John Carl

John Carl is a regular contributor to Daily Profit Cycle and is based in Charlottesville, VA.

He first entered the financial world in 2009, when he made wildly profitable calls on Netflix, Chipotle, and Green Mountain Coffee.

High on his early success at stock picking, John decided to try out a career as a day trader. This part didn’t go so well—especially when most of his trades put him in direct competition with activist hedge fund investors like David Einhorn and Daniel Lobe. He learned the hard way what it’s like to get kicked in the teeth by bigger players in the market (not fun!).

But each setback led to new insights, and with some care and strategy he learned how to make wiser investments. He clawed his way back with big wins on stocks like Cisco, NVidia, and Taiwan Semiconductor (in addition to dozens of smaller plays).

This is also when John found his way into financial publishing. With the help of a few old investing buddies, John began to write articles for several different publishers in the Washington DC-Baltimore area. Slowly, a career emerged.

Today John writes about precious metals, cannabis, cryptos, technology, and bio-tech. He travels all over the world to get the inside scoop: from cannabis greenhouses in Canada to coffee farms in Guatemala. But above all else he’s an investor, just like you—and you can be certain he’s always willing to put his money where his mouth is.