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An Open Invitation for Anyone Who Wants to Massively Profit From Cryptocurrencies

Welcome to Chris Curl's...

One Goal: Helping You Become a CRYPTO-MILLIONAIRE in the Next Two Years

***Turn up the volume and watch this 3-minute video***

Hey, it’s Chris Curl…

And if you’d like the chance to become a bona fide millionaire within the next two years… between today and this date exactly two years from now…

Then read this letter very carefully, and even multiple times if necessary.

Because I’d like to extend to you a very limited, and very personal, invitation to join me in an investing venture like you’ve never seen or experienced before.

But before I do, I’m going to stake my reputation on a simple, but incredibly powerful promise.

And if you choose to accept my special invitation today…

This opportunity could radically change your life… to the point that money is something you may never worry about… ever again.

Here’s my promise to you:

“I promise that I could
help you become a MILLIONAIRE
within the next two years…
if you can meet just
two simple qualifications.”

That’s right.

And even if you can only meet one of these two qualifications…

I’m completely confident that I could still help you make over 20-times your money and turn:

Every $5,000 invested into $100,000…

Every $10,000 into $200,000…

Every $20,000 into $400,000…

And so on…

All within the same 2-year period of time.

And I could help you do it, even if you’ve never invested in cryptocurrencies before.

Skeptical about this promise… skeptical about cryptocurrencies (a.k.a. – cryptos)… skeptical about me?


I would be too.

In fact, that’s the purpose of me laying everything out for you in this straightforward letter.

No fancy videos… no fancy graphics or charts… and absolutely no bullshit.

This way, you can read through this letter to make an informed decision about whether or not to join me on this unique money-making venture…

Or you could find yourself two years from today…

…in no better financial situation than you’re in right now and looking back, wondering:

‘What if I just listened to Chris and copied what he did?!?’

Look, I’m one of the most skeptical people you’ll probably ever meet.

And I was skeptical of cryptocurrencies at first, too.

I get it.

But here’s what you should know right now…

Cryptocurrencies Have Turned
More People Into Millionaires Faster
Than Any Other Asset Class… Ever.

When you hear stories about how everyday people have been able to make an absolute fortune in such a short time by carefully investing in them…

Then you may become a believer in the power of cryptocurrencies like I did.

People like:

  • Rachel Siegel was a substitute teacher who started putting $25 from her paychecks into carefully-selected cryptocurrencies, and her growing holdings hit the $1 million mark in early 2022.
  • Brothers Tommy and James Smith, who were wedding photographers hit hard by the COVID-19 lockdowns in 2021, scraped together $200 and bought Shiba Inu meme coins for a fraction of a penny, and woke up as millionaires within a few months.
  • Erik Finman, who had been investing in Bitcoin since he was 12… dropped out of high school at 15… built a company from his Bitcoin proceeds… sold the company and took payment in Bitcoin… and now has an 8-figure net worth!
  • Kingsley Advani, a software engineer went “all in” on Bitcoin during one of its run-ups in 2017, sold everything he owned including his laptop for $34,000, and within a few months became a Bitcoin millionaire.
  • Glauber Contessoto, an immigrant who worked at a music store and bought Dogecoin (the one made famous by Elon Musk)… became a millionaire in a little over two months!

Now, as you can see, these people weren’t members of Wall Street’s elite. They weren’t financial experts. And they weren’t well-to-do investors.

They were just regular, everyday people who saw the opportunity in cryptocurrencies, got in at the right times, and were able to make fortunes for themselves and change their lives.

For example, in just the last crypto run-up starting in spring of 2020, when the coronavirus crisis crippled the stock market…

…And seemed to have everybody and their brother scrambling to buy toilet paper, you could have quickly made:

  • 11-times your money on Bitcoin, turning $1,000 into $11,000
  • 37-times your money on Ethereum, turning $1,000 into $37,000
  • 96-times your money on Cardano, turning $1,000 into $96,000
  • And 439-times your money on Solana, turning $1,000 into $439,000

Now, just imagine taking a few thousand dollars that you have sitting around…

…And transforming it into a solid six-figure payday.

How much financial freedom could that buy you today?

Maybe enough to pay off your mortgage and all your other debts with plenty to spare.

Maybe enough to quit your current job that you love so much and pursue a new career path… or start your own business.

Maybe enough to retire early and start checking off your ‘bucket list’ activities while you’re still young enough to enjoy them.

With the right cryptocurrencies, it’s all certainly possible.

And I’m proof of it myself, having had opportunities to multiply my money time and time again.

I’m talking about over 10-times my money with Fantom…

Over 23-times my money with Ethereum Classic…

Over 60-times my money on Safemoon…

And making a life-changing 92-times my money with Dogecoin!

I’m not even counting the numerous times I had the chance to quickly double, triple, or quadruple my money with other cryptocurrencies.

Look, there’s never been a more exciting time to be an investor with some cash ‘sitting on the sidelines’ looking for a place to multiply it many times over.

But despite all the life-changing profits you could make with cryptocurrencies…

You Absolutely MUST
Know What You’re Doing
(And That’s Why I’m Here To Help)

With over 20,000 different cryptocurrencies to choose from, I’d say that less than ½ of 1% of them are even worth considering at all.

So, how do you pick the 19,900 ‘garbage cryptos’ to discard and the 100 to consider…

Then ‘separate the wheat from the chaff’ and vet the ‘Top 10’ of those 100 at any given moment…

And then…

Get the timing right when buying and selling them for the greatest profit potential?

The short answer to those questions is – you don’t do it!


Plus, a whole lot more.

And this leads me to the best part of this special invitation.

Even if you have zero experience investing in cryptocurrencies today…

And you don’t know the difference between a Bitcoin and a blockchain… a ‘memecoin’ and an altcoin… or a hot wallet versus a cold wallet…

You’ll have the rare opportunity to ‘earn while you learn’ everything you need to know about successfully investing in this incredibly profitable sector of the market.

Just imagine going to college, and getting paid exceptionally well… just to learn!

That’s the kind of opportunity I’m talking about today.

Of course, there is the chance you could lose money. That happens with any investment.

But I absolutely HATE losing money.

