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FP Monthly Issue July 2024


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July 2024

Beating the Record-Breaking
Stock Market

In Our Retirement Portfolios

Follow me as I show you how to do the same…

You should be managing your own long-term capital and finances.

I can show you how.

If you’re already doing it, I can show you how to improve how you think about the markets and likely your performance as well.

My name is Nick Hodge. I’ve been managing and growing my own wealth since my early 20s with no capital headstart given. I’m now in my 40s with a family of five, and I co-own a financial publishing company that offers services to help you invest based on your risk appetite, portfolio size, interests, and goals.

This is an introduction to Foundational Profits, which is a monthly letter where I show you how I’m managing my retirement-grade capital, mostly via ETFs and large-cap stocks. You get to see how much I own of each position, when I buy it, and when I sell.

July is a great month to get acquainted with the service, because the issue starts with a review of the first half of the year — during which our closed portfolio out-edged an S&P that hit over two dozen new all-time highs.

You can see how we did it in this issue. Every single position and how much we owned.

When I say “we,” I mean the thousands of investors that are following my monthly moves in Foundational Profits to manage their own wealth, steer their retirement portfolios, and help make timing and sizing decisions about long-term capital allocation.

The rest of the issue gets into what I’m seeing in the macro markets and how we’re positioning in various asset classes as we head into the second half of the year.

That includes copper, which went to record highs earlier this year at five dollars and continues to be bullish. It includes crude oil, which is over eighty dollars now and is bullish as well. And it includes the CPI, which has come out a little bit soft, but nonetheless, I believe is gonna remain sticky high for the rest of the year.

And we talk about what that means for the Fed and interest rates and for rate sensitive industries like utilities and REITs, which have been underperformers over the past couple of years in this high interest rate environment, but are starting to perform well as we get closer to a likely rate cut in September.

There is also a section on precious metals and how we’re allocating to that sector with gold at $2,400 and approaching record highs.

And there are also informational and actional excerpts on nuclear energy and cannabis policy and how it’s affecting uranium and marijuana stocks.

So it’s a great month to get acquainted with Foundational Profits if you're not already and I would love to welcome you as a new member.

As I tell people, you can join to follow what I’m doing… You can join to supplement what you’re already doing on your own… Or you can just copy my portfolio and get your money back if you wish. Every new member gets two months to check everything out 100% risk-free.

Just complete the form below to get started.


As a Foundational Profits Member, You Will Receive:

  • 12 Monthly Issues of Nick Hodge’s Foundational Profits — Every month, I cover major themes and trends in global economies and markets. Those insights are turned into action with specific buy and sell recommendations. 
  • Model Portfolio —Twenty companies and/or funds I’m recommending now to profit from the themes and trends I identify. Any news is covered in the monthly issues. You get access as soon as you subscribe.
  • Flash Alerts — Urgent updates when needed for news-based buy/sell information.
  • Exclusive Interviews —  I have the ear of many executives and thought leaders across several industries. And I bring my talks with them directly to you in candid interviews.
  • Bonus Report #1: “The Rise of Rare Earths: The Other Essential Metal in the $25 Billion EV Revolution.”

    Every electric vehicle, solar panel, and wind turbine will need some combination of seventeen metallic elements called rare earths minerals. I’ve been shouting from the rooftops about the opportunity that the global energy transition therefore presents for resource investors. This report outlines one of the best ways to invest in the sector.
  • Bonus Report #2: “The Clean Energy Dividend Powerhouse Set to Power 33 Million Homes.”

    It already provides power to over 10 million Americans… but in the next few years, I expect it will add tens of millions more households to its customer base. That would mean years, if not decades, of continued dividend growth from here.
  • Bonus Report #3: “Uranium’s New Royalty.”

    Nuclear power is essential to the world’s decarbonization goals, and also to Western countries’ desire to undermine Putin. So it’s not surprising nuclear power is seeing a huge global rehabilitation to its image, as governments everywhere look to boost it. A uranium bull market is underway and this report goes in-depth the only way to invest in uranium royalties that I know of.
  • Bonus Report #4: “The True 10X Battery Breakthrough.”

    This company eliminates graphite in the battery anode and instead uses silicon, which is both cheaper and easier to supply. It’s tech also solves other issues and opens up the applications for which lithium batteries can be used.
  • Bonus Report #5: “Nick Hodge's Outlook for the Remainder of 2024: Is Your Portfolio Prepared for What's Ahead?”

    A video overview of the macro picture heading into the second half of 2024, bullish and bearish market sector forecasts, and positioning.
  • Free Membership to Daily Profit Cycle — Where I publish my free musings and podcast.

Hope to see you over at Foundational Profits soon! 

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