth investors — were able to finance it in 2021. And then it listed and started trading. 


It’s already been up as much as 200% since then. 

But the market cap is still quite small. There's been no additional exploration. 

They've put out some grab samples that included some very high-grade, not just silver, but gold and zinc and copper credits as well. 

So I'm on my way to check it out. 

Members, of course, get the full mine tour, the name of the stock, my recommendation and guidance. 

If you want to learn more about how to get in on one of the most exciting silver plays I've seen in a while, be sure to check out the publication, Foundational Profits.

One of the main reasons I'm excited about this silver project is there's not a lot of high-quality, small, pure silver projects in the world. 

Silver normally comes as a by-product of other mines. 

So to get a pure high-grade silver mine with a low valuation in a known prolific district with the ability to get in early is a rare find. 

And one of the ways to make many multiples on your money and the resource speculation game, especially if silver continues in the bull market that it's in.

So I hope you'll join. 

I hope you'll become a member of Foundational Profits and get access to all the resources that come with that, including the full video from the tour and information on the silver company that I'm going to see today.

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The 6,000% Silver Tour

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You don’t need record silver prices or a social media-driven mania to profit from silver stocks. 

All you need is real insight from someone with real connections who does real research. 

There are a lot of pretenders out there making videos from their fake studios. 

I make real videos, invest my real dollars, and have made real millions for myself and premium members by identifying and funding early-stage companies across most every sector. 

My investing insights have been compiled in two books. And the millionaire network I’ve created along the way has allowed me and select premium members to cherry-pick the best early-stage deals from across all market sectors and profit from them throughout their full lifecycle. 

Today you have the opportunity to see how I’m doing that right now in the silver space. 

This isn’t my first silver rodeo. 

I financed Silver One at $0.25 when it was still private and it went north of $1.25 immediately upon listing for 400%. 

I got in AbraSilver early below $0.14… and have watched it run more than 500% higher to over $0.80 as it drills out a new deposit in Argentina. 


The silver mine you saw me visiting today has me even more excited because it’s already been an actual mine. So we know the silver is there at shallow depths. 

But for the first time, the entire property package has been put into one company and will be appropriately explored. 

This is your chance to get in before it happens by getting access to your copy of “The 6,000% Silver Tour” today...

In it, you’ll see:

  • Footage from my full tour of this exciting new silver mine…
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Plus: everyone who signs up will have the opportunity to join me on a more exclusive basis… so you can learn about opportunities like this before I go on the tour. 

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  2. I expect significantly higher share prices not only as silver rises, but as the company drills to reveal what’s below the old mine, which is expected in Spring 2022. So you’ll want this info now.

What Foundational Profits Members are saying...

Up over 200%! I'll let it ride. Cheers!

— Anna S. Walla Walla, Washington

I made 400% on Nick's recommendation!

— Jim M. Butte, North Dakota

Today I made over $42,000... this, to me, is a game changer. Incredible!!!

— Roger H. Austin, Texas


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