So, if I see a crypto going down, I’m always quick to cut my losses.

Plus, I’ll be the one teaching and explaining everything to you, as you essentially ‘look over my shoulder’ while I buy and sell cryptocurrencies in a real money account.

That’s right… a real money account, where you’ll see every penny accounted for.

Plus, you’ll have the chance to see – and personally experience – financial gains like never before.

So, whether you’d like to ‘dip your toe in the crypto waters’ with a few grand and see how much you can turn it into over the next two years…

…Or dive in headfirst with $10,000 or more to potentially make a life-changing fortune, not only for you, but for your significant other, your children and maybe even your grandchildren…

Then this could be the most exciting (and profitable) time of your investing career whether you’re 22 years old or 72 years old.

And I’ll be the one guiding you every step of the way to profit opportunities you’ve never experienced before… and that most people don’t even know exist.

How can I be so certain?

Because cryptocurrencies are the primary things I invest in today, and I’ve been able to make a boatload of money from them. I’ll even show you how I’ve done it myself in a bit…

In fact, I’ll share how I got into investing in this sector of the market and go into detail about the incredible gains I’ve seen too.

But before I get into all of that…

Along with the creation of my Million Dollar Crypto Club

…Plus the two market catalysts that could make the next few years the most profitable crypto bull market yet… 

Let me show you where the cryptocurrency market is right now.

We’re About To Emerge From
‘THE CRYPTO-WINTER Of 2022-2023’
And We’re Primed For Exceptional Gains

Right now, we’re beginning to emerge from what some financial experts have called a ‘Crypto Winter.’

During this time, many individual and institutional investors in this sector have been ‘hibernating’ for lack of a better word.

Now, that doesn’t mean there haven’t been profits to be made over the past year or so.

There were.

For example, in just the first half of 2023, you could have enjoyed:

  • 83% gains in Bitcoin
  • 77% gains in Ethereum
  • 80% gains in Cardano
  • And 164% gains in Solana

Which are gains that any investor would absolutely love to have… especially during a ‘cooling off’ period in the market.

However, prior to this ‘Crypto Winter’…

You had to be living under a rock not to hear about the insane gains crypto investors and traders were making left and right during the previous crypto bull market.

And these were in addition to the run-ups in popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and Solana.

I’m talking about people making:

  • Over 60-times their money (5,900% gains) on Bakerytoken
  • Over 75-times their money (7,400% gains) on Flux
  • Over 115-times their money (11,400% gains) on Polygon
  • Over 125-times their money (12,400% gains) on Sandbox coin
  • Over 150-times their money (14,900% gains) on Axie Infinity coin
  • Over 250-times their money (24,900% gains) on CEEK
  • And over 400-times their money (39,900% gains) on GALA

These are ‘hit the lottery’ kinds of gains that, on their own, could have turned a single $1,000 investment in Sandbox into a six-figure payday of $125,000…

Or that same $1,000 into $250,000 with CEEK…

And up to $400,000 from a single $1,000 investment with GALA.

Now, these are exceptional cases and most people that don’t know what they’re doing will never have a chance of seeing these kinds of gains.

In fact, people who just wander into this sector…

All excited because they hear about how cryptos are booming again and want to get in on the action… will likely lose money.


Because they never take the time to actually learn what they’re doing, or understand how this sector of the market works…

Not to mention, this market operates nothing like any other asset class there is.

And here’s where I come in to help.

As I mentioned in the 3-minute video at the top of this page, a lot of people are looking for answers about how to successfully invest in cryptocurrencies.

That’s why I created my Million Dollar Crypto Club, where I’ve taken $50,000… put it into a crypto trading account…

And I expect to multiply it by at least 20-times, and grow the account to $1 Million or more…

All within the next two years.

And I’m doing it to demonstrate how simple it can be for practically anyone to do if you:

  1. Actually know what you’re doing;
  2. Take a strategic approach; and
  3. Are willing to invest through an entire crypto cycle that lasts around 2-3 years.

In fact, if the two market catalysts hit like my research suggests they will over the coming months…

One of which is based on mathematical certainty, and the other which looks to be a slam-dunk based on central banks getting into the digital currency game…

Then I wouldn’t be surprised if I hit the $1 million goal much sooner. And I hope you’ll join me on the journey.

You’ll hear more about these catalysts and my market projections for them in a moment.

But first, let me share why you should consider listening to me when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies.

What You Should Know About Me…
And How You Could Profit From
Following My Crypto Recommendations

As mentioned earlier, my name is Chris Curl.

And if you’re interested – I’d like to help you potentially make a lot of money over the next two years.

Possibly, a million dollars or more…

…Because that’s exactly what I plan on doing myself.

Unlike many of the so-called ‘cryptocurrency experts’ and ‘crypto-bros’ who are always clamoring for attention and trying to be the next up-and-coming ‘crypto influencer’ on social media sites or YouTube…

I prefer to let my investment research and results speak for themselves.

Case in point… Ethereum Classic.

In January of 2021, during the last run-up in the crypto market, while everyone and their brother was talking up Ethereum…

I saw a unique opportunity in Ethereum Classic, what one might call “Ethereum’s little cousin.”

It was priced at $7.50 – which was well off its highs in the $40s back in 2018.

So, I bought at that price, and my timing couldn’t have been better as its value multiplied several times by March…

And then it spiked to $175 by May, just a few weeks later.

All in all, I saw 2,233% gains…

…While those who invested in the more popular crypto, Ethereum, at the time saw only 400% gains during that same period.

So while they were able to make 4-times their money – I had the opportunity to make 23-times my money… in less than five months.

And just think, a $1,000 investment on that play could have handed you over $23,000.

Definitely not a bad payday!

As you can see, you don’t have to plunk down thousands of dollars in each opportunity to have the chance to make a lot of money with cryptocurrencies.

A few hundred or even $1,000 on a single crypto investment can go a long way!

In fact, I’m showing my Million Dollar Crypto Club members how it’s possible to make 3… 4… even up to 5-digit gains…

…And potentially turn a few hundred dollars into thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, with each profit opportunity I recommend.

Just like I was able to with Dogecoin…

My biggest crypto win ever, where I saw 9,150% gains.

