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Buy the “Amazon of Energy” Now While It’s Still Cheap…


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Buy the “Amazon of Energy” Now While It’s Still Cheap…

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Thanks for watching my presentation about virtual power plants and the “Amazon of Energy.”

And congratulations. Because like I showed you today…

We’re on the cusp of a mass adoption of digital energy.

And I don’t mean fuel cells, wind turbines, or solar panels.

Incredible as they are…

They’re only one part of this much bigger trend…

A trend that international energy agencies estimate will hit $110 trillion.

All power is going online…

And will be able to be bought and sold through a website.

One early leader is beginning to corner this new market….

Just like Amazon did during retail’s online transition.

These are “Virtual Power Plants.”

They’re promising to power half of all American homes by 2025…

And save $5,000 for every American home each year… even if you do nothing!

But if you do something buy into the tiny stock behind this all…

You could join a new class of millionaires.

And right now, it's pure ground floor.

I’m at the beginning of this trend. And it’s a trend no other analyst is watching.

Just like I bought into EVs in 2008… before anyone heard of Tesla.

And I bought into lithium stocks in 2016… showing readers 1,000% gains.

I’m firmly convinced this will put both of those opportunities to shame.

According to Elon Musk, “it’s a bigger opportunity than electric vehicles.”

That means bigger than Tesla.

And bigger than EV stocks like…

  • Workhorse, which jumped 5,000% last year.
  • NIO soared 3,500%.
  • And PLUG soared an astounding 7,000%...

That’s how explosive this opportunity is.

One little-known company not Tesla is making the digital energy revolution possible.

Its energy business is BIGGER than Tesla’s.

And yet its shares trade for a mere fraction of what Tesla’s or Amazon’s trade for.

If you ever asked yourself what it would be like to buy a stock like Amazon from the beginning, well look no further.

Your shot is here.

It starts with your free report — “The Amazon of Energy: Earn 60x Your Money on the Digital Power Revolution.”

And you’ll have it as soon as you complete this form.

By putting it to work for you, you could soon be like these guys who are already using my research to cash in:

Pretty lucky with a profit of $27,649. Thanks again!
— Donald M. Cape May, New Jersey
Up over 200%! I'll let it ride. Cheers!
— Anna S. Walla Walla, Washington
I made 400% on Nick’s recommendation!
— Jim M. Butte, North Dakota
Today I made over $42,000... this, to me, is a game changer. Incredible!!!
— Roger H. Austin, Texas

I’ve made a habit of generating returns like this for my readers over the years. And the next one writing in about how much they’ve made could be you.

To get started, simply accept a risk- and obligation-free trial of my extremely popular monthly advisory service, Foundational Profits.

Today only, you’ll be getting it for half off. Plus you get a ton of other benefits to help you maximize your profits.



In addition to your free report — “The Amazon of Energy: Earn 60x Your Money on the Digital Power Revolution” — here’s everything you get with an annual subscription to Foundational Profits:

  • 12 Monthly Issues of Nick Hodge’s Foundational Profits — Every month, I cover major themes and trends in global economies and markets... and turn those insights into action with specific buy and sell recommendations.
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  • Exclusive Interviews — I have the ear of many executives and thought leaders across several industries. And I bring my talks with them directly to you in candid interviews.
  • Bonus Report #1 “Cannabis 2.0.” The 10 largest cannabis firms in the U.S. are expected to generate US$5.5 billion in sales this year, up from $3.3 billion last year. Topline revenues are expected to grow at a 50%-100% clip with 30%-40% gross margins for the next few years. Multi-state operators, or MSOs, are seeing the bulk of the action. And this report outlines the best way to invest in the re-ignition of the cannabis sector.
  • Bonus Report #2 “Kings of the DRIP.” Growth stories are great but the richest families in history have stayed that way by generating recurring income. Dividends are the best way an investor can do that. I divulge the top income names on the street and how to compound your gains when you own them long-term.

Typically, Foundational Profits retails for $199.

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In short…

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We’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

And you can keep everything, including all the special reports. There’s no risk to you.

Please complete the short form below, and you'll immediately receive everything you need to start profiting from the new energy boom.

You'll also receive everything I mentioned above, including members-only access, private alerts, and 50% discount pricing.

Call it like you see it,


Nick Hodge
Founder, Foundational Profits

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