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FP Monthly Issue November 2021

New Premium Research:

Best Sectors Heading Into 2022…

Plus: An 8% Dividend Payer

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Nick Hodge here…

And I’m excited to tell you about some new premium market research headed into the end of the year. 

It's the November issue of Foundational Profits

First, I get into what the best sectors of the current year were, how we profited from them, and how we're continuing to profit from them. 

I'll give you a hint: the best sector by far of the past year was energy. And members of Foundational Profits have profited from that in multiple ways. 

I also get into an update on virtual power plants and one stock we're using to profit from that trend. That's the idea that we use a number of decentralized power-producing units — solar, wind, batteries, even electric cars at night — feeding back into the grid to alleviate some of the strain that has caused the blackouts you've seen over the past year. 

There's one stock in particular that is far and away the leader when it comes to installing the components needed for those... and it's starting to break out based on improved earnings and some partnerships that it's made. 

I cover all of that in a virtual power plant update.

And then I look ahead to 2022:

  • A look at what bond yields are doing…
  • What I expect the dollar to do....
  • What I expect the stock market to do... at least for the next quarter or so. 

And of course, how to position for it. 

There's a recommendation to get in a dividend-paying, tobacco producing company yielding over 8%. And there's some guidance on how to play cannabis headed into the end of the year because it's been so weak. 

There's also some tax loss buying ideas to take advantage of certain stocks that are weak headed into the end of the year. 

Plus there is a brand-new report called “Get Ready For The Turbulent '20s” — where I outline some of my worldview about the animosity towards the current systems out there, why you've seen things like the rise of cryptocurrency…  

How I see the rest of the decade playing out and how you can use that playing out to your financial advantage — not only to profit from it, but protect yourself from some of the more negative aspects of it.

It's all in the November issue of Foundational Profits.

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