In January, while I was buying Ethereum Classic… I also bought Dogecoin for just $0.008.

Yes, that’s just 8 thousandths of a penny.

Crazy, right?!?

Anyway, this was a few months before Dogecoin became famous, with even billionaires Elon Musk and Mark Cuban singing its praises.

Once they began talking about Dogecoin in May, the price went up to $0.74.

Even a $500 stake in Dogecoin when me and others got in could have handed you over $46,000.

Today, for members of my Million Dollar Crypto Club who have the financial means to put $5,000 into the carefully selected cryptocurrencies I recommend…

A single play like that could grow their account by more than $460,000.

It’s sometimes hard to even wrap your head around how much money you could make investing in this sector of the market.

I don’t know anywhere else where you can (legally) make such explosive profits in such a short time… with such a small amount of investment capital.

And that’s a key point…

You could turn a few hundred dollars into tens of thousands of dollars in a matter of months.

Of course, not every opportunity will be a winner.

But they don’t need to be.

In fact, just think if you invested $500 in 10 different cryptocurrencies for a total of $5,000.

Even if you lost all your money on nine of those trades (which would be highly unlikely!) but had one big winner that made a run like Dogecoin, you’d still profit over $40,000!

And even if it did only half as well, you’d still be up over $20,000.

That’s the kind of leverage people love about cryptocurrencies.

It’s where terms like “to the moon” originate.

And I did it with Safemoon.

In March of 2021, while I had money invested in both Ethereum Classic and Dogecoin, I was also tracking Safemoon… a crypto that hardly anyone knew about.

My indicators pointed to it going up… so I bought it at a whopping $0.0000018 per Safemoon “coin.”

It feels kind of ridiculous even writing such a small number.

But what wasn’t ridiculous was that just a few weeks later in April…

Safemoon’s value skyrocketed a whopping 6,011%, allowing me to make 60-times my money in a matter of weeks.

To put it into perspective, with those kinds of gains you could have turned $1,000 into over $60,000.

That’s more than the average salary in the US before taxes… often at a job most Americans secretly loathe going to for 40+ hours a week!

While seeing those monster gains with Safemoon, I spotted another great profit opportunity with Fantom.

Not many people were tracking this cryptocurrency, but I noticed it had a small spike, and using the vetting process I share with those in my Million Dollar Crypto Club

I determined it had a great chance of multiplying my money.

So, I bought Fantom at just $0.30 and within just six weeks…

I saw it soar to $3.40.

Boom… a 1,036% gain… allowing me to make 10-times my money in less than two months.

Those four examples were only the biggest gains I saw during the last crypto run-up.

They are in addition to several opportunities I had to quickly double, triple, and quadruple my money on various cryptocurrencies.

It’s amazing how much money you can make and how quickly your life can change when you know how to successfully invest in cryptocurrencies.

And I’d like to invite you to join me and a small group of other cryptocurrency enthusiasts as we plan to make an absolute fortune over the next two years during the upcoming crypto bull market…

Your Invitation To My
Million Dollar Crypto Club
And Why It’s Unlike Anything
You’ve Ever Seen Before

While I was laughing all the way to the bank with my newfound crypto fortunes late in Q3 of 2021…

I was also working with Nick Hodge on some video projects for Digest Publishing, and casually showed him all my crypto gains from the previous six months, and his jaw hit the floor.

Nick and I discussed how the ‘Crypto Winter’ would soon be ending, and how there would be countless profit opportunities available over the coming years.

So it’s no surprise that he immediately offered me my own service with his company, and in 2022 we launched my new research service, Crypto Cycle.

It was great, but there was still something missing.

I didn’t just want to tell people what cryptocurrencies to invest in to make money.

I wanted to create something bigger… and better than I was seeing anybody else do in this space.

A community of people who wanted to actually ‘earn while they learn.’

And most importantly – an achievable goal with a specific timeframe.

$1 million… in two years or less.

That was it.

Simple. Powerful. Achievable.

And that is how my Million Dollar Crypto Club was born.

Individuals who subscribe to my Crypto Cycle investment research service become members of this unique group who receive an investing education experience like no other.

In fact, here are two reasons why this ‘Club’ is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

REASON #1 - This is a $50,000 Real Money Portfolio…

Every step I’ll take you through during this 2-year money-making journey will be the very same steps I am taking with this real money portfolio.

You see, most financial analysts and editors who publish investment research and recommendations never invest a single penny into those very same financial recommendations they provide to their readers.

They have absolutely ‘no skin in the game’ and I think that’s bullshit.

With me, you’ll see exactly how I plan to grow a million-dollar crypto portfolio in just two short years. I’ll be practically taking you by the hand…

…Showing you every move I’ll be making…

And all you have to do is simply COPY what I do.

While this letter you’re reading right now is simple…

My Crypto Cycle investment research service that was created with a $50,000 real money portfolio provides multi-media features… how-to videos… and even live call-ins.

This leads me to…

REASON #2 – With Crypto Cycle, as a member of my Million Dollar Crypto Club, you’ll have the unique opportunity to actually ‘EARN while you LEARN’ about cryptocurrencies.

You see, I plan on turning $50,000 into $1 million in less than two years with this portfolio.

In other words… make 20-times my money.

As you’ve seen, I’ve been able to make:

23-times my money with Ethereum Classic… 60-times my money with Safemoon… and 92-times my money with Dogecoin.

But that was MY money.

With this Million Dollar Crypto Club, I’m treating this portfolio like it’s YOUR money.

So, I’m going to do everything I can to mitigate investment risk, while still working to achieve the goal of $1 million within two years.

Just imagine how incredible it would be for you to attain an ‘Expert-Level’ understanding of cryptocurrencies and potentially become a millionaire in the process.

Or at the very least, have the chance to make 20-times your money.

Turning every $5,000 invested into $100,000…

Every $10,000 into $200,000…

Or every $20,000 into $400,000…

And so on…

Well now you can.

Look, there’s plenty of money for us to make between today and two years from now…

And for many people, it could be completely life changing.

In fact, I know how life changing it can be from the profits I’ve already earned from cryptocurrencies.

