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Profiting from Ethereum’s “Layer 2” Upgrade

Ethereum was the very first cryptocurrency that was built as a blockchain network platform that could host other cryptos, crypto exchanges, built-in platform functions that are known as “smart contracts,” as well as entire applications.

Ethereum is one of the most innovative and useful blockchains ever built, and yet, as it’s grown in size, it’s struggled under the weight of its own success.

It’s struggled to carry out all of these many functions at scale. That’s where “Layer 2” cryptos come in — they’re designed to help Ethereum pull off all of these tasks.

And they’re creating profit opportunities as they grow.

Chris is following Polygon (MATIC) and Optimism (OP).

I also continue to recommend Solana (SOL), as it remains one of the most compelling platforms for future growth.

John Carl
Profit Cycle Pro


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