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FP Monthly Issue May 2023


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May 2023

We’ve Had a Great
Bear Market

See why there is more 
stock market pain ahead

Plus: Analysis on the debt ceiling, why it matters…
And how to buy the biggest IPO since 2021



Hey everybody, Nick Hodge here, and I’m excited to tell you about the May issue of Foundational Profits

There are still many reasons to be bearish and many reasons to be cautious as it relates to the broader markets.

This issue spends a bit of time going over those reasons. 

It starts out with an analysis of the debt ceiling — why this year is different from most years, when there would typically be a de facto increase of that debt ceiling. This year, we could see an actual default. I’ll show you why.

I also talk about things like credit default swaps and how they cost more now and why the stock market could go down if Congress and the president let this debt ceiling issue linger too long. 

And we talk about the earnings that we're continuing to see from the first quarter of 2023, and how the earnings growth is still negative for many of the S&P companies and certainly for the majority of the NASDAQ 100 companies. 

We talk a little bit about the yield curve and why recession is still ahead. 

But it's never all doom and gloom. 

We talk about what to do about that. There's an extended section in this issue on why liquidity matters and how to provide that liquidity for yourself. 

We also take a look at commodities, particularly copper and oil, what they're saying about the broader macroeconomy and the direction it's heading. 

And then we have a nice section on gold, which has been performing beautifully of late and remains in a bull market. We talk about a recent recommendation I made in that space. That's up 10% since we bought it in April. And we rotate from one gold position that we're up 50% on since gold started going up last October into a new major miner. 

That's all in this issue of Foundational Profits

There's also a brand-new recommendation in the consumer staples space. That's a defensive sector traditionally, and it's one that's been actually going up of late when many sectors of the S&P are in negative territory. This is a recently trading company that owns some of the best known brands in the world. They have over 10 brands that generate $400 million of revenue a piece each year. And the stock just IPO’d. It's been the largest IPO since 2021. We start positioning in that consumer staples stock as a result of the analysis that you'll see in this May issue.

And then, as I always do, I go through the portfolio, relevant news, updates, callouts, and actions — things that are worthy of buying now and companies that have had recent news or quarterly earnings reports. 

So it's a dense issue. It's over 3,000 words. There's plenty to act on as we head into summer, and I hope you'll check it out by becoming a member of Foundational Profits by filling out the form below.


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  • Bonus Report #1“Lithium Boom Profits: Why Tesla, Ford, and GM Want a Piece of This $2 Mining Stock”

    The lithium boom is just getting started. And this report covers what is likely the most undervalued stock in the entire sector. A $2 mining company that is being courted by all the large automakers as it just received its final permit to construct what will be the newest lithium mine in North America.
  • Bonus Report #2“The Rise of Rare Earths: The Other Essential Metals in the $25 Billion EV Revolution”

    There is only one large rare earth mining and processing site in North America. You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity.
  • Bonus Report #3“The Mission for the Million Dollar Transmission: The Company Creating Next Generation Electric Buses and Trucks”

    Allison Transmission is the world’s largest manufacturer of medium- and heavy-duty fully-automatic transmissions. And, increasingly, is a leading supplier of commercial-duty electrified propulsion systems.
  • Bonus Report #4“Kings of the DRIP.”

    Growth stories are great but the richest families in history have stayed that way by generating recurring income. Dividends are the best way an investor can do that. I divulge the top income names on the street and how to compound your gains when you own them long-term.
  • Bonus Report #5 — “A Taste of Tenbaggers”

    See how speculative investing is different and what is required if you want to do it in this new report. I’ll also give you a taste of a few tiny companies I’ve financed this way that have allowed me and others to make “tenbagger” and even higher returns. 
  • A Taste of the Tenbaggers
    Bonus Report #6 — “Get Ready for the Turbulent 20s!”

    Everything from the distrust of governments and police… to runaway debts… the rise of cryptocurrencies… and the rotten partisanship can be tied in some way to what authors Neil Strauss and David Howe called The Fourth Turning.
  • Your Personal Portfolio Protection Plan
    Bonus Video Report #7 — “Your Personal Portfolio Protection Plan”

    This will show you how to completely buck the traditional go-nowhere plan offered by Wall Street (including 3-simple steps to get started) so you can leave their underperformance and high fees behind forever.
  • Free Membership to Daily Profit Cycle — Where I publish my free musings and podcast.

Hope to see you over at Foundational Profits soon! 

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