Now, I don’t know about your current progress toward your investing or retirement goals.

But I can assure you that you could accomplish ALL of your financial goals years sooner than you planned…

…Simply by copying what we’re doing in my Million Dollar Crypto Club, especially when you consider everything I’ll reveal to you in my Crypto-U educational series.

But before I get to that…

Here’s what could turn the next two years into the biggest bull market for cryptocurrencies the world has ever seen…

…And could make anyone who’s invested in certain cryptos over the next two years – and particularly over the next 12 months – an absolute fortune.

Two Crypto Catalysts In 2024
That Could Cause MASSIVE Price Spikes
(Get Positioned For Them Right Now!)

I believe that right now is the absolute best time for you to invest in cryptocurrencies, giving you the opportunity to become a ‘Crypto Millionaire’ over the next two years.

And that is largely due to the two Crypto Catalysts I anticipate happening over the coming months.

Both will have a significant impact on the crypto markets.

And because I spend many hours each day watching these markets like a hawk for the biggest and best profit opportunities as each catalyst unfolds…

…My Million Dollar Crypto Club members will know exactly what cryptocurrencies I’m buying and selling for life-changing investment gains.

And you can too!

Here’s a brief summary of each catalyst and how you could pocket insane profits on both of them…

…Just by taking a few early positions like we’re doing, before these events occur.

The ‘Bitcoin Halving’ in 2024
(A Mathematical Certainty)

If you follow the cryptocurrency market, then you already know about the upcoming Bitcoin Halving that’s due to occur in the spring of 2024.

But in case you don’t…

The Bitcoin Halving is a mechanism that occurs roughly every four years and reduces the rate at which new Bitcoins are created.

This lowers the amount of the new supply of Bitcoins, and creates a synthetic inflation for existing coins… causing the price of Bitcoin to spike like clockwork.

The first halving occurred in 2012… the next in 2016… then the most recent in 2020.

Now, here’s where it gets exciting, because if historical precedent and my research hold true…

…Then we could see Bitcoin prices easily eclipsing $100,000 during this upcoming halving cycle.

Some Bitcoin enthusiasts even predict Bitcoin’s value will surpass $200,000.

Take a look for yourself at these peak Bitcoin prices:

  • After the first halving cycle in November 2013 - $1,170
  • After the second halving cycle in December 2017 - $19,400
  • After the third halving cycle in November 2021 - $67,450
  • After the fourth halving cycle in November 2025? - $XXX,XXX?

Based on today’s Bitcoin prices…

I predict you could make 4-times… maybe even up to 5-times your money… just by buying Bitcoin today.

And as great as that would be…

…It would still be what the farmers in Washington state where I live call “small potatoes!”

In fact, this Bitcoin play would likely be one of the smallest ‘multiply-your-money’ winners that members of my Million Dollar Crypto Club see during this upcoming crypto bull market.

And the reason why is because the lesser-known altcoins and meme coins that ride the coattails of Bitcoin can surge by multiples of those numbers…

It’s why I was able to make over 10-times my money with Fantom… over 23-times my money with Ethereum Classic… over 60-times my money on Safemoon… and a life-changing 92-times with Dogecoin!

In fact, I’d like to send you a new premium report about this opportunity called: The Bitcoin Halving Bonanza.

In it, you’ll discover:

  • Exactly how the Bitcoin Halving works… and the prospective schedule for every upcoming ‘halving event’ for decades to come.
  • How the large ‘whale’ crypto investors position themselves for this event for maximum profits, and how you can do the same!
  • What cryptocurrencies (aside from Bitcoin) me and my Million Dollar Crypto Club are buying right now that could ride Bitcoin’s coat-tails
  • And much, much more!

I’ll tell you how to get your copy below.

Plus, you’ll get to literally copy every cryptocurrency I buy and sell in the real money portfolio as a member of my Million Dollar Crypto Club

…And have the chance to make fortune after fortune as this Bitcoin halving cycle plays out in 2024 through 2025.

This Bitcoin halving is a somewhat predictable catalyst…

But the next one could have some unpredictable twists, potentially causing volatility across all traditional financial markets like stocks and real estate…

…Yet providing us with exceptional money-multiplying profit opportunities in cryptocurrencies.

Banking Chaos, CBDC Rollouts,
And the Elimination of Financial Privacy

This could technically be three separate catalysts.

But because they are so interwoven and there are no fixed time frames like there are with the Bitcoin halving… I’m lumping them all together as one catalyst.

Now, if you were paying attention to financial news over the past year, then you may remember that there was a huge banking crisis in March of 2023.


Largely, a lack of diversification of banking assets…

And good ol’ fashioned bank runs where many customers simultaneously withdrew their funds because they feared the banks were insolvent.

Silicon Valley Bank (SVB)… Silvergate Bank… and Signature Bank all COLLAPSED.

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank marks the second and third largest US bank failures since 2008…

…With the total assets of those failures amounting to MORE THAN the total assets from the 25 bank failures of 2008.

That’s absolutely insane – not to mention that SVB collapsed in just 48 hours!

Now get this…

Crypto-friendly Silicon Valley Bank and Silvergate Bank catered to startup digital asset firms.

And the closure of Signature Bank by regulators effectively shut off one of the last easy options for crypto firms to stay connected to the traditional banking system.

The bottom line…

The top three largest crypto-friendly banks in the US are now GONE.

Now, do you think all of this is just coincidence?

I don’t.

In fact, to me it looks like the Federal reserve, the US government, and regulators seem to be on a mission to centralize/consolidate the entire US banking system as much as possible.

And blockchain and crypto are a major part of this.

Now, most people don’t know this…

But the US is planning to fully transition to ISO-20022 by 2025.

Now, let me briefly explain what this means for you (and everyone else in the US who uses a bank) without sounding too ‘geeky.’

  • ISO-20022 is the new global standard for exchanging electronic communication between financial institutions using SWIFT.
  • SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication and provides services related to the execution of financial transactions and payments between banks worldwide.
  • ISO-20022 seeks to fundamentally change how banks communicate.

So basically, by 2025, every US bank will have to upgrade their messaging systems to be compatible once this transition is complete.

