John Carl

John Carl first entered the financial world in 2009, when he made wildly profitable calls on Netflix, Chipotle, and Green Mountain Coffee. 

Over the course of his career in financial publishing, he has written articles for several different publishers in the Washington DC-Baltimore area. 

As a regular contributor to Daily Profit Cycle, his expertise covers a wide range of topics from precious metals, to cannabis, cryptos, technology, and bio-tech. He travels all over the world to get the inside scoop: from cannabis greenhouses in Canada to Bitcoin cities in Guatemala. But above all else he’s an investor, just like you — and you can be certain he’s always willing to put his money where his mouth is.

Through his work on Profit Cycle Pro, he brings his readers the kind of insight that cuts through the noise and provides researched-backed insight that puts them ahead of the herd.

And at Digital Dispatch, he’s focused on the cutting-edge opportunities in AI, space and satellites, biotech, and advanced microprocessors. His goal is to bring fast-moving tech opportunities straight to investors like you.