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for Any Market Today

And You’ll Also Get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to My Financial Independence Library

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Get Your Blueprint for Any Market Today

And You’ll Also Get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to My
Financial Independence Library

So You Can Start Adding an Extra $245,000 to Your Investment Portfolio

If you’re ready to take complete control of your income… slash your tax obligations to the bone… MULTIPLY your investment portfolio… and even set your kids (or grandkids) up for financial success… No matter what the stock market is doing…

Then I’m excited to help you achieve all those goals with the newest research in my Financial Independence Library… and much more!

In my presentation – you saw how I was able to generate portfolio returns that routinely “beat the market” using a simple strategy that anyone can follow. 

And how following that strategy could’ve added an extra $49,000 per year to your investment bottom line — just like it does for mine.

So if you’re ready to finally become financially independent, then I’m here to help!

From how I identify trends and use market cycles for profit… to the tax strategies I use to keep as much of my family’s wealth as possible in uncertain times… 

You can essentially “look over my shoulder” and see what investments I’m personally buying… why I’m buying them… how much I’m buying them for… and how much I’m selling them for. 

I lay it ALL out there for you.

Since I manage the Foundational Profits portfolio like I manage my family’s retirement money… You get to see my positioning at any given time. 

So if you’re tired of all the empty promises of making a fortune in the stock market from so-called “experts” that never personally invest in the markets themselves…

If you’re ready to start making real money… year after year, like clockwork…

And if you’re willing to learn from someone who doesn’t just “talk the talk” but actually “walks the walk” when it comes to investing successfully and making millions…

Then you’re ready to start following my simple monthly moves so you can grow and protect your retirement wealth just like I do.


Here’s Everything You’ll Receive With

I promise you that this is unlike any other investment research you’ve ever seen.

Once you get started below, you’ll immediately receive access to all five of the new special investor reports I mentioned in this presentation:


Plus, you’ll also receive:

  • 12 monthly issues of Foundational Profits. Each issue is packed with financial research, profit opportunities, and market insights you won’t find anywhere else. Each month, I will provide you with long term market trends with a contrarian flare along with hidden, little-known opportunities that could turn into BIG paydays. Plus, you’ll also receive access to my archives with additional profit opportunities… for free.
  • 24/7 Access to my Foundational Profits Model Portfolio. This includes ALL of my open investment recommendations, so you can pick and choose how you want to diversify your portfolio to generate maximum financial gains. 
  • Email Trade Alerts. You don’t need to watch the markets all day, every day. That’s for amateurs…and quite frankly, way too stressful! Instead, just check your email inbox every couple of days to see if I have sent you any alerts to buy or sell. It’s that easy!
  • Access to my growing Financial Independence Library. This growing collection of special investor reports – including the ones you just saw – will provide you with additional profit opportunities in carefully selected funds, ETFs, and stocks that few analysts report on (or even heard of!) that could provide you the chance to scoop up shares weeks or even months before their prices soar upward.
  • A Dedicated Customer Service Team. If you ever have any questions about your subscription to Foundational Profits, you can simply give one of our team members a call, or send them an email… and they will walk you through whatever you need.
  • Quarterly Call-ins. I’ll host a live webinar that you can attend. I’ll update you on the current state of the macro market and call out any important updates to our positioning or portfolio. Plus you’ll be able to submit questions that I’ll answer for the benefit of everyone. That’s taking it one step beyond “looking over my shoulder”... so you can get direct access to my thought process and what I’ve been buying in the market.

Access to Foundational Profits costs $199 a year, and at that price, it’s an absolute bargain when you consider how much money you could make from my research in the months to come.

However, as part of this limited-time offer, you can pay just HALF. 

So when you get started today, you’ll get everything you’ve seen above for the discounted price of just $99 a year. 

Plus, if you’re like me and enjoy “getting the most bang for your buck” – then I invite you to become a Lifetime Member today for just $299 so you’ll have access to my best investment and personal finance research for years to come. 

Regardless of which membership option you choose – you can try out ALL of my work 100% risk-free for the next two months. 

So if you’re not happy with my research for any reason… or even no reason at all – simply let our customer service team know, and we’ll offer you a full and prompt refund!

But I think that you’re going to love my research and all the incredible profit opportunities it could provide you with for years to come. 

If you’re ready to finally build lasting wealth and create financial independence for yourself — the current market challenges we’re facing — then I’m ready to help you, just like I did with Robert L. and thousands of others:

“Nick — for what it’s worth, Foundational Profits is my #1 ‘Guiding Light’ as I approach retirement age. Scores of ‘competitors’ have failed to pass muster with me, in contrast and comparison.”

Just pick the membership option below that makes the best financial sense for you.

I look forward to welcoming you on board!

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