As part of the migration, SWIFT plans to introduce a centralized transaction management platform, which will be used by all SWIFT users.

And only certain cryptocurrencies are approved to be used as part of the new system.

Keep in mind, this has already been going on behind the scenes with nobody (aside from the bankers) having much of a clue.

And all of this is in preparation for widespread rollouts of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

In fact, mark my words… starting today, every week that goes by… you’ll be hearing about CBDCs more and more.

Now, I’ve been alerting my readers to these changes for the past several months…

…And have even provided them with several crypto investments to make before all of this becomes common knowledge to the unsuspecting public.

And right now, you can get in on them too!

You see, when these changes are implemented, the masses will undoubtedly react to them in a negative way.

But not me and my Million Dollar Crypto Club

Because we’ll have numerous opportunities to profit from these worldwide banking changes.

Plus, once you know what we know, you’ll also be able to maintain some financial privacy while the rest of the world loses ALL of theirs!

In fact, I just created a new special report on how to do just that called Profiting From Banking Chaos With Cryptocurrencies, where I reveal:

  • What every American investor absolutely MUST KNOW about the upcoming changes to our banking system and how to maintain your financial privacy to the fullest extent possible
  • How central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) may scare retirees and investors into making potentially catastrophic financial decisions… and how you can actually use this public panic to create a financial fortress for you and your family!
  • My top 3 cryptocurrencies that you should own before any major banking changes occur that could allow you to make far greater crypto gains than those who invest in cryptocurrencies as a reaction to upcoming banking chaos
  • And much, much more!

I’ll share how you can access a copy below and start reading through it to see what profit opportunities you’d like to get in on with me.

But before I do – take a look at how we’re planning to quickly multiply our money with cryptocurrencies right now…

…And also how to profit from Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), along with the profits I’ve already made from these unique investments!

How I Plan To Turn $50K Into $1 Million
Or More
In Two Years or Less…
(And Why You Should Join Me)

As I mentioned earlier…

I opened a $50,000 real money cryptocurrency account and I’m planning to grow it to $1 million in two years.

And my goal is to help anyone who says, “YES” to this invitation today multiply whatever money they start with by a factor of 20 or more with cryptocurrencies...

…Even if you’ve never invested in them before or understand how they work, because I’ll be teaching you everything I know.

And I am certain I can succeed in this endeavor.

How can I be so sure?

First of all, I only invest in cryptocurrencies.

I live, eat, sleep, breathe this stuff… staying hyper-focused on this market sector and don’t concern myself with any other investments.

Next, I’ve had a lot of success with these investments over the past several years that provided me with numerous money-multiplying paydays.

And finally, I absolutely love to teach others.

That’s why Nick Hodge invited me to work with him at Digest Publishing and start my cryptocurrency research service, Crypto Cycle.

By trying out this service, and becoming a new member of my Million Dollar Crypto Club

You’ll get immediate and 24/7 access to all of my newest cryptocurrency research and recommendations (a $1,999/year value)…

…Along with my real money portfolio, which is different and better than anything you’ve ever seen before.

Here are the three reasons why:

Reason #1 – There is REAL money ($50,000) on the line.

Because of this, I’m far more committed to my crypto recommendations than other financial analysts or editors who have ‘no skin in the game’ and simply publish their picks in some ‘model portfolio’ and collect their employee paycheck twice a month.

Forget that!

You’re going to see REAL MONEY put to work for REAL RESULTS.

So, you’d better believe that every single recommendation I make has great profit potential.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t make the recommendation and buy it in the portfolio!

And while I understand that not every recommendation will be a winner, I simply hate losing money.

This way, you can rest assured knowing that I will be closely monitoring each position and will cut any losses quickly…

Because the fact of the matter is – there are simply far too many winning opportunities to hold onto any losing picks!

Second – I’m going to ‘average into positions.’

Otherwise, I’d have no capital left to invest in future crypto opportunities – either for adding to existing positions or adding new positions.

That also means you can gradually grow your personal cryptocurrency portfolio right along with me as well.

In other words, even if you have a few thousand dollars to start with, you can still get started today, and add to your portfolio over time!

After all, we’re working with a strategic 2-year plan.

Third – I’m treating this crypto portfolio like I’m personally managing an investment fund as a fiduciary… like it was YOUR money!

That means I’ll be doing my best to minimize the risk as well.

Not only will you have the opportunity to build yourself a sizable fortune over the next two years when you join me…

You will also be able to ‘look over my shoulder’ and see exactly how I manage this real money crypto portfolio down to the penny.

Again, I don’t see anybody else doing this!

You can just copy what I do, and you’ll have the opportunity to ‘earn while you learn’ everything I know about cryptos…

…And how to rip life-changing gains out of this insanely profitable sector of the market month after month.

Plus, you’ll have the chance to profit with other digital assets as well…

For example, you may have heard about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) over the past several months.

These are assets that have been tokenized via a blockchain, cannot be replicated, and can represent digital or real-world items like artwork, collectibles, and real estate.

‘Tokenizing’ these real-world tangible assets makes buying, selling, and trading them more efficient while reducing the probability of fraud.

NFTs can even represent individuals' identities, property rights, and more.

And while these investments cooled off during the recent ‘Crypto Winter’…

I still was able to mint a couple of projects that were particularly profitable, with over 300% gains on Samoyed Coin NFTs and Solana Monke Rejects.

And more recently, I scored a 150% gain on Claynosaurz.

Now, if all of that sounds like I’m speaking Latin, don’t worry… because I’ll explain everything you’ll need to know about NFTs…

And you’ll be amazed how easy and fun (and profitable!) it can be to buy and sell them when you watch my NFT video you’ll have access to in my Crypto-U library.

I’ll share what else you’ll discover in my Crypto-U library in a moment.

But first, I want to get back to the original promise I made to you at the beginning of this letter…

“I promise that I could help you become
a MILLIONAIRE within the next two years…
if you can meet just two simple qualifications.”

If you’re interested in joining me on this money-making journey, then here are my two simple qualifications…

Qualification #1: Are You Comfortable Investing In Cryptocurrencies?

You must be comfortable with investing in cryptocurrencies… that’s pretty obvious.

