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Major Lithium Buyouts Ahead


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Major Lithium Buyouts Ahead —
Get Ready to Ride the Lithium Boom

Tesla, Ford, and GM all have their eyes on this $2 lithium miner.

This is your chance to get your shares while there’s still time!

Read on to claim the Lithium Boom Profits report and get:

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  • Bonus Report #1: “The Rise of Rare Earths”
  • AND Bonus Report #2: “The Mission for the Million Dollar Transmission”
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Fellow Investor, 

The EV revolution is creating an unprecedented spike in demand for lithium…

And it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Prices are at all time record highs, and heading higher.

All of America’s big car companies are trying to keep up with their new EV production lines.
Tesla sold a million vehicles last year... and hopes to be selling 20 times that by 2030.

In order to fulfill their orders, they’ll need the entire world’s supply of lithium... and then some.

The situation has gotten so bad that Elon Musk is looking to mine his own lithium.

And Tesla isn’t alone. Warren Buffett’s BYD, Ford, GM, Jeep, are all scrambling to build their own EV batteries and buy up all the lithium they can find.

I’ve put together a report that explains why the $2 lithium miner I’m following is getting attention from all the major players. 

This report will show you how to make outstanding gains on this lithium company — it’s in the perfect position to take the lion’s share of the profits.

The lithium boom has already handed us incredible results...

We made 346% on a medium-sized lithium miner with seven active projects.

And 582% in just 12 months on a firm with vast reserves in Canada. 

And 707% on a company named Millennial Lithium. 

And all of this is on top of the life-changing 1,639% gains I made on Lithium X during the first lithium boom.

But the biggest gains are far from over...

Given everything I’m seeing right now, this $2 lithium miner could easily outdo everything we’ve seen so far.

“Lithium Boom Profits: Why Tesla, Ford, and GM Want a Piece of This $2 Mining Stock.”

Your report will reveal...

  • The name, ticker symbol, and company profile of this fast-moving mining stock
  • A precise recommendation of how and when to buy — everything you need to get in early
  • All of my boots-on-the-ground analysis, including the results of my exclusive interviews with the CEO and management — you can’t find insider-level access like this anywhere else, for any price
  • A full explanation of why this $2 mining stock could easily soar to $10 (or higher) in the weeks ahead — and why this company is in such a unique position to benefit

There’s no time to waste.

I’ll rush you a copy of this report the moment you complete the short order form below.

Getting Started Is Simple

This report is yours FREE as part of your subscription to my buy-and-hold research service Foundational Profits.

I’ve spent the last decade developing it. You can essentially “look over my shoulder” and see what investments I’m personally buying… why I’m buying them… how much I’m buying them for… and how much I’m selling them for. 

I lay it ALL out there for you.

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And the results speak for themselves. The Foundational Profits portfolio has far outperformed the stock market for many years.

So if you’re tired of all the empty promises made by so-called “experts” who’ve never personally invested in the markets themselves…

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Then you’re ready to start following my simple monthly moves so you can grow and protect your retirement wealth just like I do.

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    This growing collection of special investor reports – including the ones you just saw – will provide you with additional profit opportunities in carefully selected funds, ETFs, and stocks that few analysts report on (or even heard of!) that could provide you the chance to scoop up shares weeks or even months before their prices soar upward.
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  • Your Personal Copy of My Urgent Research Report —

    “Lithium Boom Profits: Why Tesla, Ford, and GM Want a Piece of This $2 Mining Stock.”

  • Bonus Report #1 — “The Rise of Rare Earths: The Other Essential Metal in the $25 Billion EV Revolution”

    The same catalysts affecting lithium are also creating a spike in demand for other metals as well... especially for rare earths. I’ll show you a rare earths miner that stands out from the crowd.
  • AND Bonus Report #2 — “The Mission for the Million Dollar Transmission: The Company Creating the Next Generation of Electric Buses and Trucks.”

    Trucks are quickly becoming the “new frontier” of the EV revolution... and they can only be built with new types of single-speed electric transmissions. This company has a lock on the patents (and profits) to come.

You’ll get all this and more for much less than you might think...

Get the Most Value for Your Money

As a premium research service, Foundational Profits compares with other services from other publishers that cost up to $1999 a year.

But I’m not going to charge you a fraction of that.

You see, I’m the co-founder and publisher. 

This is my company. 

I don’t need to foot the bill for expensive executives in plush offices to manage my business. 

My small team and I deliver my research directly to you — and you reap the benefits.

That’s why I’ve set the cost of an entire year of Foundational Profits for just $399.

But since this is such a fast-moving opportunity, I’d like to do even better.

If you complete your order today, you’ll pay just $199.

That’s a HUGE discount off the normal price!

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I look forward to welcoming you on board!

You’re Always in Control

As with all my research services, it’s important to me to completely guarantee your satisfaction. 

You have 60 full days to try the service out for yourself. 

If for any reason you feel that my research isn’t right for you — no problem, you get every penny back.

No hassles or run arounds.

And any information, reports, and, of course, any profits you receive courtesy of my service during that time are yours to keep.

But I think that you’re going to love my research and all the incredible profit opportunities I’ll provide you for years to come. 

Just like I did for investor Robert L:

Nick, for what it’s worth, Foundational Profits is my #1 ‘Guiding Light’ as I approach retirement age. Scores of ‘competitors’ have failed to pass muster with me, in contrast and comparison.” — Robert L.

He’s one of the thousands of investors who’ve become loyal readers over the past decade.

This is your chance to join them — and you’ve got nothing to lose in giving it a try.

I look forward to showing you how Foundational Profits can help transform your financial future.


Call it like you see it,

Nick Hodge

The Lithium Boom Is Underway...

We’ve already made dozens of double and triple-digit winners on small mining companies, and your report will reveal my greatest discovery yet. 

Complete the form below to receive your copy of this urgent report.

To order by phone, call our Member Services team at 512-890-3830 (local) or 844-334-4700 (toll-free) and mention "LITHIUM" to receive everything outlined above at today's discount.

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