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3,000% Minimum Potential Gains Kick Off By September 30th!

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3,000% Minimum Potential Gains Kick Off By September 30th!

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The race for new helium supply is on. 

Billionaires are literally leaving the Earth to find it. 

But a hidden source of high-grade helium has just been discovered right here in North America.

It could be the world’s most valuable piece of land. Virtually nobody knows about it. And the company featured in your report has secured it all. 

It also just started trading earlier this year in a very overlooked IPO. 

“I love the way you keep me so well informed. I get the sense you want me to prosper and you love what you do! I believe most of your recommendations offer great hope for our future.”

–Marlene J.

Shares are still trading below $1.00… but they likely won’t be after the company drills the first test wells this summer!

After September 30th, the company expects to put out an official helium resource figure. And then it will be too late… because the entire world will know about this new helium find. 

I only know because of my extensive history in the energy and resource business. Readers of Family Office Advantage and I have been making thousands of percent gains on similar plays for decades. 

I’ve even written books about it and helped fund some of the lithium and cobalt mines that will power the world’s cars for years to come. 

And we’ve made millions along the way. 

The helium gains I see ahead are going to be just as lucrative… if not even more because it’s vital to so many industries. 

It’s all happening right now. 

While everyone is distracted by the billionaires racing to space… you can secure shares in this helium stock that’s about to balloon for less than $1.00. 

It’s the same way I’ve made windfall profit after windfall profit. And my premium members and I are setting up to do it again with “Star Gas”. 

All you have to do to join us — absolutely risk-free for six months — is complete the short form below. So there is no risk to you with the $1,999 annual cost.

Take that time to secure all the low-priced shares you want in the helium company. The 3,000% minimum gains I see coming could even come during those first six months!

So the sooner you get this report in your hands before September 30th… the better. 

No matter what: 

After six months if you haven’t changed your life... your financial future.... or you don’t see the type of results I’ve discussed today...

Just let me know and I’ll refund 100% of your money. No questions asked and no exceptions.

Plus you get all the premium benefits all annual members receive:

  • 52 Weekly Issues — Every week, I chronicle the macro market from my unique contrarian perspective before diving into relevant sector news, company updates, and current buy and sell recommendations.
  • Model Portfolio — That portfolio always consists of up to 20 speculative positions that I’ve personally selected for their potential to deliver multi-bagger returns.
  • Macro Trades — This is not a trading service. But I can’t help myself sometimes when the right circumstances present themselves across any sector. The sentiment of these trades can also be a useful sizing and positioning tool for your larger portfolio.
  • Recommendation Reports — Every stock that goes in the model portfolio gets a full recommendation report with rationale and upcoming catalysts, including the two free bonus reports you’ll get today.
  • Free Subscription — I’ll also send you my Daily Profit Cycle newsletter that focuses on how to profit from the cycles within the market and the sectors within it.

And you get my two additional ten-bagger ideas as well. 


Free Ten-bagger Idea #1: Is a small mining company that’s about to usher the world’s next great platinum group metals deposit into production. Those metals are absolutely essential for hydrogen production. Your 10X profit potential is inside “Generational Hydrogen Profits.”

Free Ten-bagger Idea #2: I’ll show you a tiny company that owns what I think will be the next major North American lithium mine. I expect it to be permitted soon ahead of being taken out for a substantial premium. “Lithium’s Little Giant” could power 10X profits as well. 

“Nick, you are awesome! I am a new subscriber and have been doing very well with your recommendations. I like your kinds of stocks, and your buying and selling style. I will highly recommend you to my friends!”

–Mark K.

That’s it. I’ve offered you rock-bottom pricing and precisely zero risk. 

I’ve been writing and publishing this weekly service for over a decade. It’s responsible for dozens and dozens of triple-digit wins in early-stage speculations across many sectors of the market. 

The next one can be yours. 

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Call it like you see it,


Nick Hodge
Founder, Family Office Advantage

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