And if you’ve read this far, then you likely are comfortable with the idea of investing in them.

Of course, if you have never invested in cryptocurrencies before, and don’t know the difference between a Bitcoin and a blockchain…

…Then it’s completely normal to feel a sense of hesitancy until you learn more about this asset class and how to successfully invest in it.

At the very least, you must be willing to learn about cryptocurrencies and how to profit from them.

With my Crypto-U educational series, you’ll be amazed how much you will learn in as little as a few spare hours on a weekend or when you have some free time! Plus you can directly ask me any questions you have via Customer Service or at one of our Quarterly Call-ins.

So, if you’re willing to learn about (and then invest in) cryptocurrencies, then congratulations, you’re halfway there!

Qualification #2: Can You Allocate At Least $1,000 To Invest In Cryptocurrencies?

As I’ve mentioned, I started this real money portfolio with $50,000.

But you can copy my investing moves for buying and selling cryptocurrencies and other digital assets (like NFTs) with whatever amount of money you’re comfortable with.

To effectively copy what I’m doing, I recommend you allocate at least $1,000 for these investments.

So if you just want to ‘dip your toes in the crypto waters’ and start with $1,000 – that’s great.

Of course… $5,000 is even better.

And $10,000 dedicated to these cryptocurrencies is better still.

The fact of the matter is… like with any other investment class… the more money you have to start with, the more you could end up with over the coming years.

And here’s what crypto investors love about cryptocurrencies…

Unlike stocks, you don’t have to buy a whole Bitcoin or any other crypto.

Instead, you could buy any fraction of them that you want!

For example, let’s say the price of a Bitcoin was $30,000 but you couldn’t afford to buy an entire Bitcoin.

You may, however, be able to buy 1/10th of a Bitcoin for $3,000 or even 1/100th of a Bitcoin for $300. That’s much more manageable for many investors.

And the great part is, you can do this for any other cryptocurrency as well!

This alone ‘levels the playing field’ so investors can enter this market with whatever amount of money they are comfortable with.

My goal is to help you multiply whatever money you start with by a factor of 20.

My plan is to do it in two short years starting with $50,000 and turning it into $1 million.

You’ve already seen several instances where I’ve discovered and invested in individual crypto investments that allowed me to make 23-times… 60-times… and up to 92-times my money…

…All in a matter of months.

I’ve also shown you stories of people who started with only a few hundred dollars and made small fortunes for themselves.

And with my controlled and strategic investing approach with my Million Dollar Crypto Club, I am certain I can succeed in this endeavor.

Plus, I am 100% confident that if you have $50,000 to invest in the companies I will be investing in – then you could have a legitimate shot at building a $1 million portfolio over the next two years as well.

So even if you don’t have $50,000 to allocate to these investments like I’ve started with, you’ll still have the opportunity to turn a small stake into a financial windfall where you could turn…

Every $5,000 invested into $100,000…

Every $10,000 into $200,000…

Every $20,000 into $400,000…

And so on…

All within the same 2-year period of time.

And I could help you do it, even if you’ve never invested in cryptocurrencies before… with the help of my educational series, Crypto-U.

Here’s Your Chance To
‘Earn While You Learn’
All You Need To Know About Cryptocurrencies

As I mentioned before…

Even if you have zero experience investing in cryptocurrencies today…

And you don’t know the difference between a Bitcoin and a blockchain… a ‘memecoin’ and an altcoin… or a hot wallet and a cold wallet…

You’ll have the rare opportunity to ‘earn while you learn’ everything you need to know about successfully investing in this incredibly profitable sector of the market.

And it’s possible with my cryptocurrency educational series I’ve created called Crypto-U (short for Crypto University)…

In it, I’ve created over 20 videos and special reports including:

  • The Crypto-U – Orientation & Getting Started - This quick-start guide will provide you with everything you need to know about cryptocurrencies without any complex crypto jargon!
  • Glossary of Terms – Here, you’ll find the definitions of every important crypto term you want to know… right at your fingertips.
  • Bitcoin Basics 101 – A complete breakdown of everything Bitcoin-related… including blockchains, mining, halving, and decentralization.
  • Setting Up A Trust Wallet – This video tutorial covers the steps to successfully set up your trust wallet from the App Store or Google.
  • Crypto 201 – Check out this easy-to-understand guide to altcoins, tokens, staking, DeFi, and much more.
  • How To Set Up A Hardware Wallet – This must-see video tutorial shows you how to set up a Ledger Nano X hardware wallet, and why this is important for you to have.
  • Crypto 301 – Here, you’ll discover a list of the best wallets, along with centralized and decentralized exchanges that can be utilized for buying, selling, trading, receiving, and sending cryptocurrencies.
  • 3 Cryptos To Buy Now For 10x Returns – Bitcoin is set to easily see 5x gains after the upcoming Bitcoin halving, but there are many altcoin projects that can deliver much greater returns… including these three!
  • And over a DOZEN MORE crypto profit videos and special reports!

Crypto-U will be your one-stop source for everything you want (and need) to know about cryptocurrencies, and how to massively profit from them for years to come.

And this educational series will continue to grow as I create new reports and video tutorials every month.

In fact, because of all the incredible profit-making content I’ve included in them, we’re planning to sell Crypto-U as a product to our readers for $999 later this year.

But as a new Million Dollar Crypto Club member…

You can get access to every single special report and video (along with new ones I create) for FREE.

Why This Could Truly Be the BEST
Investment Decision You’ll Ever Make

If you’re a serious person who would like to quickly grow a small trading account of just $5,000 into $100,000 over the next two years…

Or turn $50,000 into over $1 million or more in the same amount of time…

Then joining me on this journey could be the best investment decision you ever make.

Becoming a member of my Million Dollar Crypto Club will be unlike anything you’ve ever done before.

It will be educational.

It will be exciting.

And I promise you that it will give you a chance to pocket huge, life-changing profits…

Just like I’ve been able to recently achieve that allowed me to make 23-times… 60-times… and up to 92-times my money during the last crypto run-up…

…All in a matter of months.

I don’t know of any other way you could legally make 20 times your money like I’m planning to do with this real money portfolio that allows members to ‘look over my shoulder’ and copy my every move.

Now, to be clear… I expect there will be opportunities where we will have the chance to make 25…50…up to 75-times our money or more.

But those will just be the ‘bonus money’ for the way we will be investing with this portfolio.

It will be strategic and methodical.

And we’ll account for investment risk on every opportunity right from the start… weighing it against the potential rewards before investing a penny into them.

Like I said earlier… I absolutely HATE losing money.

This is serious investing… and I’m looking for serious people to join me on this two-year money-making journey.

And I have absolutely ZERO doubt in my mind that it will be life-changing for you in a very positive way.

In fact, I can’t wait to start reading the stories of new members I help take a small stake of a few thousand dollars and turn it into a six-figure windfall…

…And of those who become ‘Crypto Millionaires.’

But I encourage you to decide quickly.

You’ll want to get in on several new opportunities I’m targeting now…

…Well before the ‘Bitcoin Halving’ event that’s coming in the spring of 2024.

So let me share with you everything you’ll get when you join Crypto Cycle, my premier investment research service and become a member of my Million Dollar Crypto Club today.

Everything You’ll Receive As A
Million Dollar Crypto Club Member

If my invitation below makes good financial sense to you, and if you act quickly… then you’ll have the chance to lock-in a 2-year membership at the lowest price you will ever see.

Here’s everything I’d like to give to you for taking a 100% risk-free trial to my Million Dollar Crypto Club today:

MEMBERSHIP BENEFIT #1: My Bi-Weekly Crypto Cycle Research Service With Real-Time Trade Alerts [Valued at $1,999/year]

Twice a month, you’ll receive my crypto briefings where you’ll see my research on the best investments that could allow you to multiply your money many times over like you’ve seen today!

Plus, I’ll share what cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other digital assets I’m buying and selling, why I’m buying or selling them, and which ones I’m closely watching to buy in the future.

Also, I’ll let you know when to take profits with trade alerts, and when to hold on for long-term gains.

You’ll soon have your finger on the pulse of all the ‘movers and shakers’ within this rapidly growing sector of the market.

Plus, you’ll be able to access all of my archived issues, alerts, and special reports at any time on our private Members-Only website.

MEMBERSHIP BENEFIT #2: Immediate Online Access to My Crypto-U Educational Series [Valued at $999]

Before you begin receiving my bi-weekly crypto briefings…

I’d like to bring you up to speed with several important reports that will get you ready to start building your own million-dollar cryptocurrency portfolio.

Think of these special reports and video tutorials as your crash course “One-Day PhD” in cryptocurrency investing.

After going through these easy-to-follow online reports during a relaxing Saturday or Sunday afternoon…

You’ll know more about how to invest in cryptocurrencies than 99% of other investors!

Plus, you’ll receive an ongoing education in cryptos as I continue to add to this growing educational series month after month.

With such a new and fast-evolving sector, you need new information all the time.

Additional reports and videos will cover topics including the growth and evolution of the blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized finance (DeFi), initial coin offerings (ICOs), and much more.

MEMBERSHIP BENEFIT #3: Quarterly Call-ins [Valued at $999/year]

These might be the most valuable pieces for making you a better crypto investor.

As a new member, you’ll have access to my quarterly online video briefing where I will discuss the portfolio, particular cryptocurrencies we’ve recently bought or sold, new opportunities I’m targeting, and governmental regulations and developments.

Plus, you can join in and ask as many questions as you wish.

Each quarterly call will last approximately 60-90 minutes, and there will be a recording available on the Members-Only website if you’re unable to make the call.

MEMBERSHIP BENEFIT #4: Access to My Private Members-Only Website [Value – Priceless!]

As soon as you join, you’ll receive a log-in and password to my private Members-Only website.

Here, you can browse through all our past issues, trade alerts, and every special report and video I release to my members.

And you can access everything I’ve mentioned above 24/7 from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

You’ll be able to track my real money portfolio and watch as we hit each milestone as we progress to a $1 million portfolio.

As you can see from all of the benefits I just listed…

I’ve done everything in my power to make this – in my opinion – the simplest, safest and most profitable cryptocurrency research advisory service you’ve ever seen or used.

That’s why I think it’s safe to say…

You are in a position, right now, to radically shift the trajectory of your life in a positive way and never have to worry about money again.

Today, we are still in the early stages of this massive and growing cryptocurrency market.

It promises to grow by leaps and bounds over the next two years.

This is your chance to finally do something different… and potentially achieve results that take you beyond what you ever thought was possible.


If you’d like the opportunity to become a millionaire over the next two years by joining me and investing in cryptocurrencies…

Then I’d like to personally invite you to try out Crypto Cycle and become a member of my Million Dollar Crypto Club today.

And even if you don’t have $50,000 to start with…

I still guarantee that you’ll have the opportunity to turn every $5,000 invested into $100,000…

Every $10,000 into $200,000…

Every $20,000 into $400,000…

And so on…

All within the same 2-year period of time.

Imagine the financial peace of mind that kind of money could bring you and your family.

It truly can be life-changing.

That’s why I’m 100% positive that being a member of my Million Dollar Crypto Club could help you achieve all your investment goals, whatever they may be, faster than you ever thought was possible.

You just have to be willing to take the next step.

You have to be willing to discover something new, step out of your comfort zone, and follow my lead.

I’ll be guiding you each step of the way.

So, what’s the cost?

Because of the top-tier educational content and exceptionally high profit potential, the retail price is $1,999 a year.

That’s how much you will have to pay without a special invitation.

But the fact of the matter is, I didn’t create this club to ‘help the rich get richer.’

I’m a teacher at heart, and I believe the growing cryptocurrency market could help anyone become wealthy in a relatively short period of time.

Plus, my goal for this service is to make it accessible to everyone

Whether you’re starting with $1,000 or $50,000 or even if you just want to discover how to become a better investor by adding cryptocurrencies to your skillset.

So $1,999 would be an incredible deal considering the value of all the membership benefits I just outlined:

  • The Members-Only Site, Issues, & Trade Alerts ($1,999)
  • Crypto-U ($999)
  • The Quarterly Call-ins ($999)

…Is worth $3,997.

Heck, if you bought Dogecoin and had the chance to make 92-times your money like I did…

…Even if you invested just $500 in that play, you could have made $46,000.

That’s the power of investing in cryptocurrencies.

But you won’t have to pay the full retail price of $1,999 today.

Because I am making a very special, limited-time invitation to serious investors who are ready to take me up on it.


Quite simply, because I know in my heart of hearts that I could significantly change your financial life for the better over the next two years.

That’s why, if you join today you’ll only pay $1,999 for a two-year membership.

That’s right, you’re getting two full years of this service for a one-time payment of just $1,999.

In other words, you’re getting two years for what other people will have to pay for just one year of access to this service.


I’ve set out on accomplishing the investing goal of starting and growing a $1 million crypto portfolio in two years, so it is only fitting that I offer a 2-year membership that allows those who follow my work to do the same.

Look, I’ve seen far too many investors jump from one research service to the next without ever truly committing to one strategy or system, and I don’t want that happening to you.

Plus, I don’t want the up-front price for this service or worrying about yearly renewals ever to be an issue for you.

And if you like, you could put your savings toward your first few crypto investments that I recommend!

Just imagine how great it would be if you were able to double… triple… or even quadruple your money on one of the better-known cryptos...

…Or to invest in a little-known altcoin or memecoin I recommend and watch its value soar 25… 50… even 92-times or more.

And to do it in a matter of months… or even weeks!

With cryptos, as you’ve seen today – it’s certainly possible.

I can guarantee you, right now, that nobody else has ever made an offer like this before.

But if you prefer, you can also secure a 1-year membership for half off the regular price. Just make your selection below.

Fair Warning: The Bitcoin Halving kicks off in Spring 2024. So you’ll want to be positioned by then.

And I truly don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity.

Not to mention, when you get started today, I’ll also send you a fraction of a Bitcoin on a cold wallet to start your own crypto portfolio!

Plus, I have one more membership benefit I think you’ll really appreciate…

Guaranteed Financial Results
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Once you get started today, you’ll be happy you took fast action… because my newest crypto recommendations are right around the corner.

And when you get started today, I’ll provide you with TWO guarantees.

Guarantee #1: Your 60-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

I want you to make sure that these crypto profit opportunities and my research are right for you, so here’s my guarantee:

You can try out ALL of my work 100% risk-free for the next 60 days.

If you’re not happy with my work for any reason… or even no reason at all, simply let my member services team know, and they’ll offer you a full and prompt refund.

But I think that you’re going to love my crypto research and market insights along with the exceptional profits it could provide you over the next two years.

Guarantee #2: Either I Help You Make 20-Times Your Money Or I’ll Work For Free

Since you’re willing to make a commitment to improving your financial future today, I’m going to make a commitment to you.

Here it is…

When you choose the 2-year membership option… if after two full years, my portfolio track record doesn’t give you the chance to turn every $5,000 invested into $100,000…

Or turn a $50,000 portfolio into $1 million or more…

Then I will continue to work for you for an extra year… for FREE.

Simply contact my customer care team, and they will take care of you!

You won’t see anyone else making a performance guarantee like this.

However, me putting my money where my mouth is shows how much I believe I can deliver on the promises I’ve made here today.

Again, I’m taking ALL the risk for this.

It is 100% risk-free to you.

You truly have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Oh, and I should also mention that…

Your membership fee for this investment research could be 100% tax-deductible as an investor education expense! Your tax advisor can let you know more…

Join Crypto Cycle Today And
Become A New Member Of My
Million Dollar Crypto Club

I learned a long time ago that if you want to achieve a financial goal…

You must get crystal clear on that goal… and be ready to work for it.

And a quick way to achieve that goal is to model or copy someone who has already done it.

While an even quicker way is to get that person to actually help you!

That’s what I’m offering you today.

During the last cryptocurrency run-up you could have quickly made:

  • Over 11-times your money on Bitcoin, turning $1,000 into $11,000
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  • Over 96-times your money on Cardano, turning $1,000 into $96,000
  • And over 439-times your money on Solana, turning $1,000 into $439,000

Now, just imagine taking a few thousand dollars…

And transforming it into a solid six-figure payday.

With this new crypto run-up about to occur…

As a result of the ‘Bitcoin Halving’ event in spring of 2024 along with the expected banking crisis and rollout of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs)…

…You will have the chance to make a fortune in the months to come.

The kind of fortune where money is something you may never worry about… ever again.

That’s what I’m planning for myself and my family.

And I’d like you to join me.

This crypto money-making venture will be educational.

It will be exciting.

And I promise that it will give you a chance to pocket huge, life-changing profits.

Let’s do this!


Chris Curl
Editor, Crypto Cycle
Founder, Million Dollar Crypto Club

Simply Choose Your Subscription Level

I’ve set out on accomplishing the investing goal of starting and growing a $1 million crypto portfolio in two years, so it is only fitting that I offer a 2-year membership so you can follow along the entire time. You get two full years of Crypto Cycle, including: 

MEMBERSHIP BENEFIT #1: My Bi-Weekly Crypto Cycle Research Service With Real-Time Trade Alerts [Valued at $1,999/year]

MEMBERSHIP BENEFIT #2: Immediate Online Access to My Crypto-U Educational Series [Valued at $999/year]

MEMBERSHIP BENEFIT #3: Quarterly Call-ins [Valued at $999/year]

Plus you get my double risk-free guarantee. First, you can try out all of my work 100% risk-free for the next 60 days. Second, and most importantly, if after two years my portfolio track record doesn’t give you the chance to turn every $5,000 invested into $100,000, then I will continue to work for you for an extra year… for FREE. Every two years on the anniversary date, we will automatically bill your card the special rate of $3,500 for another 2 years.

Get one year of all the member benefits for 50% off the retail price. When you subscribe to Crypto Cycle for one year, you will be billed $999. Every year on the anniversary date, we will automatically bill your card at the special rate of $1,999 to continue your subscription. You are not obligated to continue in automatic billing. You may opt out at any time after this purchase. You can receive a full refund in the first 60 days.

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